This is another “Oh WHY didn’t I think of that!” post.

Monkeytail moustache! How cool! How stylish! Start yours today!

The only thing you have to worry about is – clockwise or anti clockwise!


Top 5

This morning I saw a shooting star that was one of the top 5 of my life. It was huge, traced across half the sky, horizon to overhead at least and had a distinct candleflame body with a long, long lasting tail. After it burnt up and faded out I waited for several seconds, thinking I possibly could hear it. (I couldn’t)

Google pictures of shooting stars and hey show mostly comets. How tawdry. I cannot find an image that suitably represents what I saw this AM.

Got my covid shot number one yesterday, no pain or discomfort or symptoms. 02 Feb is the second one.

Have a nice day!


Today at work I’m allegedly getting the Pfizer-BioNTech covid vaccine, shot number one of two. Wednesday is my regularly scheduled monthly covid test. I’ll keep you posted.

Yesterday, walking the dogs in the early morning darkness, I saw what looked like a shiny plastic bag, blowing across the street. As I got closer, I decided it looked like a cat, looking straight at me, the street lights making his eyes shine luminously. Which was almost impossible because of light reflecting and cat eye alignment characteroptics. Then I realized that whatever it was, had it’s source of illumination somehow, as it moved off the road and disappeared. I have no idea what it was. The most rational thing I can come up is some kind of animal with a lighted collar of some kind, but really I have no idea what it could have been.


Have a good day!

New Blog Post

Typical Monday weekend review. Friday night it was crystal clear and so still and hot that I closed the windows and turned the AC on. Saturday morning, it was cold, windy rainy and cloudy. Took me completely by surprise. It was a stay at home weekend reading and watching Qi on TV.

Now it’s a normal Monday back to work routine.

Have a good week!

First Friday of 2021

Finally Friday. I never thought it would get here, which is not the same as “I thought it would never get here.” In one instance, I thought about it, in the other, I didn’t. In my case, I didn’t.

Have I mentioned that 8’m readers the Mortal Engine series? Each one is so good I can hardly put them down. I’m on book 4 now, there’s 7. I just found out that the internet says there’s 4, but I have 7. We”ll see when I get there.

Have a great weekend!

Quarantine Over!

The wife got out of quarantine yesterday evening, after taking her second covid test yesterday in the morning.

We’re a family again! The dogs were especially glad to see her, a softie among us after four weeks of my iron fist rule.


In other news, the week is flying by. They go quicker when I enter the week with no hope of ever finishing it, seems like. As I did, first week of a new year after almost three weeks of vacation.

Wife and I are going out to dinner tonight Sushi, probably

Have a great day!

Made It Thru

I made it through the first day at work this year. It went slow in the afternoon. Did you ever notice that it’s the first five days after the weekend that are the hardest? After that it’s not so bad…

The weather has been good! Cloudless skies, crisp coolness in the shade and stinging hot sunshine. Perfect! Scooter weather, beach lunch hour weather.

The wife should be out of quarrantine by the weekend. Looking forward to it. She left December 8th, we expect her to get out on the 8th, one month in captivity.

And it’s now time for me to head out to work. Have a perfect day!

Backta Work

I’m back to work today, for the first time this year. It was a quite refreshing holiday. I was thinking, several months ago, that it might be a better idea to just use up my work vacation taking long weekends, since we couldn’t travel, but, I’m glad I did it the way I did it.

I read four books, got a lot of sun, went diving and like I’ve said many times, there’s no place I’d rather be than here in the Cayman Islands.

This week I have a dentist appointment and should be hearing from American Express about my dispute.

Have a good week!