Visitor Leaves Today

I’m sad to see my visitor go. I had a great time and hope she did too.

It was a good almost-a-week.

I had requested another vacation day today, but I kind of withdrew it before it was approved. My co-workers wife was in a traffic accident and he is taking time be with her.

Happy Monday! Make it a good one!

Super Nice Weekend

I didn’t make it to the dog walk. Daisy is still in pain from her hips and i had visitors..

A foid friend from. Jamaica was here and we went to a 7AM yoga class, followed by breakfast and meeting her friends on the beach. Then burgers on the grill and that was the end of an extremely nice, relaxing day with LOTS of coffee!

And now it’s back to work on ANOTHER Monday!

Have a wonderful week!

Daisy Data & Friday Back To Work

It’s back to work for me today. It was a good couple of weeks off with visitors. There were a few workdays in between. Now I’ll have a lot catching up to do at work

Daisy was at the vet for a follow up from last week. She has a damaged ligament. The doc didn’t know if it was genetic or from an injury. (She seemed to lean toward genetic). Daisy is on pain pills and bed rest for another week. The doc specified “in her kennel except for bathroom walks.” I feel sorry for her, staying in there all day. Even though she’s been kenneled most of her life, it seems sad now that she’s forced to be.

Hope you have a good Friday and Great weekend!

Jupiter – Venus Disappointment

Last evening Venus and Jupiter did NOT align as I expected them to. They were a pinky fingernail width apart. I expected unity!

Today my cousin and his wife depart. I enjoyed having them here. (It just this second occurred to me that a job as a tourist host would be a fun job for me)

Also today Daisy is going back to the vet for her follow up. I can’t tell how she’s doing, sometimes she seems ok, 5 minutes later she acts like she’s in pain. When in doubt, check her out, I always say.

Have a wonderful day!

What Day?

it feels like Monday but it’s Thursday. I was off a lot of last week (this week) and I’m off a lot next week. I’m getting the days mixed up.

Today one of my first cousins and his wife arrive. I’m looking forward to a week as a tourist

This.morning i have to finish cleaning the apartment. All that’s left is the floor.

Have a great day!

The Breath In Between

My visitors left yesterday, i was sad to see them go. I have a short rest and one day at work and the next visitors arrive. My first cousin and his wife get here Thursday. Since I am now an experienced master entertainer, it should be easy to show them a good time.

But as for now, it’s off to work! Have a great day!


I have visitors who arrived yesterday. . Yesterday was picking them up, getting them settled in, dinner and of course my Pickleball Lesson number two.

I can see myself playing that pickleball.

Today is a scuba dive and I don’t know what else today entails .

Have a great weekend!


Standard Weekend

It was a good weekend. Friday I was off work. I helped our Rabbi build a Sukkah for Sukkot. Saturday was my third of four Home Gardening Course sessions and Sunday I had friends and their puppy over for dawgie play day and burgers on the grill. My house is nice and clean right now. A true rarity.

All of a sudden, some of the girls at the yoga place want to hook me up with their single friends. This is exciting but also makes me a little nervous. On one hand, I’d feel better finding my own girl, on the other they might do better than I would. Also I ask myself if I’m ready. I guess I’m ready to start at the beginning, not jump in the deep end.

Anyway, most of the things I worry about never happen, so ..

Have a good week!