Dec 7th

A day that will live in infamy.. Two years ago, Manrique, my father in law and best friend died. In my mind, this event, somehow was the catalyst that precipitated my divorce.

I’m not going to go into how I’m still fucked up from it.

In other news, my poor poor lemon tree is under attack again, this time by beautiful green caterpillars.

I plucked almost a dozen off the plant and flushed them down the toilet. Today comes the caterpillar killing spray.

ANd, today is my Friday and I’m glad about that

Clean Bill Of Health

Laat Thursday i had my annual physical and got a completely clean bill of health. All the numbers look good, blood pressure, heart and lungs, all good.

In previous years, ever more numbers were going out of specs. Last year my blood pressure suddenly shot up and my kidneys were under investigation.

This year, all good.


Silly Selfies

It was a good weekend, beach and food and friends.

I didn’t take any pictures. I need to start taking more. People, especially young people seem to be always taking pictures and selfies. I feel silly taking a picture of myself.

Anyway, im out the door for work on another short week! Have a goodun!

Doing Nothing (so far)

December 1 – Calendar Icon – Vector Illustration

I could have slept late, but I didn’t, I got up on “normal workday time’ and did my morning routine normally. Since then, I’ve been kind of lazing around. I made a list of things I want to get done this weekend and that’s about it.

I’m getting ready to get moving now, I guess.

Happy December. Hurricane Season is over! Yeah!

Catalina PBY

Yesterday I got to go aboard a Catalina PBY water plane like the one I went diving on years ago. It was very cool. Pictures below:

The wheels and dashboard were the only recognizable parts on the wreck. I showed the aircrafts owner my post in the link above.

Happy Tuesday! Time for work!

Samsung S21

Got a new phone this weekend. A Samsung Galaxy S21. The Ulifone is still good, but getting weird, like Bluetooth turning itself off. This Samsung cost 3X what the Ulifone cost, and it’s last years model

But it’s smaller and lighter and I’m happy with it.

Another Monday, Another 3 day week!