Today i was doing my daily Duolingo. There are parts where the student speaks out loud.. I was thinking, that if i was not in the house alone, i would be self conscious about talking out loud like i do?

Then i started thinking about how I would behave differently if someone else was around. Would I change a lot? Not that much? I’m not sure. To this day, I still pretend the wife is here when I get up in the mornings i keep the room dark and keep the dogs quiet like I did when she was sleeping there. Hopefully there will be someone else sleeping there some day.

So what is normal? If i get to a place where I like myself, then in a relationship, can’t be the me I like, what good is that? On the other hand, interaction requires change and adaptation. I can’t be inflexible.

In the past I think (a little bit) I have lost myself, trying to be the person i think the other person wants me to be. That ain’t no good. But maybe a little is good?

This is something for me to think about, and I have no idea what this is like for other people.

What say you?

Jupiter From Mars

This morning I was on my roof, looking at the sunrise and listening to the birds and other sounds. I started thinking about what a cool job it would be to be a Mars Rover operator. Go to work early, put on the 3D goggles, and the headphones and sit there on Mars and watch the sunrise and hear the sounds. No birds, but maybe some wind.

Jupiter from Mars

I saw an article yesterday about Mars’s moon Deimos passing in front of Jupiter. See the article HERE.

Jupiter apparently would look quite large from Mars at its closest. It would be a cool thing to see.

Today Ashy the cat is going in for a checkup. Hope she’s not too miserable at work with me.