I slept good last night, I went to bed a little early and was instantly asleep. I didn’t even get to get my watch off the charger (my watch has the sleep monitor built-in.) I’da liked to have seen that one!

In more sleep news, I believe I’ve mentioned awareness and negative thoughts while sleeping, and while I remember the negativity and persistence, i seldom remember the specific content. So, I put a pen and notebook by the bed. Since then, the torturous self destructive where I’m asleep, telling myself bad things about myself have stopped. I’ve had nothing to write down. Which is good!

Luckily, many problems vanish instantly when confronted. The hardest part seems to be becoming aware of them. By the way, yesterday’s post about not sleeping was from a different source than this mental stuff I’m talking about now. I didn’t go to bed because I was upset about something else.

It seems that I’ve been meeting a lot of people who have trouble sleeping similar to mine. It seems our little quirks (MY little quirks I maybe should say), magnify into larger personality disorders as we (I) get older..

It’s almost the weekend! Bring it!


I am GLAD it’s the weekend. Every day this week has seemed like Friday.

My pickleball yesterday was cancelled, now it’s the next two Thursdays.

This is my last “Normal” weekend until the second weekend in March. I have visitors and events until then.

Today Goldie is going to the vets. He quit grooming himself like Ashy did. I’m not attributing it to dental this time.

Tomorrow morning is a 5K walk. (yes, walk, not run)

Addison is an impossibly young girl who committed suicide. This memorial for her is for awareness of mental health and abuse issues.

Have a good weekend!

Brushing Your Teeth

When do you brush your teeth? I brush my teeth at night before bed, and I assume almost everybody else does too. But when in the mornings?

But what about other times? Do you brush your teeth in the morning when you first wake up? Do you brush your teeth after breakfast before you go to work? Do you brush your teeth in between sips of coffee?

I’ve been trying to decide when is the best time to brush your teeth in the morning. When I first wake up, I haven’t eaten anything since I last brushed my teeth, so it doesn’t make sense really to brush them again and then go eat breakfast and drink coffee.

I also have a toothbrush and toothpaste at work and sometimes we’ll brush my teeth there. It’s nice to be able if it feels needed

I brush my teeth immediately before bed, and at some point before I go to work in the morning. I’m trying to figure out when, in the morning, is the best time, precisely, to brush one’s teeth?

What say you about morning toothbrushing?


Clean Bill Of Health

Laat Thursday i had my annual physical and got a completely clean bill of health. All the numbers look good, blood pressure, heart and lungs, all good.

In previous years, ever more numbers were going out of specs. Last year my blood pressure suddenly shot up and my kidneys were under investigation.

This year, all good.


Meditation Class

Happy Hump Day! Yesterday afternoon I planted most of the seeds I bought and I’m on my way to vegetable-kingdom. I need to buy more seeds already.

Tonight is the second class of the meditation workshop. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been practicing every day as per directions. There’s a place I call “There” that’s a really nice place to be. I can get there most times but not always. It’s important to dedicate the time allotted for meditation. I tried to squeeze in 8 minutes when I had to be somewhere and had laundry going and it didn’t work too well.

I have been trying meditation as ever since I quit drinking, even before that, I was introduced but it was nothing like this.

Anyway, I’m just rambling. Have a good day!

Cheer Up!

Well, we got that Monday out of the way. Now it’s Tuesday. I went to the eye doctor yesterday, my glaucoma is getting worse, although the pressures are lower, 14 and 18. So I got more drops. It can get worse, but under no circumstances can it get better. Nothing I can do about it. But I’m kind of crabby today.

Here’s a picture of me standing on my head this morning to cheer you up. From my security camera.

Have a great day!

Breaking The Routine

This mornings road shot

I have a very fixed, unvarying daily routine. I need to break up this routine. The way it is now, I go day after day after day and nothing changes. The days are identical. The routine doesn’t allow me to meet new people. Sometimes on weekends, I can go without contact with anyone at all.

Some parts of the routine are inflexible, like work and caring for the dogs, cats, plants and house. But I am trying to identify and alter the parts that are variable. That’s why I went to the yoga class the other day, and again last night. There’s people there!

That is.my mission, break the routine. I also notice that if I’m alone, I either feel like I should be doing something and am wasting time (my life) or I’m depressed feeling. The inside of my head alone is often not a pleasant to be.

That’s what I’m working on.

Have a great day!

Friends Faux Family Farewell

My visitors leave today, I am quite sad about it. It was a very short trip.

Yesterday was so rainy, we could barely make it outside. But we had a two meal day consisting of a late big breakfast and and a late big lunch.

The highlight of the trip, I suppose, was Jessika taking the intro to scuba class at Don Fosters.

I am so sad to see them go. My life is forever enriched, seeing Jessika again. She was born (with her twin sister, Veronika) on the day I got out of the Navy. I wish they were my daughters.

Tomorrow it’s back to work for me. This morning my weigh in was 163.8, pounds an alarming new record low weight.

Have a great week!