The Weekend In Pictures

It was an OK weekend. I mowed the yard and did some spot painting, a little touching up here and there.

There was supposed to be an 800 m sea swim which was canceled, much to my disappointment.

Here are a few photos I took over the weekend.

Is a Crane that handles containers in our container yard. If you didn’t know what it was you probably couldn’t guess.
The place where I sat to drink my smoothie and read my book for a little while.
My across the water view from my reading spot Sunday.

And now it’s Monday back-to-work. Over the weekend, I was thinking of ways to use my time more efficiently at work.

Have a fantastic week!

A “Read Again”

I finished the book Great Circle and I want to immediately start reading it again. All the pieces came together in the end. Other reviews said they thought the beginning was confusing like I did, but I attributed it to me not paying attention or missing the point. Or lack of intelligence.

I’ve started re-reading “Choke” which feels like a toy compared to Great Circle. I thought I already posted about “Choke” but I can’t find it. Oh well, another day.

My cold seems gone. I’m back to work, feels like Monday. I’m in for a real treat when I realize that tomorrow is Friday.. I know it but I don’t know it, if you know what I mean.

Have a Thumpin’ Thursday!

My Current Book

The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life.

It’s not a bad book, kinda dry, lots of repetition. I’m about a little over half way done. There’s lots of useful information. I’m incorporating a lot of it, one area at a time.

Just for the fun of it, ask a random person if they have an old, dead printer or computer monitor hanging around their house. They probably do, I do and thought everybody did.

I’m not throwing away anything that belongs to the wife, except old medicines and perishables perishables. But I’m majorly cleaning.

The book reminds me of when I was packing to move here from the USA. I was clearing my house and I would throw a precious artifact in the garbage and feel incredible pain. Hand with item hovering over the can. But as soon as the object left my hands and fell into the trash can, the pain disappeared. Then I would be throwing another artifact away and look into the trash can and see the old artifact and the payment return. The secret is don’t look, you won’t hurt.

So this is a good exercise. Lots of old good stuff going to the humane society, partly because having a yard sale is too much hassle.

Have a happy hump day!

The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue

My latest book, (that I’m reading, not writing), is The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue, already has me hooked. It’s about a girl, who, in the year 1714, escaping her unwanted marriage, makes a deal with “a god who answers at night”, and now will live forever, but everyone who meets her will forget her instantly. Now, it’s been 300 years, and the chapters of the book alternate between 1714 and 2014. Her parents and friends instantly all forgot her, and the people she sees every day never remember meeting her before.

the writing style is beautiful, I think. I can’t wholly put my finger on what makes this book so good.

Easter long weekend is over. Friday and Monday were holidays here. Today is day one of a four day vacation for me. We have our second quarantine guest coming. Yesterday the wife and I cleaned, and today professional cleaners are coming. Kind of like brushing your teeth before going to the dentist…

Have a great week!

Winter World

I’m reading a book called “Winter World“. It’s pretty good, I’m about half way through.

The two main characters are Emma and James. Emma is the sole survivor of the ISS destruction by aliens who are freezing the earth. James is this genius dude who was serving life without parole for building what I suspect is some kind of robot or something, we don’t know yet.

So they pulled him out of prison and sent him up in space to save the world from these alien spaceships. And rescue Emma. (James and Emma and a bunch of other people are out in space, looking for the bad guy spaceships).

They yank a convict out of prison ’cause he’s soooo badass and genius. It’s funny. Fifty thousand years ago, when I was in Cub Scouts, I had it all figured out that if they needed to, they’d make us Cub Scouts fight the bad guys after the US Army got its ass whooped in a war. And we had to be ready. Same thing in this book, pulling the hero out of prison to save us all! How grandiose!

It’s a good book, I just don’t think it was a good idea to start James off in prison. Kinda childish and not realistic.

We’ll see. James just picked up this guy on earth from a frozen basement who seems human, but I think he’s the robot. We’ll see. (Yeah, he’s back on earth (with Emma, of course) after his spaceship got shot down.)

