Happy Halloween!

What do you get when take the insides out of a hot dog?

A Hollow Weenie!

Why was the skeleton afraid to cross the road?

He didn’t have the guts!

Happy Halloween! I guess for the most part, Halloween is ofer, as everyone had their parties over the weekend, but today is the actual Halloween.

Have a wonderful week!


TGIF!It’s a rainy Friday. We’re having a cookout tonight, rain or shine. I hope shine. I bought a whole tenderloin to cook on the grill. About $130 worth of prime beef. We’re having all the relatives of the bride and groom over. The bride and groom have gone on their honeymoon.

Despite having Wednesday off, it still feels like its been a long week. I’m ready for the weekend. The weather’s supposed to clear up Saturday.

This morning it was raining really hard for my walk/swim. I wore my raincoat and big hat. The sea is calming down but I didn’t swim, I did however, get in the pool,

I’ll be glad when 6:00 PM gets here, and I hope we get a pause in the rain!

Have a good weekend!!!

Wonderful Wednesday 

It was a great day yesterday. Our town great friends, Emma and Christian, got married after dating many years. She proposed to him last February 29th.



It was a great day! Morning wedding, afternoon reception, and evening party .

wp-image-73885686jpg.jpgGot to bed after midnight , up at 5 am.

Ithe is cloudy and big time chance of rain. I put the houseplants out, so it will probably get sunny.

We’re having a big barbecue Friday and it’s supposed to be still rainy. Not good.

I’m off to work, second Monday this week, kinda. But maybe iit’ll be a short one…

Have a good day! Stay dry!

Bachelor Party 

Last night the boys all went to one restaurant and the girls all went to another. I guess it was the bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. It was nice, but I stayed out too late and am tired now. Glad I’m off tomorrow! Tomorrow’s the wedding. 

Today is cloudy mostly, and windy. And the wind seems to have random drops of rain in it. Definitely a car day.

Have a good day!

Too Short Weekend

The weekend was too short, as usual. Saturday, went to a friends pre wedding dinner. I have a vacation day Wednesday to attend the wedding.

It’s a toss-up for scooter or car today, tomorrow is definitely a car day. Hope it doesn’t rain for the wedding.

Not a good football weekend for me, Skins lost. But I’m glad that San Diego beat Atlanta, after coming back from a 17 point deficit.Glad the Buccaneeers won too. And Kansas City.

Last week, when I burned my mouth with coffee, I said “at least it didn’t blister”. Shouldn’t have said that, I have blisters on my lips, on and under my tongue, and the roof of my mouth. I can’t explain it. I microwave my second cup of coffee 30 seconds every day.

On a whim a couple of weeks ago, I marked my phones calendar with “No sugar for one week” it started yesterday morning. Yesterday afternoon, I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, I was craving sweets so bad. (There’s chocolate in the refrigerator). I feel OK now, but let’s see what this afternoon brings.

I don’t wanna go to work today! I don’t wanna!

Friday But

I’m not feeling so good. I got a feelink like if I closed my eyes, they’d stick shut and I’d be asleep instantly. All day yesterday too. I don’t feel particularly sick, just not right. Can’t wait to sleep late tomorrow morning.

Yesterday at work, I burned my mouth with coffee, pretty bad. In the late mornings, when the pot is nearly empty, someone turns it off. I always microwave it for 30 seconds. Yesterday, it was like molten lava. I took a sip, and then just bent over and let it flow out of my mouth. Thankfully, I was outside. Tongue and lips, not blistered, but almost.

Beautiful weather though. Went for a swim this morning. Mite  chilly, walking home.

 have a great weekend!

The Weather

Yesterday, I took the car and it was sunny all day. All weekend, it was sunny here, but you could see it rainingn in town.

Today looks mostly clear, but the forecast calls for rain. I’d rather have the car in the sun, than the scooter in the rain, but I sure do like riding the scooter a whole lot better.

Today, at lunchtime, I’m going to meet a window repair man here. We have a window that won’t stay up.

I’m just rambling. Have a good day.