Planets In A Row

I saw this this morning.

This morning, I got up and went outside and saw the exact same thing as in the picture above.

it was very cool. Already, at 5 till 5 in the morning, the sky is starting to get pink.

Tomorrow and Monday are holidays here, so this is the start of a long long weekend.

I got a perfect score on my Duolingo this morning, to make up for yesterday.

Jamaica Apple Tree

I’m worried about my Jamaica Apple Tree, pictured above. It seems to be unhappy, lots of brown leaves and not many new ones Are there any botanical doctors out there in my zillions of readers?

Have a good weekend! I may or may not post tomorrow. Havva good-un!

Stealing My Stars

I think this one should have been n right. For those who don’t use Duolingo for free, you start each day with 5 stars. And you can only make 5 mistakes and then it’s a hassle to keep your number of days streak going. (My streak is 280-something).

Sometimes it seems like they’re unfair a d try to steal my stars. I know it’s not true, but sometimes I feel like it, especially when I make dumb mistakes when I have only one or two stars left.

i went to bed early last night, and slept an extra 20 minutes this morning.

Friday and Monday are holidays here. I’m glad.

have a great day!