I’m Going To Jail! Volunteers Needed!

Starting yesterday, Friday the 3rd, it’s illegal for me to feed my cats!*

I’ve been feeding my feral cats for over 10 years, I’m not going to stop because of some new law. Just throw me in jail right now, and feed my cats for me while I’m away!

Read the article HERE.

There used to be seven cats, now there’s four. I have one now, yowling in protest at the indignation of being in a kennel. He’s on his way to the veterinarian.

Now chickens, i can see how feeding them is criminal. They steal my cats food, poop on the pavement and dig up my yard. You can throw them chicken feeding mo’fo’s in the slammer and throw away the key! I have to guard against any chickens getting any food in my yard, because if they do, they’ll be back, and they”ll bring their friends. Curse you chickens and you evil chicken feeding bastards. 😁

AND! Happy Anniversary to me! February 4th, 1997, I arrived here in Cayman, hoping to stay as long as they’d keep me. Feb 4th 2023, 26 years today! I’m still here, and grateful every day for it!

Also, I finished this book yesterday, A Visit From The Goon Squad

I thought it was a great book that needs to be read more than once.
This book is like a novel, it’s more or less about the same people the whole book. It’s also like a book of short stories because the chapters are not necessarily related to each other. The chapters don’t seem to be in proper time order. One chapter is all pictures and charts.
This book is different than any other book I’ve ever read. It’s good, it’s interesting. and I recommend you read it and tell me what you think. I did spend some time lost, and this book might be better the second (or third) time it is read than the first..

Have a great Saturday and Sunday, see you Monday! I’m off to the walk/run.

  • (* I know, I know, the article says nobody can feed them on public property, so feeding my cats in my yard is legal, but it’s fun to rant and rave, ya know?)


I am GLAD it’s the weekend. Every day this week has seemed like Friday.

My pickleball yesterday was cancelled, now it’s the next two Thursdays.

This is my last “Normal” weekend until the second weekend in March. I have visitors and events until then.

Today Goldie is going to the vets. He quit grooming himself like Ashy did. I’m not attributing it to dental this time.

Tomorrow morning is a 5K walk. (yes, walk, not run)

Addison is an impossibly young girl who committed suicide. This memorial for her is for awareness of mental health and abuse issues.

Have a good weekend!

More Cat Problems

As you recall, I lost Ashy not long ago. I still have four cats, but I suspect the two males had an altercation and the older cat, Goldie, is hiding in the vacant lot next door. He won’t come over for meals and I took food over to him this morning, but I’m not sure he ate it.

Im thinking about making Knip (the aggressor) an indoor cat and leave the outdoors free for Goldie. Maybe he’d come back over if Knip was not around.

I certainly not ready to lose another cat .

Ideas welcome

RIP Ashy

“End Stage Kidney Failure* that’s what the vet said when she told me about the results of Ashy’s blood tests. I could hospitalize her, take her home and let her misery increase to intolerance, or she could go to sleep now. Sheba went through option A, Ditto, option B, So I chose option C for Ashy.

Unsure, i asked the vet what if this is want she would do, and she said yes.

I called the ex wife, who came and said goodbye. Then she left and we did it

I buried Ashy under the Ceiba tree in the front yard. It’s a shady, cool dry spot. Better than anywhere in the back yard. And the lattice you see is screwed into the tree roots to keep chickens and anything else from digging there. Although she’s quite deep.

In her box, she looks like she’s taking a nap, on her bed, curled up nice and cozy with a blanket over her. She looked asleep.

I am so sad. She was the greatest cat ever. I miss her.

in other news, the van started leaking power steering fluid really badly, and is in the shop. Scooter today, rain or shine.

Happy Friday to you, have a good weekend.

Still Going – 444

444 days straight on Duolingo. The problem is still the same. Habla mas despacio por favor! I guess I continue to improve though.

Another seemingly good nights sleep last night

Ashy is going back to the vet today. Her sense of balance seems off, or maybe pain.

Have a good day!


Finally, it’s Friday. Today is Ashy’s vet day. I’m thinking I should leave her here and come pick her up before instead of taking her to work with me.

It was a thundery, lightning-y rainy night last night. It fits my mood this morning.

i am ready for the weekend!

Friday Not Yesterday

Yesterday I took Ashy to work with me and on the way started having doubts. Where were my reminders for this appointment? I looked at my calendar and it said the appointment was Friday. Naw, I’m sure it was Wednesday.

I called the vet and it is indeed on Friday.

So I took Ashy back home. She didn’t really seem to enjoy the car ride. Too bad, back in the car tomorrow.

Today is grocery shopping day.

Jupiter From Mars

This morning I was on my roof, looking at the sunrise and listening to the birds and other sounds. I started thinking about what a cool job it would be to be a Mars Rover operator. Go to work early, put on the 3D goggles, and the headphones and sit there on Mars and watch the sunrise and hear the sounds. No birds, but maybe some wind.

Jupiter from Mars

I saw an article yesterday about Mars’s moon Deimos passing in front of Jupiter. See the article HERE.

Jupiter apparently would look quite large from Mars at its closest. It would be a cool thing to see.

Today Ashy the cat is going in for a checkup. Hope she’s not too miserable at work with me.

Guava Cat Pee

I came home yesterday afternoon and thought the litter box was stinking. I keep it pretty clean anyway and it didn’t seem too bad. I figured the cat peed outside the box somewhere, but all inspections revealed nothing unusual.

Finally I realized, it was one of the two guavas a friend had given me. One was “over”, I threw it out the back door. The other seemed pretty good so I cut it in half, delicious looking beautiful pink. I took a bite.

It tasted like smelly armpit.

I threw it out the back door too.

The cat pee smell is gone too. Not sure how I feel about guavas anymore..

Have a great day!