No Barking!

I’ve been trying to teach Daisy ‘no barking’ in the house for years, but now, the pressure is on. She barks at every bump and things you can’t even here. She acts offended that anyone would dare make noise, and goes charging off in a fury 9f growls and barks about 5 feet, then realizes she’s indoors and can’t do anything about it. Apparently she thinks she’s running the planet.

the apartment renters come and go several times a day, and Daisy still apparently doesn’t realize they are living here.. She barks and growls each and every time they come and go. I realized that she wakes me up from sleep multiple times a night, but I wake up and not realize it was her barking that was responsible.

She’s finally getting the idea and is trying real hard, but still has a long way to go.

Good Lenny and Daisy the source of all evil.

Lately, (since yesterday ) when Daisy goes off barking, I’ve been giving Lenny a treat. If I hear a bump and Daisy doesn’t bark, maybe they’ll both get treats.

Have a wonderful Day!

Bath Day

Here’s a pic of Lenny and Daisy. They had baths yesterday and feel really good.

Funny, normally I wash them on the back porch, ladies first, and Lenny can see what’s going on and try to avoid the bath. This time, I washed them downstairs in the front and Lenny was jealous Daisy and I were outside and he was alone indoors. When I opened the door he came bounding out excitedly. I wish I could have captured the look on his face when he realized it was bath time!

Both dogs resist a bath Lenny more than Daisy, but live it once it starts and afterwards.

have a great day and don’t forget to take your bath!

No Jamaica

I’m supposed to be in Jamaica, but my house sitter (arranged about 3 months ago) backed out. So I lost my $410 non refundable ticket and I’m staying home, still taking my vacation.

I have a visitor coming down and hopefully we will do some scuba diving, beach time, yoga and food.

Hope you have a great day!

Well, Coulda Been Worse, (Or Better!)

I got a speeding ticket this weekend. The more I think about it the more I’m going to go to court and plead not guilty. I got a ticket for overtaking a car in a 25 mph zone. Myself and a string of cars behind me were trapped behind this car for quite a long ways and at the first passing zone I passed the car and then got back in my Lane in front of the car the police gave me a speeding ticket because I was speeding while I was overtaking.

I don’t know if I mentioned it here, but I was going to Jamaica this week. However my animal sitter canceled and I have no replacement. I had arranged this particular pet sitter 3 months ago about, I’m guessing. In hindsight, I could tell she was going to cancel. She stopped communicating. And I got the impression she was hiding from me.

Went diving yesterday and saw a seahorse. Very disappointing.

I have been diving for a very long time, and never saw a seahorse until relatively recently. My imagination was better than the reality.

And now it’s a Monday, it was a pretty productive weekend. In addition to the above I cleaned the house and load the yard and did laundry. And washed the dogs!

Have a great week

Daisy Disappointment

This morning Daisy destroyed her bed. It was a nice bed. I’m very disappointed in her. Again.

I cleaned up the fluff and threw the bed away. It was completely ripped open. I hope she’ll understand the remaining bed is Lenny’s and not hers.

Yesterday was the retirement lunch party for one of my favorite co-workers, Laurie. When I didn’t know something, and didn’t want anyone to know I didn’t know, I’d ask her. She always knew everything about airports,.

It’s a bittersweet Wednesday. Have a good day!

Food Fetish

My dawg Lenny, seems to have a food fetish. He will scoot the bowl off into a corner or under a chair and use his snout to shovel the food out of his bowl onto the floor. He seems to eat little or none of the food.when he’s doing this. It seems like some sort of perverted messmaking hobby He will eat normal when he’s hungry.

After the title and picture, aren’t you disappointed by the paragraph above? I am!

Also, when Lenny’s going to drink some water, he slowly slowly slowly, moving statue, sneaks up on the water bowl. Then laps water as loud as possible, splashing it to the maximum

He definitely has some kind of weird psychology going on whenit comes to food and drink. He’s always been a bit freaky.

Today is my boss’s last day at work. I applied to fill the position, but haven’t heard anything. The new boss is sure to not be as good as the old boss though.

Have a fantastic day!