The Rain Heron.

I’m reading a book that I’m really enjoying. The Rain Heron. It starts off with a girl, Ren, who lives on a farm in a nice village. There’s a Heron, she comes out of the water and feeds her land, and she’s the most prosperous in the village. Then a boy, jealous of her prosperity, tries to kill the bird. The bird leaves, there’s a heat wave, and everything goes sour. Ren goes off and lives in the woods. Years later, soldiers come to Rens mountain, looking for the Heron.

Later on, there’s another girl, Zoe, who, with her aunt, collects ink from squid. Their village survives by the ink, and the secret of collecting the super useful ink. They don’t hurt the squid. Then a man comes, no one will share the method, and he tries to get the ink by killing the squid. Then things go sour in the village. Then Zoes aunt gets killed, as they are leaving the village. Zoe becomes a soldier.

Zoe turns out to be the leader of the soldiers who are looking for the Heron.

I’m a little over half way through.

It’s a great book. A story type story that I’m really liking. A tale.

It is the first Friday of the new year! It’s been a long busy week for me, trying to catch up at work.

🎈 Happy Friday! 🎈

Have a great weekend!

Homegrown Estate Round 2

The Screenhouse

I’m getting the screenhouse ready for growing again. I cut the legs off the standing grow boxes and now they are grow boxes on the ground. (The bottoms started falling out quite some time ago).

Below is a link to a YouTube video, the “embed” feature doesn’t seem to work anymore. It seems that YouTube is trying to emulate TikTok.

I know cherry tomatoes and cucumbers grow well, I’m going to try some red and green peppers. I have 3 more similar growboxes that I can use for other things, such as lettuce, lettuce grows pretty good too. It’s a different type of lettuce than the kind that makes a big round head, Caribbean lettuce grows like a small bush and you can trim or pick leaves daily for your sandwich. Or salad.

It’s my Friday off but the work Christmas luncheon is today and I will attend that briefly.

I hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic weekend!

Sunset Shots

Movie night last night was quite nice, had a full table. Good sunset.

The movie was Mission Impossible, I had seen it before.

It is A-day off Friday, not sure what I’m doing. Diving? Laundry? Housecleaning? Beach? Yard work/home improvement? Wait for the phone company to come fix my Internet again? I don’t know. I’m not going to worry about it until I finish this cup of coffee and maybe another one.

Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!

Another Day Off Friday!

It’s another day off Friday for me! I don’t have any plans except to drink this cuppa coffee. Maybe beach today.

I’ve been swimming the half mile almost every day at lunch time. Once this week, I finished my swim and got out of the water and saw a girl swimming pretty close behind me. She swam on by as I got out and walked to the shower. While I was rinsing off I saw her walking down the beach towards the start of the half mile. She had her goggles and I knew she was a fellow swimmer practicing for the races.

She was about 25 meters ahead of me, walking down the beach. She started to walk past the beginning of the half mile and I thought “Dang, she must have swam the mile instead of the half mile.” As soon as I had the thought, she she got back in the water and began swimming the half mile again. At least twice.

I want to try that now, swim the half mile, walk back to the beginning, and swim it again.

Maybe today.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

A Good Friday

It’s a good Friday, had a nice Yom Kippur yesterday with an easy fast. I was only “lunchtime hungry” by the end, but I was thirsty thirsty thirsty! I think it was the first time since before my Bar Mitzva that I went to all the services.

Our Rabbi and I

Today is laundry, clean and catch-up day. (I’m using vacation days, as I need to be rid of them before the end of the year.)

And that’s about it.

Have a great weeekend!

Covid Is Back

We knew it would happen when we started reopening our borders. Yesterday, for the 1st time in more than than a year, we found 2 cases of locally transmitted covid. Yesterday at the grocery store, I noticed probably 1 in 5 people wearing masks.

Star Fruit Tree

Several months ago I ate a star fruit. I saved the seeds and try to germinate them. I use the wet paper towel in the dark method. Of the 3 I tried only one sprouted. I put it in a pot and nothing happened for a long time but today I noticed it had come up. I hope she makes it!

it’s Friday! And looks like another yard work weekend.

havva goodun!

Music at the Library

Several weeks ago, I put an event on my calendar, “Music at the Library” part of the Cayman Arts Festival. I stopped by on my way to movie night last night. It was very nice I was quite surprised at the young man’s skill.

The Program below.

And below is a video I took last night. Quite nice. Under 3 minutes long.

I’m glad I went, I don’t know what made me put it on my calendar when I heard about it, but I’m glad I did, I would have forgotten about it if I didn’t.

After that I went to movie night at the Westin, had a chicken sandwich and left about a quarter way through the movie, “What Women Want

beautiful night

Then I went and saw some friends in Bodden Town and had overall a very nice evening..

Then I slept good, and feel good so far this Friday The 13th morning. And my class that I was so worried about yesterday wasn’t as bad as I thought. All’s well that ends well. Plus, yesterday at lunchtime I met a couple of really nice Rottweiler puppies.

Have a great weekend!

Slow n Steady

Slow n steady, low and level, that’s how I’m feeling today. I’m just ready to go to work and work. Think of nothing but work and workin.

I have a pretty busy weekend lined up. Some kind of swimming event at Sunset House, a beach clean up Sunday morning, pizza on the beach Saturday afternoon, Friday night dinner club tonight (hopefully). Not to mention all the yard work I should have done last weekend that I didn’t do.

Should be a busy weekend! Havva goodun!

Random Fridayness

Two Spotted Eagle Rays inside the house

Itsa FRIDAY! It rained last night and it’s lighting-ey this morning.

Above in the picture are two spotted eagle rays. I had one, and had the other and decided to take a picture of them both.

Last night I considered going to Movie Night, but went outside and it was raining. Later, I checcked the Westin webcam and movie night looked like I was missing a good one. But a few minutes after I took this screenshot, I looked again and there were water droplets all over the camera. So it did rain at movie night after the below picture was taken. I don’t even know what the movie was anyway. Someone else told me that Tom Felton, the actor who played Draco Malfoy was there.

And it’s Friday, The only thing planned for the weekend are more house repairs (electrical) and lunch with the wife.

Have a good weathered weekend!