Pretty Caterpillars

There was a whole slew of giant caterpillars eating one of my trees. Here’s a short video. The big ones were 7 or 8 inches long. Most were big.

I sprayed them yesterday. I may have to spray again in a few weeks but I think not. I did not enjoy killing sushi pretty things but the tree’s life has value too.

Happy Friday! Happy Constitution Day weekend! Coincidentally this year, American 4th of July falls on the same day. Monday is a holiday here and in the USA.

Also this weekend is Cayman Carnival! That’s gonna be fun!

Have a great weekend!

gardening progress

Yesterday i made some real progress in the gardening. I got the dirt, a dozen bags, and I found a store that sells more seeds. I put he dirt in the newly refurbished / lidded planters, and am ready to plant. There’s two more planters in the backyard too.

Wonder where I can get some cow seeds? I’d love it if I could grow some hamburgers!

So this afternoon, seeds go in the dirt!

Have a great day!

Really Good Weekend!

It was a really good weekend. I got the front yard mowed in between downpours, I fixed a silly mistake I made on one of the anti chicken lids on the planters. I re-did the tripod that is helping the Otaheite apple tree stand up straight (I think it’s slowly falling over since it fell in Hurricane Grace and I stood it back up). I cleaned the floors in the whole house. I dissected a cherry tomato and planted the seeds. (We’ll see how many come up.) And I went to a “Sashing” for the Cayman Islands Miss Universe contestants. It was super fun!

Lisa is sponsored by One Heart, and she works there. I was invited to attend by the owner. I was so happy to be there!

Sunday morning I slept 90 minutes later than usual, which is huge for me. I barely stayed up past my normal bedtime. I got up at 6:30! Can you believe it!?

And now it’s a back to work Monday. Weather’s supposed to improve. I can mow the back yard this week!

Have a great week!

Suddenly Seemingly Overwhelmed

Seems like suddenly, things around the house are out of control. The yard is a disaster because I didn’t mow. (weed killer experiment). The inside needs cleaning really bad. The floor especially. And I have repairs to do and a tree to put in the ground and I need to make a list.

Maybe I should take a couple vacation days and do some work around the house.

We’re almost half way through the week. Looking forward to the weekend already. There’s not much to report on around here.

have a good day!

Nice Weekend Ended

Monday is here at last! It was a good weekend. Saturday was the 1 Mile Sea Swim, I came in 308 out of 550.

Sunday i took he dogs to the beach, then gave baths and then made the third anti chicken lid for the third planter. I still have to put the screen on it. Also, I have to finish refurbishing the original planter #1.

Maybe we’ll get some weather coming, maybe just rain, but I won’t get a ride-the-scooter week like I wanted.

But, all is well and I hope you have a wonderful week.

Beets and Lettuce (And Peppers)

new anti cat/chicken lid

Back to work today. I’m glad to be back on my routine.

This long weekend I built another anti cat, anti chicken lid for one of the planters. When I get done, all three will have them. The original, which is probably over 10 years old, is being refurbished, planter and lid.

I transplanted my beet and lettuce sprouts in the grower yesterday. I hope they survive. I’ve got peppers on the back porch. I put them in my pasta sauce and my salads . I’m going to have to start giving them away..The lettuce I can really use, lettuce is expensive here!

I have a house and yard full of plants. More coming!

Have a good rest-of-the week!

Baby Peppers

My second growing of bell peppers seems to be going much better than the first attempt. I was planning on posting a picture of the flowers I had yesterday, but they’re gone, replaced with pea sized peppers!

im so excited!

its supposed to be sunny today, then rain all weekend, all next week, and all next weekend. That’s as far as the extended forecast can stretch. Hopefully they’ll change their minds and throw some sunny days in the mix!

Have a good Thursday!

Mission Failed

All i planned on doing this weekend was cleaning the house. I failed gloriously. Saturday I went to breakfast with friends, then lunch with a different group of friends, then saw the Batabanu Carnival Parade.

Sunday I went diving then went to a yoga class, and then mowed the yard . Below are some underwater pictures from yesterday.

And now it’s back to work on a Monday and I don’t mind going.

Have a great week like I’m going to have!

windy weekends

we have had four or five or six windy weekends in a row. Bad enough to prevent diving and hurt my plants.

it’s getting later noticeably earlier, hello is a picture of the same old scene from our morning dog walk.

The Road

i got a lot of work done in the yard. I have the conduit ready to run my new internet cable.

It was, overall, a good weekend. There will be a short week this week and next because of Easter.

Have a good week!

an object at rest

tends to stay at rest.

it’s a Sunday night after a wasted day. Well, not totally wasted. I mowed the yard and did laundry, but I planned on going out and delayed and delayed and then didn’t go.

I wanted to go diving, none of my friends were going, but I was going to go to the dive site and just tag along with somebody. But I didn’t, I mowed the yard.

then I was going to go to the Westin for lunch, but I didn’t, I did laundry.

now I feel depressed, like I wasted the day. I know I didn’t waste the day, but I feel like I did.

yesterday, saturday, was a fabulous day. I went to a meeting then breakfast then Sabbath Services, then shopping for plant supplies then to the beach.

this is my Monday morning post on a Sunday night. Have a good week!