Really Good Weekend!

It was a really good weekend. I got the front yard mowed in between downpours, I fixed a silly mistake I made on one of the anti chicken lids on the planters. I re-did the tripod that is helping the Otaheite apple tree stand up straight (I think it’s slowly falling over since it fell in Hurricane Grace and I stood it back up). I cleaned the floors in the whole house. I dissected a cherry tomato and planted the seeds. (We’ll see how many come up.) And I went to a “Sashing” for the Cayman Islands Miss Universe contestants. It was super fun!

Lisa is sponsored by One Heart, and she works there. I was invited to attend by the owner. I was so happy to be there!

Sunday morning I slept 90 minutes later than usual, which is huge for me. I barely stayed up past my normal bedtime. I got up at 6:30! Can you believe it!?

And now it’s a back to work Monday. Weather’s supposed to improve. I can mow the back yard this week!

Have a great week!

Cracked Icons

Some Cracked, Some Not. Travel is done but Legendary levels remain.

Happy Friday! I’m still doing Duolingo every day. I notice that when I complete a lesson, sometimes the icon gets “cracked”, others don’t. In the image above, the modules are as done as they can be, except travel is done but Legendary levels remain. If you click them, (any except travel) the only option is practice. But why the cracks and why not the cracks? I’m going to find out!

We’re expecting a rainy weekend. It did rain yesterday, and it’s cloudy now. Probably more rain coming, but, I brought my sun-sensitive plants in, just to be safe.

This can be a housecleaning weekend if the weather cooperates. Or a yard work one if it doesn’t.

Hava a fabulous weekend!

Again Vit Da Veird Veather

Yesterday was cloudless and clear. Today’s weather says “rain is expected to continue for the next several days”. It hasn’t been raining. The weather office is practically next door to my building and it hasn’t been raining there either. All we have is this:

and i don’t think it’s going to get us. So, should I take off work and do yardwork before it starts allegedly raining? Or trust that the weather peeps are nutzo and that it will continue to not rain as long as they say it’s still raining?

Also, I still must assume I am still in control. If the weather says rain, and I take precautions, it will not rain. If I rode my scooter to work instead of driving the van, it would rain. Today I’m driving instead of riding, and I hope for a nice sunny snorkel at lunchtime. If it rains, good, the plants need it. I haven’t been watering because of all the promised rain. (If I did water the plants, as you know, it would almost immediately start raining.)

Have a wonderful day. If you want it wet, may it be wet, if you want it dry, may it be dry.

Nice Weekend Ended

Monday is here at last! It was a good weekend. Saturday was the 1 Mile Sea Swim, I came in 308 out of 550.

Sunday i took he dogs to the beach, then gave baths and then made the third anti chicken lid for the third planter. I still have to put the screen on it. Also, I have to finish refurbishing the original planter #1.

Maybe we’ll get some weather coming, maybe just rain, but I won’t get a ride-the-scooter week like I wanted.

But, all is well and I hope you have a wonderful week.

Hurricane Season 2022

Hurricane Agatha Affected Area

Today is the first day of hurricane season. Hurricane Agatha has already struck Mexico. Here it has been mostly cloudy for about 3 weeks, with very little rain.

The Queens Jubilee is this weekend, there was going to be a big air show but I heard it’s been canceled because of the weather. I haven’t actually read it from any official source but the rumors are a-flyin’.

I hope everyone has a safe and uneventful hurricane season this year. And a good Wednesday!

Pepper #1!

My first pepper 🫑 is on its way! There’s more coming too! I’m surprised to be getting peppers because the plant is still so small.

It’s back to work today. It’s been very sunny after all the weather apps prediction of rain rain rain.

Have a great week!

Baby Peppers

My second growing of bell peppers seems to be going much better than the first attempt. I was planning on posting a picture of the flowers I had yesterday, but they’re gone, replaced with pea sized peppers!

im so excited!

its supposed to be sunny today, then rain all weekend, all next week, and all next weekend. That’s as far as the extended forecast can stretch. Hopefully they’ll change their minds and throw some sunny days in the mix!

Have a good Thursday!

Friends Faux Family Farewell

My visitors leave today, I am quite sad about it. It was a very short trip.

Yesterday was so rainy, we could barely make it outside. But we had a two meal day consisting of a late big breakfast and and a late big lunch.

The highlight of the trip, I suppose, was Jessika taking the intro to scuba class at Don Fosters.

I am so sad to see them go. My life is forever enriched, seeing Jessika again. She was born (with her twin sister, Veronika) on the day I got out of the Navy. I wish they were my daughters.

Tomorrow it’s back to work for me. This morning my weigh in was 163.8, pounds an alarming new record low weight.

Have a great week!


I saw the sun set last night

and shortly after that, I saw the moon rise.

Funny how one sometimes precedes the other. My cheapie phone has a night mode that seems to combine several exposures and seems to work pretty good.

Happy Friday! It’s looking like a great weekend. Springtime weather everywhere, I hope for you too!

210 Duolingo Days

I meant to post at 200, but now it’s 210 days in a row I have been studying with Duolingo. I almost lost my streak once but found a way to earn Stars. (Once you run out of stars, they try to make you pay.) But by “practicing” lessons, you can earn Stars. Then you can complete a task in order to continue the streak.

My mother and sister fly out tomorrow. At first it seemed like 2 weeks was too long, but now it seems like 2 weeks is too short.

it’s another Monday, ugh. I slept ok, feel pretty good. I got a negative covid self-test this morning.(twice a week for work) and the weather is looking good for the next couple of days.

All is well. Have a good week too!