New & Old

Above are pics of the old grill and the new grill. No parts left over . Initially i had 4 screws extra, but i pored over the instructions till i found where they went it was very subtle.

The old grill served me well for.many years.

Good Day!

New Gas Grill

Yesterday i bought a new gas grill. The old one had developed a little flamethrower in one of the jets. It had been repaired and all the replaceable parts had been replaced…twice…at least. It was definitely end of life for the old gas grill. I can probably find how old it is by searching this blog.

The new one is a mega monster. I started putting it together last night. After worki have to put the side shelves on and then… More pictures for you.

Here’s a picture from our dawg walk this morning, i thought the lights looked cool.

Happy Friday and have a great wee


Equinox 2023

Yesterday was the equinox, it’s spring in the north, autumn in the south.

It seema like this year past, I’ve enjoyed the dark mornings more than previous years.

I hope you have a good season!

Career Day

Friday Finally.

Today at work my co workers.and I are going to a Career Day . We’ll be manning an airport booth with probably about another thousand employees from my company.

I’m kinda almost caught up at work, so it should be a good break from the routine.

Have a good weekend!

Breakfast of Champions!

Pictured above we have vanilla almond milk with banana added to the milk. It’s quite sweet. Close to a little too sweet. AND you have yer chocolate cake. A whole chocolate cake. Bigger than a doughnut. This was my breakfast the other day. And coffee, the coffee did the trick, pulling the whole meal together.

You should try it sometime! Live a little!

Definite Rain!

This morning it rained again, Good rain, better than yesterday, 30 minutes or an hour. The plants definitely needed it and enjoyed it. I’m grateful for the rain.

Tomorrows post: Me complaining about having to mow the lawn!

Have a wonderful day!

Pineapple Pi Day

I have four pineapples growing in my yard. Below, you can see 3 of them.

Can you see all 3? They’re there!

Happy Pi day! 3.14. i got out of the Navy March 14 1985. Went in March 15 1979. Long time ago!

it rained last night! I was awake for my 2:30 insomnia session and it rained good for about 15 minutes. Puddles on the road this morning. The plants needed it a lot. Tap water just doesn’t do the trick like rain.

Have an excellent day!