Cold, Windy, Morning Walk

Above are pictures from this mornings dawg walk. Somebody has a mirror on a light pole. It’s been very cloudy, cold and windy since Sunday afternoon.

It’s so cold that yesterday, during lunchtime, I took a nap in my van and it wasn’t even hot. I slept good for 55 minutes. Perfect timing. Looking at the wind chart above, maybe today will be a good day for a lunchtime swim!

Have a good day, don’t get blown away! (That rhymes).

Second Skin

Yesterday I found a second snakeskin from, I believe, the same snake. The first was probably more than a year ago and if I remember correctly, about half as big. This one was almost six feet long.

A co worker is taking some vacation time at the end of this week and I’ve started thinking I should do the same. Soon, not this week.

Have a good Wednesday!