Taco Tuesday Tasteless Buds

Yesterday me and the boys from work went to Taco Tuesday at a local restaurant. I asked for hot sauce. Their hottest sauce, to me barely had any heat. I remember hot sauce and horseradish that would clear your sinuses and make it so you could feel your hair growing.

Not anymore. I can’t find any hot hot sauce. Prepared Horseradish no longer sends the explosive fumes up through my skull. No more insta-sweats, red face or elevated heart rate. No more near drownings, guzzling water after a hot bite.

I live in a bleak, coolsauce world.

I wonder, do my taste buds wear out like my ears and eyes as I get older? I’m trying to grow some horseradish, maybe I’ll add peppers and delve into some high heat experiments.

everything else seems to taste normal, it seems that only the hot is gone from the hot sauce. Is it me, or have you noticed it too? Tell me I’m not crazy!

Have a great day!

Bath Day

Here’s a pic of Lenny and Daisy. They had baths yesterday and feel really good.

Funny, normally I wash them on the back porch, ladies first, and Lenny can see what’s going on and try to avoid the bath. This time, I washed them downstairs in the front and Lenny was jealous Daisy and I were outside and he was alone indoors. When I opened the door he came bounding out excitedly. I wish I could have captured the look on his face when he realized it was bath time!

Both dogs resist a bath Lenny more than Daisy, but live it once it starts and afterwards.

have a great day and don’t forget to take your bath!


ive been going through (another) period where there seems to be no topics for me to post about, or, I don’t like the posts I post.

Ive gotten to the point where I’m going to accept being single. I’ve asked everybody I’m interested in out, they all said no, there’s nobody.

Seems like

I’m 63, I don’t want to be looking for a girlfriend like some teenager, I want to be in an established marriage. The fact that I’m in a situation where I’m looking for a partner is embarrassing and humiliating.

theres worse things than being single.

Blah Notamonday

At least it’s not Monday. I was sleeping good when the alarm went off this morning. I am groggy and sore this morning. All my muscles hurt like i was lifting weights (but I wasn’t) My right ankle is swollen but i didn’t do anything to hurt it.

At least i don’t feel as bad as this kid!

Yesterday was a holiday day for the Kings Coronation.

Have a wonderful week!

Pineapple Pi Day

I have four pineapples growing in my yard. Below, you can see 3 of them.

Can you see all 3? They’re there!

Happy Pi day! 3.14. i got out of the Navy March 14 1985. Went in March 15 1979. Long time ago!

it rained last night! I was awake for my 2:30 insomnia session and it rained good for about 15 minutes. Puddles on the road this morning. The plants needed it a lot. Tap water just doesn’t do the trick like rain.

Have an excellent day!

Horror Of Horrors

Yesterday, as you already know, dear daily readers, I went to work. I was there about two hours, completing vitally important tasks. I probably saved the planet from destruction at least twice in those two hours.

While discussing my vacation situation with our cleaning lady. I showed her my calendar, and realized that yesterday was a vacation day, and I was at work, working!

So I finished my vital task’s and left, I went to the beach, went shopping for groceries, read my book and had a really nice day. And I’m not going back to work till 2023!

See you tomorrow!

The Protector

I woke up last night at the usual time, middle of the night. I felt the panic attempt to grab me but I evaded it. I can’t really describe what happened. I could feel it rising and I don’t want to say I pushed it back down but it advanced then inexplicably retreated. Normally I am unsuccessful at any attempts to control my “night madness” and I was pleased and relieved to have a hiatus.
However, my assignment was to examine the panic and determine what it is that grasps me in the middle of the night every night. I know what it is in a way, fear and aloneness. But that is too vague. I must identify (and alleviate?) the roots.

This morning, thinking about it, I remembed ‘the protector’.
My other assignment, which I had forgotten, was to identify and observe “the protector”. (I had asked if I was possibly schizophrenic when the protector was described to me) When things that I want to look at run away to avoid being examined, that is “my protector” protecting me. It thinks it’s protecting me from things it thinks are too painful for me to look at.
This morning I tried to examine the fear and the protector hid it from me. I admit at the time that I was pleased the fear went away but this morning I realized that that was not the objective. It was not doing me any favors.
We’ll see what happens tomorrow.. I’m ready to enter the haunted house.

In the meantime, I am in a great mood today, for which I am thankful, and, it’s my Friday! (Remember, Thursdays and Fridays off, rest of the year!)

But, more importantly, in the news, Scientists have found clitorises on female snakes. It wasn’t necessarily that it was elusive – rather, scientists weren’t really looking for it.

Have a GREAT day!!

A New Hobby?

These past few weeks, I seem to be getting stuck behind cars that seem to be going incredibly slow. I’m behind them, foot off the gas, tapping the brakes every hundred meters or so to keep from gaining on them. Yesterday there was a truck, first in line at a very busy intersection light, and when the light turned green, he crawled off at a snails pace.. Me and many other cars behind him. This has happened with several vehicles over the past few weeks . Sometimes you get behind a normal-speed-moving car, and they slow down, no brake lights, they just take their foot off the gas and coast down to idle. Apparently, just to be difficult.

They also tend to speed up as soon as room is available for passing.. I know I have a twisted, negative mind, but I can’t imagine them doing it for any other reason than to be annoying.

Seems it’s “a thing” these days…

happy hump day! Hava good one!

Link To A Funny Video

My smallest cat, Little One is her name, maybe 6 pounds, soaking wet, successfully pulled over my largest, heaviest flowerpot in THIS video.

I think it’s worth watching I think you will too.

have a great day! I will be out buying a new $120 flower pot. 😊