Book: Survivor

Finished the book Survivorl by Chuck Palahniuk.. It’s about this house cleaner, he cleans the same people’s house full time. Endlessly. His name is Tender Branson.The suicide hotline runs an advertisement and makes a typo. The phone number is Tender Branson’s number instead of the suicide hotline number. People start calling Tender Branson and he advises them to kill themselves. Many of them do. When the mistake is sorted out, and the calls stop coming, Tender gets decals printed; “Need help? Call me!”. He puts them in phone booths and near public telephones. He continues to advise the most desperate to commit suicide.

Tender is supposedly the sole survivor of a religious suicide cult. He then becomes a famous religious icon on TV and media.

Like all of the Chuck Palahniuk’s books I have read, Survivor is full of unbelievablly twisted people. It wasn’t pleasant to read, there was no moral to the story. Nobody in the book was happy. I don’t think I learned anything. There was nothing good in this book, but still, for some inexplicable reason, i recommend you read it.. I gave it four stars on Goodreads.

Cloudy here today. Probably will rain. Have a wonderful day!

Lucky You

I just finished Lucky You, by Carl Hiaasen. I really enjoyed it, all Hiaasens books seem good to me.

Two winners win the Florida Lottery, a racist white supremacist redneck and a black woman. The redneck steals her ticket and the story takes off from there.

Worth reading, twice… I think I had read it before.

For a slow, dragging long week, suddenly it seems to be nearing its end. I’m glad for that.

Have a great day!

The Call Of The Cthulhu

I didn’t like it. But!

I thought Call of Cthulhu was the final book of the challenge… 16, because there was one I DNF (Did Not Finish) so I i lost count somehow.. The total this year is 17, not 18. So far!

And, another milestone

500 days of OM Meditation, standard is 6 minutes a day. 7 minutes a lot of time, never less than 5. Here’s to 500 more!

The tilers are tiling already this morning. They’re supposed to be done today, but who knows? The heat and sun have been more than they expected.

Have a great day!

Fairy Tale

I’m currently reading Fairy Tale, by Stephen King. It’s in the “I can’t put it down” category.

Charlie Reade, high school jock, saves an old man and ends up caring for him and his dog. Discovers gateway to another world.

I’m about one third of the way through, it’s recommended reading by me. Quite good.

Have a great day!

Rewriting Books

I got my Kindle Scribe about January 10th. I really like it a lot, more and more. I love writing on it. And reading.

Since Master and Margarita,Ive been taking notes on the books I read. It’s morphed to basically rewriting each chapter in my own words, but hopefully in a shorter form.

My notes on Circe were 60.pages long!

Anyway not sure of my point, but the Scribe is so much better than the Paperwhite, and worth every penny. I find writing on it to be super fun too.

Have a great weekend!

Rocket Powered Airplane

I took this picture this morning just before sunrise. The sun was shining on the plane, but not on me yet. At first glance light was reflecting off the plane itself making a separate dot from the vapor trail, but by the time I whipped out the camera the reflection was gone. You can still see the plane pretty well in the picture.

I started reading Homer’s Odyssey, I don’t think I can do it. It’s written like bullet points, with one not relating to the other, along list of facts, it seems. I guess that’s what prose means.

Fitzgerald’s translation is probably the third translation I’ve tried. It is allegedly the most popular. I need to find a version that is written more like a story like a regular book. The way this book is written, reminds me of Dante’s inferno, a very tough read. I did find a storybook version of that, however.

Happy Friday! Tomorrow is July..

I have a tenant moving into the apartment today for 90 days. Gonna turn on the AC and put out some towels before I leave for qork I mean work.

Have a great weekend And a long one!

Finished The Book ‘Circe’

I loved this book! This book is beautifully written, the story kept me reading nonstop. I cannot describe what it is about the language that grabbed me. Poetic but not poetry?
I enjoyed cross referencing the names of the characters. I learned a lot about Greek mythology.

I loved Madeline Millers writing style. The pleasure of reading and the beauty of her writing style is beyond my ability to describe. I will read more of her books. She is possibly the most skilled writer of any books I’ve ever read.

I slept good last night, perhaps because i didn’t get harassed half hour before the alarm?

Happy FRIDAY!!!


Im about a quarter of the way through this book, Circe. I’m really enjoying it I don’t know what is different that makes the writing so special. In a nutshell, the book is about Greek Mythology.

Circe becomes a sorceress after she is rejected too many times. She leans how to change people into other forms. Because of this, she gets banished to an island. This island is referenced in the book Homers Odyssey, which has been on my reading list forever.

This book is good, highly recommended and very interesting.

Yesterday we had tons of rain. Now something is wet in my cars ignition and it’s giving me problems.

Have a good day!

Goodreads 2023 Reading Challenge

I signed myself up for the 2023 Goodreads reading challenge. I am to read 15 books this year. I think I’m on 6, and I’m starting to have doubts about if I will make it. Master and Margarita was a very long book and took a long time to read, because of its complexity. Right now I am reading The Candy House and it seems like it is taking longer than it should.

I have to read faster, and shorter, easier books. Are you reading any books you think I’d like? Let me know!

Happy Friday!

Master And Margarita

I finally finished Master and Margarita. What a strange book.

It’s worth reading for its weirdness. There seems to be two main plots. 1) The devil comes to town with a small squad of assistants. He has a magic show where he gives away money and women’s clothes. Then the money turns into something worthless or illegal, and the clothes disappear and women are suddenly naked in the streets, the men are arrested for illegal currency or they’re just out the money. And everybody thinks everybody is crazy.

And 2) Master, who wrote a book and most of it was destroyed except Margarita has a small section. Master is in a psyche ward in a basement. (I don’t know why his name is Master)

Margarita is in an unhappy marriage, and because of the devil, becomes a witch to become queen of the devil’s crazy party, where dead people come out of a fire in a huge fireplace. Margarita loved Master but thinks he must be dead.

After the party, the devil reunites Master and Margarita, gives them a complete copy of Masters book. He then has them both killed and brought back to life. This cures Master of his insanity and apparently he and Margarita live happily ever after.

Then the devil and his assistants (mostly his assistants) basically burn the place down as they are leaving.

And there’s a lot more to it than that. I didn’t get from the book, but read in a review, that the devil was punishing people for being greedy but they didn’t seem too greedy to me. If money rained from the sky, I’d pick up all I could. What woman wouldn’t take the latest, greatest fashions in clothing of offered?

It was a weird book, weird . It was written in the 1930s but didn’t get published until 1966, because, well, you know, Russia. But to me the overall tone of the book was pro Russian 1930s government. Apparently the Russian government was confiscating people’s cash and valuables and not turning yours in was punishable

You gotta read it and tell me what you think…