Book: Good Omens

I’m currently reading the book above, Good Omens

. It’s about a guy from hell, I guess he’s an outcast demon, and a fallen angel. They’re friends (sorta) who have lived on earth for a long time.

Also, the son of Satan, Adam, (no relation to Eve) was born in the book, supposed to have been swapped at birth, but there was a mixup, he got double swapped or something, and he’s growing up in the wrong town, with the wrong family.

AND the end of the world is coming, but they (who? I don’t know who. The angel of death or the grim reaper I think) can’t find Adam (because he’s in the wrong town with the wrong family.)

AND the fallen angel and earthbound demon are quite comfortable living on earth. Therefore they’re trying to thwart the whole end of the world thing too.

AND if you leave a cassette tape in the demons car for fortnight, it automaticilly turns into Queens Greatest Hits. Of course, the label stays the same, so you might end up listening to Beethoven, Another One Bites The Dust..

I’m about 45% of the way done. It’s an interesting read. Worth it so far.

One thought on “Book: Good Omens

  1. It’s a great book! Terry Pratchett wrote a series called Discworld. The books are all comedic fantasy. He was a great funny storyteller and this collab with Gaiman is genius!

    BBC has been adapting it to TV with Michael Sheen and David Tennant leading. It’s also very good.

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