Greetings From Udine!


Today we depart Udine, after finally meeting my Pen Pal of over a decade and a half.

Giorgio wrote a letter to Radio Cayman, looking for a pen pal. Our accounts/HR officer gave the letter to me, asking if I was interested. I wrote back and the rest is history!

It has been wonderful spending time here and meeting Giorgio and his family. We have enjoyed their hospitality immensley! They picked us up at the train station and took us sightseeing. We have not needed a taxi once in Udine.

I hope we meet again soon!

Udine in general is a beautiful town, I personally, think it kicked Romes butt!

Greetings Fron Udine!

Yesterday we arrived in Udine, after about a 6 hour train ride.
I have a friend in Udine that I never met until yesterday. He wrote  a letter to Radio Cayman, looking for a pen pal. I replied and we’ve been in contact ever since.

Today is a tour of the town, and photos.

Greetings From Rome

I am standing on the balcony of our apartment, which measures about 24″ by 18″.
The trip so far has been good, but expensive!
Today, we leave Rome for Udine, where I have had a pen pal for many years.
I have a lot of pictures, which I will post later.
Have a good day!

Italy Bound!

I a very few minutes we leave for the airport. To Italy.

I hate leaving Cayman, although I look forward to Italy.
I feel like there is no better place on earth than right here right now. But going to Italy is better than having to go to work!!

I’m ready to go!

Three Days and a Wake Up

Today, tomorrow, Sunday, wake up Monday and go to Italy!


I am ready to go!

Today is my last workday, It has been my experience, that on the days I want to take it easy, it doesn’t happen.

My wife packed last night! Thats the signal I was waiting for!

I think my scooter is totaled. $600 to repair a $2500 (new) bike…

Time to go, not to Italy, to work.

Have a good day and weekend!

Last Workweek Before ITALY!

One week from this minute, we should be headed to the airport, on our way to Italy!!


We have about 9 hours in Miami, then nonstop to Rome.

I am ready. Super-excited, but I’m trying to be cool. Waiting fot the Wife to go get her suitcase, so I can go get mine. “Oh! You’re starting to pack ALREADY? Is the trip coming up so soon? I hadn’t realized…”

It was a good weekend. Little bitta rain, not enough. I dreamed we had more bananas. Our Papayas are getting big, and Wifey planted a pineapple that she says we’ll pick before we go.

Speaking of going, I’m ready to go!

Have a good week!

M M M Monday

It was a good weekend. Uneventful, slow and seemed long.

Got up and ran the circuit this morning. My knees are creaky when I run.. I remember cross country in high school, how I used to glide when I ran. Now running is like going down stairs on a tricycle..

Two weeks from today we go to Italy. Can’t wait. Pretty soon the Wife’ll get out the suitcase and declare that it’s time to start packing.

Have you all a wonderful week! Good morning Yellowdog Granny!