Tuesday Not Monday

Yesterday was a holiday here, Heroes Day.

I (hopefully) fix the leak mentioned in the previous post.

I took the dogs to the beach where we.saw a fallen tree that may survive. Hopefully.

Also had coffee at Cafe del Sol where, across the way, on the roof of Cimboco, is a purple door which I find most intriguing.

And now it’s M̶o̶n̶d̶a̶y̶ Tuesday and the start of another work week!

Enjoy !

Third Implant

Happy Friday Yet Again!

Today I am going to the dentist to get a tooth 🦷 pulled and hopefully the titanium for another implant. I thought I lost a filling, and I did, but it’s because the tooth split in half front to back. Then I’m getting an ultrasound to look at my kidneys because of my high blood pressure.

Also, Michael Lee Aday, better known as Meat Loaf, has died

Paradise By The Dashboard Lights was one of my favorites.

On a more positive note, I’m taking the day off today and should have all my “requirements met by 1 PM. And it’s a long weekend, Monday is a holiday!

so have a great weekend!

Blood Pressure Poser

I’ve been taking blood pressure medicine for many years. First it was Lisinopril, which I never thought worked too well. Then, in April, I switched to candesartin plus, and it was working beautifully. My BP was good from April thru November.

in December, I went to the eye doctor, and it was high. After several consistently high readings, I went to the doctor who basically doubled my dosage. (And took other tests) The double dosage had zero effect on my BP. None.

So now I’m getting more tests, and my medicine has been changed to telmisartin and amlodipine.

But the doc and I agree, the high BP is a symptom of another problem, and we need to figure out what it is.

I feel fine, and I think it’s fortunate that I’m even aware of the problem. I just want to get it behind me.

Have a great day!

Spotted Eagle Ray Mate

My Spotted Eagle Ray now has a mate. It occurred to me that there needed to be another eagle ray on that blank spoton the wall, so I made it happen.

I like it a lot.

Last night I made a huge piece of salmon in on the grill. It was rather bland. I need a salmon recipe.

It was busy morning this morning. It was hard to get up, and I stayed up a little late and had to do my last night’s chores this morning.

Have a great day!

WW = Wonderful Weekend

Friday: Dinner with about 20 friends. It was really fun. Saturday was a 800 meter sea swim.

Guessing about a hundred swimmers total.

Sunday morning I saw the moon set. Just like a sunset, except it was an (almost) full moon. I always wanted to see that my whole life and Sunday was the first time.

And i went diving Sunday as you probably guessed by the pictures. I have too many Flamingo Tongue pictures but I can’t stop taking pictures of them.

Monday, not looking too bad from here.

have a great week!


When I got home yesterday, I saw an email from my web page host about an outage. This is an email account not on my phone. Ergo, that’s why I was not being able to get on yesterday. So all’s well that ends well.

This morning, Daisy got off the leash. It’s a pinch collar and I saw it just drop off of her. Can they get old and become un-sprung?

And it’s Friday. I’m glad. This was my first full week since I started taking Fridays off in my “Use it or lose it scheme last year.

have a good, weekend! It is well deserved!

Bloody Ankle?

i was in bed last night and I moved my leg and it was stuck to the sheets. I felt down and there was sticky stuff below my knee. I had been bleeding from some cut or poke on my leg. I don’t know what happened. Maybe riding my bike or maybe I just bumped into something. But I had to change the sheets and do laundry at 10:30 last night. (I figured it would wash out better if washed immediately)

I slept good, I never heard the washing machine, woke up and it was done, put the stuff in the dryer, never hard a thing, woke up and it was done. Perfect!

And here’s a cat pic for you, Goldie, sleeping in the motorcycle.

Have a wonderful day!