Diving Elephants?

this morning I was dreaming that I was scuba diving on a shipwreck. It was a beautiful, upright shipwreck . Crystal clear Blue warm water good visibility a nice dive. Probably 50 to 80 ft deep. In the dream, I was surprised to see a very large elephant standing on the deck of the ship. I swam forward on the ship and there was another elephant standing on the bottom off the port side forward. There were also two dolphins, still, apparently looking at the elephant. My thought was, “I didn’t know elephants could go that this deep” it was a very pleasant dream and a nice dive.

it seemed like I was sleeping well when the alarm went off this morning. I wonder which is better, to have my sleep disturbed by the alarm? Or to be awake already when the alarm goes off? It’s a real poser.

it’s almost the weekend, tomorrow is Friday hooray!

Lisa All Clear

We’ve been given the all clear from Tropical Storm Lisa. She’s expected to curve way south now.

I hope hurricane season is over now.

I went to bed early last night, told myself not to worry when I woke up super early. I woke up earlier than usual, but it was ok.

I dreamed about painting the inside of my house. (I’m still waiting for the money to catch up so I can do the outside). Then I started thinking about proactive spending versus reactive spending. Weirdness in the dream world.

have a great day!

New Alarm Sound?

I have discovered what would be a good sound for an alarm The sound of a dog puking. I was dreaming last night about diving and talking fish. (Anglerfish can’t speak well because their mouths are so narrow and they’re quite upset about it.)

All of a sudden, I was awake, up and into action, because Daisy the dawg threw up. I got her out of the mess and cleaned it up. (She puked in her kennel, she sleeps there even though the door is open.)

That sound wakes you up good and fast, with no fuzzbrain or grogginess. Pop tall, high alert!

That’s my thought for the day, we need a dogpuke alarm sound for the alarm clock.

Enjoy your day, unless you’ve made other plans.

New World Record

This morning I picked my biggest pepper ever off my mutant plant. This is the plant seeded from the bell pepper seeds but the peppers are all shaped like the picture. They taste like bell peppers though. The other plant makes bell pepper shaped bell peppers.

Went to have a dental cleaning yesterday. She had her forearm on my chest and my head was touching her side. It occurred to me that “this is the first time I’ve felt anybody else’s body heat in probably two years. I think that’s why greeting hugs from friends don’t count as human contact.

Anyway, it was interesting.

Yesterday, it was raining and I took a lunchtime nap in my van. I think I slept really deep and hard. Tess good.

Last night I dreamed I was on the beach and the ex wife came walking by. She was wearing a modest black one piece Nike swimsuit and had a dog on a leash in her right hand and a yellow kitten in the crook of her left arm. I didn’t see the dog I was alone on the beach but scrambled to get away from the person sitting next to me as I stood up so she wouldn’t think we were together. The ex wife was smiling and looked happy and healthy. It was a pleasant dream and good to see her.

Today is a Wednesday, the weather is looking good. (West Bay (center of the universe) DID end up getting some good rain yesterday after all, if you read yesterdays post.) I expect today will be a snorkeling lunch hour.

Have a wonderful day.

Weird Wake Up

This morning I woke up and got up before the alarm. I was having stressful sleep, not in that it was stressful, but in that I couldn’t steer my thoughts in the direction I wanted to steer them. Among other things, I kept thinking about this woman with green hair. I knew where she was, and I had to get up to go find her.

But when I woke up, I didn’t know where to find her. I couldn’t remember. Keep an eye out for her, will you?

glad it’s Friday. Have a good weekend!

Cactus Repot


This weekend I repotted a giant cactus that I have disliked for quite a long time. I the top picture, it is in the cube pot, almost as tall as me. In the “After” picture, well, that pot is about 4 inches on each side and the cactus is as big as my thumb.

Last night, I dreamed this while day through. I already went to work, forgot about jury duty and talked to the boss. I also went scuba diving and got stuck in a hole whilst trying to get a good shot of a banded shrimp. All last night in my dreams.

i tried to mow the lawn this weekend, and ended up taking the mower to he Repair Shop. It’s ridiculous. The mower dies because short, dry grass is too much load for it 3 feet and restart 3 feet and restart. Very annoying.

Im off to work now. (Although I’ve already been there, done that). Have a good day!

Wednesday Weirdness

its a Wednesday and I’m drawing a blank for a post today. My meditation class has been over for a week but I’m still practicing daily. I seem to be in a better state of mind overall I guess.

i had a lot of weird dreams last night. A gear shifter on a large truck with the red knob alongside, thinking I should at least hang a picture in an empty room that had no furniture or windows. And all this stuff that I should read but the list kept getting longer and longer until it was impossible.

im expecting a quiet day at work today. One out sick and one on vacation. I have a ways to go before I get caught up at work. Next Monday I report again for jury doodie. (Yes, I spelled that how I intended) I’m thinking about wearing the exact same clothes and acting the exact same way so I hopefully won’t get picked again.

Anyway, i hope you’ll have a wonderful day.

confusion in sleep

Had a strange sensation this morning. My sleep was “confused”. It is hard to describe, like my thoughts didn’t fit together. There was something obstructing the flow, if that makes sense. It was weird and uncomfortable and I don’t want to spend any more time there

it was a strange, first time experience.

Two Days Howling Wind

A-wooooo! (I had to add the howling part)

it has been crazy windy for two days now. This morning the wind is warmer than it has been, so maybe calmness is in sight.

i dreamed last night I was a gangster in a shootout with other gangsters. It was a bloody dream. We were shooting wash other through the walls of a house, but I was up on a ladder so everyone was missing me. Not a pleasant dream.

Have a non windy day!

Dreams Again

Last night I had a couple of memorable dreams. I dreamed I was out on the road for work, and found a Cayman Islands $2 bill. (There’s no such thing, I don’t think.) I put it with my stack of money and noticed a thread hanging off of it. I tried to burn off the thread with a lighter and all my money caught on fire and I threw it on the road to try and stopm it out and it smooshed like shaving cream. Then there was nothing left but ash.

The other dream was I was in a big work truck, and the driver parked and I mounted a boxlike object on the side of the truck. Then the driver started moving the truck and I voiced my concern because he might hit something with the box. Then he parked, and I could feel that the truck was right on my tool bag. The driver was my brother Bruce, but I never realized it was him until the end of the dream.

And now it”s almost sunrise, I’m waiting for the tile guys to arrive and start the back. After today I should have a good idea of when they’ll be done.

new tile, front porch.

Have a great day!