Yesterday’s Sunrise and Sunset

I took a picture of the sunrise yesterday, no reason, I just thought it looked good

Then driving home last night, the sunset was nice so I took a picture while I was driving and it came out pretty good!

I cropped it, but it’s not bad for a random moving shot! In the lower left you can see a parked car windshield and on the right is Mr Arthur’s Store and a piece of my car door. (Mr Arthur’s Store and a piece of my car door,.that rhymes!)

Then this morning I thought “I can post a post about yesterdays sunrise and sunset!” Genius!

This brings us to the present moment. Friday morning, nice day. Going to work today and a birthday party tonight.

Have a great weekend!

My Last Drivers License?

i got my driver’s license renewed yesterday. It now expires in August 2033. I’ll be 73, if i make it that long living, will I make it that long driving?

i find it amusing, seeing the end of my life coming down the road. I just hope it’s quick,.not some long, drawn out illness.

The foot is God, that’d be quick.

Anyway, this is not a morbid post, it’s funny. And it’s FRIDAY! I’ll probably have 3 more 10 year driver’s licenses!

Have a good weekend!

Double Disaster

Day before yesterday, I left my coffee cup at work. Yesterday i took my spare. Then I left it at work too.

Dounle Disaster!

This morning I am doing the unthinkable, I’m not making coffee at home and waiting to get to work to have my first cup.

You’re probably thinking “He’ll never make it” and to be honest, I’m having my doubts too. 20 minute drive with no coffee? I doubt it’s ever been attempted before.

If this is my last post, good bye! I love you all! If I make it, then the next time we meet, I shall be a hero! But we’ll all still be equals in my eyes!

I bid you adieu!

Blah Notamonday

At least it’s not Monday. I was sleeping good when the alarm went off this morning. I am groggy and sore this morning. All my muscles hurt like i was lifting weights (but I wasn’t) My right ankle is swollen but i didn’t do anything to hurt it.

At least i don’t feel as bad as this kid!

Yesterday was a holiday day for the Kings Coronation.

Have a wonderful week!

Marks Morning Oats

Here is my recipe for a variation of overnight oats.

1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup milk of choice
Half cup of yogurt (i like vanilla, strawberry or mango)
1 cup frozen fruit (or more)
3 second squirt of honey. (Or more)

In the order they appear on the list, put the ingredients in a clean jar from spicy hot Indian curry. Let sit in the fridge overnight.

You can vary the recipe as you like, but then you can’t call them Marks Morning Oats, you’re going to have to figure out your own name for the.

Have a great day!

Wait A Few Days

I have no idea what I’m going to post about today.

Refering to yesterday and my lost Kindle Scribe case, there is no employee by the name given by the Amazon driver. And the office wasn’t even open that day it was allegedly delivered. Amazon is looking into it, and will email me in a few days, but my gut says gone.

Also missing is a Washington Commie shirt. Allegedly delivered by DHL. My delivery agent says it’s probably at the post office, we should wait a few days..

So I’m waiting a few days….

Its almost Friday, unfortunately there is allegedly a nuther weather system moving in to spoil the weekend..

c’est la vie. That’s French. It means Say La Vee. Say La Vee means: Don’t lose any sleep over it.

Ciao (That’s Italian. It means Chow, see you at suppertime!)

Wet Wednesday

this weather has kind of thwarted my vacation plans of diving, going to the beach, and doing yard work.. yesterday, around noon we had a few Sunny hours but then it re-clouded and re-rained. I’m not as upset by the cancellation of my plans as I would think I would be, which is okay. However I cannot fathom the disappointment and frustration that you, my millions of daily readers, must be experiencing, as this inactivity leads to my lack of material to post about.

I will try to not let it bother me, please try to do the same. Have a good day and stay dry.

Undiscovered Arteeest

Why I took the above photo, i don’t know, bit I’ve been wanting to post it for days. Like Andy Warhols soup can, it c̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ should be worth millions.

It was a productive day yesterday, i trimmed my stickerbushes and coconut trees. I have a lot of coconut water in the fridge. I have all my containers full and 3 coconut la left over

Today I’m going to clean the house. Going out to town will probably be “challenging” given the last minute shoppers out there.

Have a wonderful day!

The Protector

I woke up last night at the usual time, middle of the night. I felt the panic attempt to grab me but I evaded it. I can’t really describe what happened. I could feel it rising and I don’t want to say I pushed it back down but it advanced then inexplicably retreated. Normally I am unsuccessful at any attempts to control my “night madness” and I was pleased and relieved to have a hiatus.
However, my assignment was to examine the panic and determine what it is that grasps me in the middle of the night every night. I know what it is in a way, fear and aloneness. But that is too vague. I must identify (and alleviate?) the roots.

This morning, thinking about it, I remembed ‘the protector’.
My other assignment, which I had forgotten, was to identify and observe “the protector”. (I had asked if I was possibly schizophrenic when the protector was described to me) When things that I want to look at run away to avoid being examined, that is “my protector” protecting me. It thinks it’s protecting me from things it thinks are too painful for me to look at.
This morning I tried to examine the fear and the protector hid it from me. I admit at the time that I was pleased the fear went away but this morning I realized that that was not the objective. It was not doing me any favors.
We’ll see what happens tomorrow.. I’m ready to enter the haunted house.

In the meantime, I am in a great mood today, for which I am thankful, and, it’s my Friday! (Remember, Thursdays and Fridays off, rest of the year!)

But, more importantly, in the news, Scientists have found clitorises on female snakes. It wasn’t necessarily that it was elusive – rather, scientists weren’t really looking for it.

Have a GREAT day!!

Silly Selfies

It was a good weekend, beach and food and friends.

I didn’t take any pictures. I need to start taking more. People, especially young people seem to be always taking pictures and selfies. I feel silly taking a picture of myself.

Anyway, im out the door for work on another short week! Have a goodun!