Monday Seven Eleven


It was a good weekend. Got some yardwork done, went to the beach, did some diving, had some fun times with the dogs.

Above are some pictures from yesterdays dive.

im off to work, not much else going on. No news is good news! Have a great week!

Happy Birthday Lenny!

Yesterday was Lenny’s 4th birthday!

Lenny is a very good boy. He was shy when he first arrived. In fact, I had trouble getting him in the car when I picked him up from the humane society. But now he’s a super good dawgie, best in the world!

He’s still shy, but nowadays it comes across more like politeness than shyness.

Lenny has turned into a great lil’ fella!


Dart Family Park

12 second video

It was another good weekend. Saturday I met some friends at an often driven passed but seldom stopped at park. Pictures and video above.

Also I was productive replacing my thermostat in the house and an automatic ground fault indicator for the back porch outlets. For some reason, this one fails about once a year.

Also I went out for my birthday lunch Sunday with the wife. It was good to see her.

And, yesterday was my grandfathers birthday, born July 18th, 1895. Happy birthday Granpa!

And now for another Monday. Have a great week!

Birthday Dinner

Had a nice birthday dinner for my wife with friends last night. We went to the Thai Orchid Restaurant. As usual, it was very good. It was also Kate’s birthday, the blonde in the top two pictures below.

We all stayed up too late last night and I, for one am dragging this morning. Tomorrow will be a long day as well, I’m going to Cayman Brac for work for the day. It will be a 14 hour day, minimum. Hope I can get some extra sleep tonight!

Have a great day!

Never Ask

There was this little gradeschool boy, primary school aged, 8 or 9 years old. He.lived with his mom, she was happily divorced and they had a nice little apartment and a good life.

One day the little boy asked his mom, “Mom, how old are you?” The mom chuckled and said “Son, you should never ask a lady how old she is.”

“Oh,” said the little boy. “well, how much do you weigh?”

The mom laughed a little more and said, “that’s another thing you should never ask, how much a lady weighs.”

But the little boy wanted to know, so when his mom wasn’t around, he sneaked in her purse and looked at her drivers license.

Later that day, he says, “Mom, guess what? I found out how old you are, how much you weigh and I also found out why daddy left.”

That last part took the Mommy by surprise and she stammered a little, “What? Why do you think daddy left?”

And the little boy replied, “Because you got an ‘F’ in sex!”

Have a happy Tuesday. Today is my wife’s birthday, don’t ask how.old she is or how much she weighs. But she got an A+

Fast Runner


I realized today what a fast runner I am. i spilled coffee grounds this morning, and apparently, it takes me the same amount of time to clean up spilled coffee grounds as it takes me to run my 1.8 mile course, because by the time I got it cleaned up, It was the same time on the clock as when I get into the shower.

i didn’t run today, spilled coffee, didn’t have time.

If Ditto was still alive, it`d be his birthday. Also, on this day in 1979, I left Silver Spring, MD for boot camp.

Yesterday at work, I ha annual safety training, all day. Got it again this afternoon, and tomorrow morning.

There’s your daily randomness. Havva goodun! 

Tuesdays Dinner Party



Last night we had a small cookout for my wifes best friends dads birthday. I cooked a whole tenderloin, AKA a 7 pound filet mignon, on the barbecue.

I gotta say, it came out beautifully. First i put the potatoes on high for a while. Then I put the meat on, still on high, for 5 minutes. Then I turned it over for 5 minutes. Then i put the grill on low and turned it over every 15 minutes for about an hour and fifteen.

Before I started, I was stressed about screwing it up, but after a while, I started to get the good feeling. Then I was worried about the potatoes. They were good too.

I’m pretty sure everyone got enough to eat.

Now it’s hump day. I’m riding the scooter, first time in weeks!

Have a great day!