Cracked Icons

Some Cracked, Some Not. Travel is done but Legendary levels remain.

Happy Friday! I’m still doing Duolingo every day. I notice that when I complete a lesson, sometimes the icon gets “cracked”, others don’t. In the image above, the modules are as done as they can be, except travel is done but Legendary levels remain. If you click them, (any except travel) the only option is practice. But why the cracks and why not the cracks? I’m going to find out!

We’re expecting a rainy weekend. It did rain yesterday, and it’s cloudy now. Probably more rain coming, but, I brought my sun-sensitive plants in, just to be safe.

This can be a housecleaning weekend if the weather cooperates. Or a yard work one if it doesn’t.

Hava a fabulous weekend!

Suddenly Seemingly Overwhelmed

Seems like suddenly, things around the house are out of control. The yard is a disaster because I didn’t mow. (weed killer experiment). The inside needs cleaning really bad. The floor especially. And I have repairs to do and a tree to put in the ground and I need to make a list.

Maybe I should take a couple vacation days and do some work around the house.

We’re almost half way through the week. Looking forward to the weekend already. There’s not much to report on around here.

have a good day!

Weed Killer Ineffective

i put down some weed killer on a 10 x 100 test area of my yard. Precisely measured according to the manufacturers instructions, I see no effect. It’s supposed to kill broadleaf weeds and not any grass that may be there. Maybe it needs a little more time.

Im also looking for a more effective bathroom cleaner. Soft Scrub doesn’t seem to keep it clean for long, and doesn’t stick to vertical surfaces.

Any homemaker helpers out there, I appreciate your input.

Have a wonderful day!

Mission Failed

All i planned on doing this weekend was cleaning the house. I failed gloriously. Saturday I went to breakfast with friends, then lunch with a different group of friends, then saw the Batabanu Carnival Parade.

Sunday I went diving then went to a yoga class, and then mowed the yard . Below are some underwater pictures from yesterday.

And now it’s back to work on a Monday and I don’t mind going.

Have a great week like I’m going to have!

Seis De Mayo

Yesterday at work we had mandatory staff meetings, so no Cinco De Mayo lunch for our department. But today we’re going to make up for it by going out to lunch as a Department. All four of us.

Should be good!

And it’s Friday, I have tons of work in the yard and inside the house to do. Mow and clean mostly.

Have a good weekend!

Good Morning!

Im all sad my visitors are gone. It’s back to work today. Below is a picture I took this morning on the dog walk. It looks how I feel.

I will be Okay once I get back to work and get going. Yesterday I cut the drywall and installed the box in the wall for my new internet ADSL line jack. Today I will probably run the cable. If it is not raining. It rained almost all day yesterday.

Have a good day!

Ditch Digger

sooo , my internet cable is still exposed and I’ve decided to run a new conduit instead of cutting drywall to find the break. Yesterday I started and I will continue today and over the weekend. I’m going to drill a hole near to where the air conditioner drain goes out, and my ADSL jack will move to another wall.

Today, probably, is the drilling part. Where the hole comes out determines more precisely where the trench I dig will go.

I squirted myself in the eye with peppermint soap this morning and I’m typing this blind. Not too bad for a blind guy, huh?

Have a good day!

Prestigious Award

My phone gave me an award. For heroically going to bed on time and bravely waking up on time. I’m hoping that a large check will arrive in the mail to go with this magnificent prize.

I can’t seem to run the internet cable. The wire snake seems to come all the way in and stop just short. Going from the inside out, it doesn’t feel like it’s sliding along the conduit, but rolling up somewhere inside the wall. I can’t hear anything inside the wall. I’m now thinking now I have to cut some exploratory holes in my drywall. Which sucks. I dug up the yard, albeit not pointlessly, now I’m going to end up ripping out the walls too.

My life: never one problem, always multiple problems with the simplest task taking excessive amounts of time and money.

Anyway, it almost Friday. Have a good day!

That Five Minutes.

It was a windy wavy weekend with no diving and not many outdoor activities for me. I cleaned the house, namely the floor. There’s 5 minutes, after th floor is done and before I let the dogs out on it that are really nice.

Then here they come, drinking water and dribbling it all over from their jowls, tufts of fur rolling across like sagebrush in the wild wild west within minutes. Paw prints and furballs.

I wouldn’t change a thing!

Although I’m thinking about getting a vacuum cleaner. What do you know about vacuum cleaners?

Have a great week!

First Cruise Ship In 2!

Yesterday was Cayman’s first Cruise ship in over two years. Here’s a little VIDEO I took on TikTok.

it is good that the world is getting back to normal.

My internet is still intermittent. Yesterday we tried to replace the underground cable from the street and the wall jack and it came disconnected while pulling. Now there’s a temporary cable running across the yard. Couldn’t get the cable through the pipe now and the problem remains unchanged I am frustrated and fearful I might have to dig up the yard to replace the cable. (This cable is supposedly the customers responsibility.)

my blog message last two weeks.

Oh well.

Have a great day!