Daisy Data & Friday Back To Work

It’s back to work for me today. It was a good couple of weeks off with visitors. There were a few workdays in between. Now I’ll have a lot catching up to do at work

Daisy was at the vet for a follow up from last week. She has a damaged ligament. The doc didn’t know if it was genetic or from an injury. (She seemed to lean toward genetic). Daisy is on pain pills and bed rest for another week. The doc specified “in her kennel except for bathroom walks.” I feel sorry for her, staying in there all day. Even though she’s been kenneled most of her life, it seems sad now that she’s forced to be.

Hope you have a good Friday and Great weekend!

Jupiter – Venus Disappointment

Last evening Venus and Jupiter did NOT align as I expected them to. They were a pinky fingernail width apart. I expected unity!

Today my cousin and his wife depart. I enjoyed having them here. (It just this second occurred to me that a job as a tourist host would be a fun job for me)

Also today Daisy is going back to the vet for her follow up. I can’t tell how she’s doing, sometimes she seems ok, 5 minutes later she acts like she’s in pain. When in doubt, check her out, I always say.

Have a wonderful day!

Fabulous Jamaica

I made it home last night, had a great time in Jamaica. I’m thinking about going back in July.

It was my first trip since before covid. I’m glad to have it under my belt. I will be traveling more from now on.

Of course, I took Travlin’ Tim on the trip.

Im think about retiring him. He’s large and faded, and has been broken and glued. Mostly he’s too valuable to me to risk any more. Meet Backpacker Bob:

But I don’t know for sure yet. I love Travlin’Tim. And he loves to travel. Travlin’Tim has the history, and the experience. Maybe he should just keep on with me until the very end. I dunno, I’m thinking here!

And on a side note: someone once suggested Travlin’ Tim was from the Travelocity gnome. He is not. He is inspired from the French movie Amelie, and I believe he predates the Travelocity’s gnome. Just FYI. I would guess the their gnome is from the same movie.

it’s a Monday holiday here, I got back late last night and in a little while I get to go get my two dawgies.

Have a wonderful week!

5K Dog Jog

The dawgies and I had a nice time at the dog jog. (We walked, we didn’t jog). Afterwards we went to the beach and had coffee with a friend.. (who took my picture).

It was a nice, quiet day after that.

Now it’s back to work! Have a wonderful week!

First Full Week

it’s the first full week of 2023. Five full days of working bliss! Hooo RAY!

Above is the first harvest from my Otaheite apple tree. 1 lb, 14 oz. I haven’t eaten one yet. I feel like I should give some to my ex-wife, she started the tree from a seed.

Next weekend is a half mile swim on Saturday and the 5K Dog Walk/Run on Sunday. I haven’t been training for either. Both are do-able without training for me, but I definitely want to get out and swim a few times this week I’ll swim to swim and walk the run.

Have a fantastic week!

Screw The List.

Yesterday I made myself a To-Do list. Then I took the dogs to the beach. Then they got baths.

Today, im taking ME to the beach. I think the To-Do list will still be here when I get back

happy Friday!

New Alarm Sound?

I have discovered what would be a good sound for an alarm The sound of a dog puking. I was dreaming last night about diving and talking fish. (Anglerfish can’t speak well because their mouths are so narrow and they’re quite upset about it.)

All of a sudden, I was awake, up and into action, because Daisy the dawg threw up. I got her out of the mess and cleaned it up. (She puked in her kennel, she sleeps there even though the door is open.)

That sound wakes you up good and fast, with no fuzzbrain or grogginess. Pop tall, high alert!

That’s my thought for the day, we need a dogpuke alarm sound for the alarm clock.

Enjoy your day, unless you’ve made other plans.

Standard Weekend

It was a good weekend. Friday I was off work. I helped our Rabbi build a Sukkah for Sukkot. Saturday was my third of four Home Gardening Course sessions and Sunday I had friends and their puppy over for dawgie play day and burgers on the grill. My house is nice and clean right now. A true rarity.

All of a sudden, some of the girls at the yoga place want to hook me up with their single friends. This is exciting but also makes me a little nervous. On one hand, I’d feel better finding my own girl, on the other they might do better than I would. Also I ask myself if I’m ready. I guess I’m ready to start at the beginning, not jump in the deep end.

Anyway, most of the things I worry about never happen, so ..

Have a good week!

Dogs and Cats

Took a couple shots of Goldie and the dogs this morning. Usually Knip is right in there too. The cats don’t mind Daisy, unless she’s off the leash. Then they run. And Daisy chases. She likes to play too hard.

Below is a phone pic of Venus and the moon

Not bad for a phone photo, if I do say so m’self!

Have a great Thursday!

windy weekends

we have had four or five or six windy weekends in a row. Bad enough to prevent diving and hurt my plants.

it’s getting later noticeably earlier, hello is a picture of the same old scene from our morning dog walk.

The Road

i got a lot of work done in the yard. I have the conduit ready to run my new internet cable.

It was, overall, a good weekend. There will be a short week this week and next because of Easter.

Have a good week!