A week from now, I’ll be in St Louis Missouri USA. A week from today some high school friends and I will make the 4 hour drive from St Louis to Moberly Missouri, where I went 3 out of 4 years high school. (graduated in Maryland) Next weekend is my 45th high school reunion.

45 years , dang! School itself was only 12 years.

Have a great weekend!

Finished The Book ‘Circe’

I loved this book! This book is beautifully written, the story kept me reading nonstop. I cannot describe what it is about the language that grabbed me. Poetic but not poetry?
I enjoyed cross referencing the names of the characters. I learned a lot about Greek mythology.

I loved Madeline Millers writing style. The pleasure of reading and the beauty of her writing style is beyond my ability to describe. I will read more of her books. She is possibly the most skilled writer of any books I’ve ever read.

I slept good last night, perhaps because i didn’t get harassed half hour before the alarm?

Happy FRIDAY!!!

My Last Drivers License?

i got my driver’s license renewed yesterday. It now expires in August 2033. I’ll be 73, if i make it that long living, will I make it that long driving?

i find it amusing, seeing the end of my life coming down the road. I just hope it’s quick,.not some long, drawn out illness.

The foot is God, that’d be quick.

Anyway, this is not a morbid post, it’s funny. And it’s FRIDAY! I’ll probably have 3 more 10 year driver’s licenses!

Have a good weekend!


I accidentally bought steel cut oats instead of rolled oats yesterday. My recipe specifies rolled oats. I looked it up and the differences were minor, so I just used the steel cut.

They were good! They are more like chunks than flakes. I noticed this morning that they had soaked up all the milk. But it was good, less mushy, more chewy and tasted differently good.

So, you have my blessing to use steel cut oats instead of rolled oats in my recipe.

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend!.

Goodreads 2023 Reading Challenge

I signed myself up for the 2023 Goodreads reading challenge. I am to read 15 books this year. I think I’m on 6, and I’m starting to have doubts about if I will make it. Master and Margarita was a very long book and took a long time to read, because of its complexity. Right now I am reading The Candy House and it seems like it is taking longer than it should.

I have to read faster, and shorter, easier books. Are you reading any books you think I’d like? Let me know!

Happy Friday!

New Gas Grill

Yesterday i bought a new gas grill. The old one had developed a little flamethrower in one of the jets. It had been repaired and all the replaceable parts had been replaced…twice…at least. It was definitely end of life for the old gas grill. I can probably find how old it is by searching this blog.

The new one is a mega monster. I started putting it together last night. After worki have to put the side shelves on and then… More pictures for you.

Here’s a picture from our dawg walk this morning, i thought the lights looked cool.

Happy Friday and have a great wee