New Road

The road that attaches to my street has been re-paves. It’s nice! I hope it lasts a long time The surface is a tar/oil mixture, where before it was asphalt. They don’t seem to be quiet done yet tho. Maybe this is an undercoat.

Yesterday after work I mowed the back yard. I am in control again! For now..

Have a great Wednesday!

Really Good Weekend!

It was a really good weekend. I got the front yard mowed in between downpours, I fixed a silly mistake I made on one of the anti chicken lids on the planters. I re-did the tripod that is helping the Otaheite apple tree stand up straight (I think it’s slowly falling over since it fell in Hurricane Grace and I stood it back up). I cleaned the floors in the whole house. I dissected a cherry tomato and planted the seeds. (We’ll see how many come up.) And I went to a “Sashing” for the Cayman Islands Miss Universe contestants. It was super fun!

Lisa is sponsored by One Heart, and she works there. I was invited to attend by the owner. I was so happy to be there!

Sunday morning I slept 90 minutes later than usual, which is huge for me. I barely stayed up past my normal bedtime. I got up at 6:30! Can you believe it!?

And now it’s a back to work Monday. Weather’s supposed to improve. I can mow the back yard this week!

Have a great week!

Upside Down

Yesterday was my first of two classes about “How To Stand On Your Head” I did it! First time ever! I had a wall behind me, but hopefully next week I can get rid of the wall. I practiced this morning too.

i didn’t really think it thru, the instructor finally got me up and said “congratulations on your first headstand.” I said, in Beavis and Butt-Head style Hehe everything is upside down” Everyone laughed and I really enjoyed the class.

Overall, it was a good weekend. Mowed the yard. Glued the pot the cat knocked over. It needs more work, and it’s never going to be the same. But maybe it will be good for something.(artificial plants?)

The Bad Side

And the jungel-ish yard got mowed by me..

We have Sahara dust wrecking the weather and the sky is a grey-white of lugubriousness.

sunset last night

But its going to be a great week! I’m sure yours will be great too!

Mission Failed

All i planned on doing this weekend was cleaning the house. I failed gloriously. Saturday I went to breakfast with friends, then lunch with a different group of friends, then saw the Batabanu Carnival Parade.

Sunday I went diving then went to a yoga class, and then mowed the yard . Below are some underwater pictures from yesterday.

And now it’s back to work on a Monday and I don’t mind going.

Have a great week like I’m going to have!

an object at rest

tends to stay at rest.

it’s a Sunday night after a wasted day. Well, not totally wasted. I mowed the yard and did laundry, but I planned on going out and delayed and delayed and then didn’t go.

I wanted to go diving, none of my friends were going, but I was going to go to the dive site and just tag along with somebody. But I didn’t, I mowed the yard.

then I was going to go to the Westin for lunch, but I didn’t, I did laundry.

now I feel depressed, like I wasted the day. I know I didn’t waste the day, but I feel like I did.

yesterday, saturday, was a fabulous day. I went to a meeting then breakfast then Sabbath Services, then shopping for plant supplies then to the beach.

this is my Monday morning post on a Sunday night. Have a good week!

Not A Weed

This plant has been growing for quite a while. I thought it might be a weed but never plucked it. Glad I didn’t! I took this yesterday while I was checking on my pepper plant. Pretty Yellow flowers.

My internet is down hard. Massive problems with the underground conduits from the road to the house. Full of mud. The wires have been pulled and cannot be replaced until the conduit is cleared.

oh well. Have a good day.

Its The Little Things.

Last week I bought a new garden hose and sprayer. Look at that beauty! What color is that? Turquoise? And the new spray nozzle! Deee-vine!

I am probably much too thrilled about a simple hose and sprayer, but I think they’re both great!

Like i said yesterday, there was no diving for me last weekend,but I did do a lot of yardwork and gardening. I split up several plants to make babies and fertilized an made little anti chicken fences around a few of the bigger plants. I’m using a product called Black Kow, it’s cow poop but doesn’t stink.

I hope to get some fruit off the fruit trees that thus far have bore nothing.

I hope you have a happy Tuesday !

Windy Weekend

it was a windy weekend here. First from the south, then from the north. There was no shore diving anywhere on the island this weekend.

I went to an art show at the Westin on Friday, a friend had her art on display. Quite nice.

i did a lot of yardwork, gardening. Repotting plants and splitting up others to multiply them.

it was a quiet weekend and I can’t think of anything to report. Winds should decrease on Tuesday. Have a good week!

Busy Week Monday

scuba selfie

Good morning!

it was a good weekend. I got the apartment nice and clean, I fixed the gate, which was saggy. I repotted my avocado tree. I went diving and I went to the beach.

The water was rough and the visibility was poor yesterday. But it was still a nice dive, my first in about 3 weeks.

Today it’s back to work and tomorrow my mother and sister arrive to stay in the apartment.

I hope you have a good week!

See you tomorrow!

Mini Shed?

I’m thinking about getting the above mini shed, primarily to keep my lawnmower in. It won’t hold much else, but does have space for a few shelves. I think it would be pretty nice but it is smaller than what I had envisioned. What do you think?

its still very windy here.

Have a good day!