Breakfast of Champions!

Pictured above we have vanilla almond milk with banana added to the milk. It’s quite sweet. Close to a little too sweet. AND you have yer chocolate cake. A whole chocolate cake. Bigger than a doughnut. This was my breakfast the other day. And coffee, the coffee did the trick, pulling the whole meal together.

You should try it sometime! Live a little!

the beginning of the busyness

it’s Monday it’s a work day. I’m headed to work in a few minutes.

it was a good weekend. Very busy, recorded the Roundup and watched the Super Bowl. Although the Super Bowl was a very close game it wasn’t that interesting. I’m glad it didn’t go into overtime.

I have visitors arriving Thursday, and it promises to be a very busy week and weekend. Like I said earlier, it will go on until March.

Late Late Friday

I was sound asleep and out cold when the alarm went off this morning. I can’t remember my dream but the alarm clock was part of it. I did my morning routine, including making breakfast and lunch (this morning instead of last night), and now I’m running late!

this weekend there’s a half mile swim, and a Sunday scuba dive. That’s all I know so far.

have a great weekend!

The Lost 10 Minutes

I didn’t post yesterday,, I was running 10 minutes late for some inexpicable reason Day befoore yesterday, I posted and look at my watch and it was 10 minutes later than I expected.

Something in my morningis consumning an extrea 10 minutes.

On a different note, I like my Kindle Scribe, but I’m pretty peeved that my case was lost. Amazon said they’d email in 48 hours and they haven’t. The Scribe seems pretty worthless without the case. I don’t expect to get the caae I ordered, and I didn’t want to order another of the same, in case it was a purposeful fipoff. So I ordered two different cases, in case one gets ripped off again. If I get both, maybe on will fit inside the other… Insane.

Anyway, it’s Saturday night, late. I’ll talk to you Monday morning, unless I lose the 10 minutes again.

Wait A Few Days

I have no idea what I’m going to post about today.

Refering to yesterday and my lost Kindle Scribe case, there is no employee by the name given by the Amazon driver. And the office wasn’t even open that day it was allegedly delivered. Amazon is looking into it, and will email me in a few days, but my gut says gone.

Also missing is a Washington Commie shirt. Allegedly delivered by DHL. My delivery agent says it’s probably at the post office, we should wait a few days..

So I’m waiting a few days….

Its almost Friday, unfortunately there is allegedly a nuther weather system moving in to spoil the weekend..

c’est la vie. That’s French. It means Say La Vee. Say La Vee means: Don’t lose any sleep over it.

Ciao (That’s Italian. It means Chow, see you at suppertime!)

My Agent

Today is the day I should get my new Kindle Scribe . I’m more than a little excited about it! You can write and take notes on it I have notebooks and papers all over where I write stuff and perhaps it will work out to keep everything in one place.

I use a brokerage service, my orders get shipped to Miami, and they shipmthem here, bring it through customs and handle all the hassle, then I pick it up from them. Well last afternoon, after working hours, i got the email from customs saying I had a shipment, and my agent or I needed to come pick it up. Well, I’m sending my Agent

I reckon they’ll go today and pick it up.and if they don’t feel like torturing me too bad, I’ll get it today. If not, tomorrow!

Have a great day!

Morning Routine

I have a fairly fixed morning routine. I get up about 5 till 5. After the bathroom, i take my medicine (blood pressure, vitamins etc). Then I make sure the dogs have food and water, check and water the indoor plants if necessary.

Then its time to feed the outdoor cats and walk and exercise the dogs. We walk almost exactly a mile, usually running between every other street light. Then when we get back it’s time for my exercise and meditation.

After that is lovey dovey time for the dogs. This is more their idea than mine. I pet them wrestle them a little and give them attention and they’re jumping and licking and loving it. Afterwards it’s shower time, and I make coffee while I get dressed for the day.

Then Duolingo (500+ day streak!) and post my post on this blog. And out the door by 7, check the yard and off to work!

That’s my morning routine, almost everyday, almost unchanging.

Have a great day!

Wet Wednesday

this weather has kind of thwarted my vacation plans of diving, going to the beach, and doing yard work.. yesterday, around noon we had a few Sunny hours but then it re-clouded and re-rained. I’m not as upset by the cancellation of my plans as I would think I would be, which is okay. However I cannot fathom the disappointment and frustration that you, my millions of daily readers, must be experiencing, as this inactivity leads to my lack of material to post about.

I will try to not let it bother me, please try to do the same. Have a good day and stay dry.

No Mans Land

No Mans Land, the time between xmas and New Years. Historically, more people have asked me “what day is it today?” during this week than any other. I’ve already asked myself that very question this morning, counting on my fingers the days till I have to return to work.(7)

Also, interestingly, I heard a blurb on the BBC news this morning: more babies are conceived on this day (Boxing Day) than any other. Is your birthday in September? End of September?

And lastly, here the weather sucks. Howling wind. Driving cold rain, complete cloud cover. The Arctic storm that hit North America has parked here, and will be around until it dissapates. Yeay…

Have a great week, don’t bother keeping track of time, I hope you get laid!

Horror Of Horrors

Yesterday, as you already know, dear daily readers, I went to work. I was there about two hours, completing vitally important tasks. I probably saved the planet from destruction at least twice in those two hours.

While discussing my vacation situation with our cleaning lady. I showed her my calendar, and realized that yesterday was a vacation day, and I was at work, working!

So I finished my vital task’s and left, I went to the beach, went shopping for groceries, read my book and had a really nice day. And I’m not going back to work till 2023!

See you tomorrow!