I’ll say it again because I think you don’t believe me, good book. Entertaining.

Easter weekend starts tonight. (Monday/Friday holiday plus four days vacation time starting next Tuesday.) And two weekends. It’s Movie Night at the Westin again tonight. And ILM class at work today.

Have a great weekend! And Happy April Fools Day. Already.

Happy Pre Fridayday

Happy Thursday, or Pre-Fridayday. Things are good, the weather’s been great and tonight we’re going again to the Westin Movie Night. Wife thinks they’re playing Dirty Dancing but I heard they’re playing Top Gun.

I got my friend’s number that I lost, mentioned yesterday. Still don’t know whatever happened to that piece of paper….

I’m still reading Ready Player Two. LIke I previously said, it has not-so-hot reviews but I think it’s great.

Book two makes me have to go back and re-read the first one because in my brain, I think I’m mixing up the book and the movie. With Ready Player One, the book and the movie are both totally the same and completely different. You’ll have to experience both to see what I mean.

Have a great day!!!

Mixed Picture Post

Saturday Night Food Fest
George Town Waterfront 360
Sunset in George Town
A rooster who joined us for our Mexican lunch
The cat who lives inside the home center loves my wife and I.
I gave up cigars, and my cigar shop goes out of business.
Cayman Islands Coca Cola Collectors Can

It was a really nice weekend. Saturday we went to buy some flower pots and then out for lunch at a nice Mexican restaurant. In the late afternoon/evening, we went to a Food Fest featuring street food. It was good. I didn’t take enough pictures there though.

Sunday was a nice and quiet day. I loaded up and went to go diving, but the water was too rough and we didn’t go. It was borderline. So I spent the day at home, reading my most recent book, Ready Player Two, sequel to Ready Player One, which I enjoyed very much. Ready Player Two doesn’t have very good reviews, but so far, it seems pretty good to me. I just started it though.

And now it’s Monday again, too quickly. Have a good week!

Founders Trilogy

I’m reading the second book of the Founders Trilogy. It’s called Shorefall, I just finished Foundryside, the first book. It’s supposed to be a trilogy, but I don’t think book 3 is out yet.

Quite an interesting concept. An object can be written on, or have a prepared plate attached, with magical (I guess it’s magic) writing and / or symbols that alter that objects reality. This process is called “Scriving”.

For example, you could scrive a wheel, and make the wheel would think it’s on a hill, and start rolling. It’s controllable, and you could make the wheel go faster or slower or stop. You can make a piece of rotten wood think it’s steel and it would get very strong.

This is also used among other things, to make fantastic structures, flying machines and weapons. Scriving is a major occupation in the days of these books.

The main character is a girl who has a scrived plate in her skull and can “hear” and “see” scrivings

In a nutshell, the book is about preventing the evil bad guys from obtaining weapons so powerful they would take over the world and killing us all. There’s rich Houses, that take up most of the land with their walls, and in between are where all the poor people live.

I’m finding it quite interesting. It’s not an “I can’t put it down” book, but it’s good, worth reading.

Happy Tuesday!

Nice Dreams

I dreamed that the tide went down about 100 feet, My dog, Ditto and I went up to what normally is the dropoff, and looked down into the water. We could see the water level coming back up and turned and ran as our feet got wet. We were running across the sand flats, which are normally 60 feet under water, as the small waves from the rising tide chased us.

I was running and laughing and I looked down at Ditto, running beside me and I could tell he was as happy as any dog could be. Tongue out trailing alongside his face, ears blowing in the wind, eyes sparkling as he looked back at me.

It was a wonderful dream, Happy and fun.

I wish Ditto could stay young. Nowadays, he mostly sleeps or paces the floor. We’re pretty sure he’s deaf, not sure he can see, and pretty certain he’s senile and doesn’t know where he  is a lot of the time.

It’s not fair.


Got the new Kindle going, upgraded and loaded with my books. It’s just like my old Kindle now, except with  a better keyboard and 2 gig instead of 4 gig, and no WiFi….

Have a good day!!!!!