I had a good snorkel at lunch yesterday . There were squid! Lots of them.

They are amazing creatures. Always changing colors, hovering around, sometimes darting off, seemingly disappearing instantly.

There was lots of other good stuff out there yesterday too.

And now it’s another HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Have a good weekend!

Anticipation: Goodness!

part of my house number sign and a flower cluster from a bush.

Good morning, happy FRIDAY! I slept good and I feel good today. Tomorrow is a half mile swim. I’ll be there if all goes according to plan. Hopefully there will be some scuba diving going on on Sunday. Not much work needs to be done around the house. The weather isn’t looking too catastrophic. It should be a good, leisurely weekend.

Hope yours is too!

April Fools Day

Happy April First, also known as April fool’s day. This year is flying by way too fast.

I hope everyone has a happy April Fool’s Day and you don’t get fooled too bad!

And have a good WEEKEND!

Shockingly Expensive But Worth It To Me.

Yesterday i got my tires changed on my scooter. Those little tires cost almost twice what my tires on my van costed! And I finally got a new battery. It costed a lot too, but supposedly is a really good battery and will be the last I ever need. Wee shall see! It was shockingly expensive. But I’m glad to have it behind me.

And it’s Friday!

In other news, my Monstera plant is making a flower, it’s going to be real purdy. More to come.

Have a great weekend!

Yet Another Happy Friday!

Its the start of my mother and sisters last weekend here.

We have no firm plans, we’ve pretty much covered the bases, as far as tourist things are concerned. We’ll go out to dinner, the beach and anything else they want to do.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

The Outrage!

Fighters banned from taking guns to amusement parks.

Who ever heard of such a thing? If someone wants to take their guns to the amusement park, why the heck not? There’s little children there! And Mommies! There might clowns or choo choo trains. There might be teenagers dressed as cartoon characters.

I guess nobody will be going to amusement parks any more.

And now for more bad news:

The Horror!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Leave your armaments at home today, especially if you are going to the amusement park!

The Rain Heron.

I’m reading a book that I’m really enjoying. The Rain Heron. It starts off with a girl, Ren, who lives on a farm in a nice village. There’s a Heron, she comes out of the water and feeds her land, and she’s the most prosperous in the village. Then a boy, jealous of her prosperity, tries to kill the bird. The bird leaves, there’s a heat wave, and everything goes sour. Ren goes off and lives in the woods. Years later, soldiers come to Rens mountain, looking for the Heron.

Later on, there’s another girl, Zoe, who, with her aunt, collects ink from squid. Their village survives by the ink, and the secret of collecting the super useful ink. They don’t hurt the squid. Then a man comes, no one will share the method, and he tries to get the ink by killing the squid. Then things go sour in the village. Then Zoes aunt gets killed, as they are leaving the village. Zoe becomes a soldier.

Zoe turns out to be the leader of the soldiers who are looking for the Heron.

I’m a little over half way through.

It’s a great book. A story type story that I’m really liking. A tale.

It is the first Friday of the new year! It’s been a long busy week for me, trying to catch up at work.

🎈 Happy Friday! 🎈

Have a great weekend!

Homegrown Estate Round 2

The Screenhouse

I’m getting the screenhouse ready for growing again. I cut the legs off the standing grow boxes and now they are grow boxes on the ground. (The bottoms started falling out quite some time ago).

Below is a link to a YouTube video, the “embed” feature doesn’t seem to work anymore. It seems that YouTube is trying to emulate TikTok.


I know cherry tomatoes and cucumbers grow well, I’m going to try some red and green peppers. I have 3 more similar growboxes that I can use for other things, such as lettuce, lettuce grows pretty good too. It’s a different type of lettuce than the kind that makes a big round head, Caribbean lettuce grows like a small bush and you can trim or pick leaves daily for your sandwich. Or salad.

It’s my Friday off but the work Christmas luncheon is today and I will attend that briefly.

I hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic weekend!

Sunset Shots

Movie night last night was quite nice, had a full table. Good sunset.

The movie was Mission Impossible, I had seen it before.

It is A-day off Friday, not sure what I’m doing. Diving? Laundry? Housecleaning? Beach? Yard work/home improvement? Wait for the phone company to come fix my Internet again? I don’t know. I’m not going to worry about it until I finish this cup of coffee and maybe another one.

Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!