Remembered To Post

Many people.say they forgot something when they really remembered it. For example, I am already at work when I remembered to post this morning. If I came here Monday and and realized I didn’t post today, then I would have forgotten.

But anyway, HAPPY FRIDAY! Don’t forget to have a great weekend!

Close Both And See

Happy day to you.

The image below was on Twitter, it struck me and I liked it so I saved the image. And posted it here.

if you’re on Twitter, let me know so I can follow you.

Its Wednesday. Ready for the weekend. Didn’t dive last weekend and want to bad right now.

This morning was clear but there was a huge cloudbank coming from the east. A while ago I heard thunder. It’s been threatening rain for a couple weeks and not delivering. Some rain would be nice. If it’s going to be freaking cloudy, then rain. If it’s not going to rain, then be sunny dammit . That’s what I think. This has been going on for weeks. Clouds and no rain. I’m putting my foot down.

Have a good day.

Upside Down

Yesterday was my first of two classes about “How To Stand On Your Head” I did it! First time ever! I had a wall behind me, but hopefully next week I can get rid of the wall. I practiced this morning too.

i didn’t really think it thru, the instructor finally got me up and said “congratulations on your first headstand.” I said, in Beavis and Butt-Head style Hehe everything is upside down” Everyone laughed and I really enjoyed the class.

Overall, it was a good weekend. Mowed the yard. Glued the pot the cat knocked over. It needs more work, and it’s never going to be the same. But maybe it will be good for something.(artificial plants?)

The Bad Side

And the jungel-ish yard got mowed by me..

We have Sahara dust wrecking the weather and the sky is a grey-white of lugubriousness.

sunset last night

But its going to be a great week! I’m sure yours will be great too!

The Outrage!

Fighters banned from taking guns to amusement parks.

Who ever heard of such a thing? If someone wants to take their guns to the amusement park, why the heck not? There’s little children there! And Mommies! There might clowns or choo choo trains. There might be teenagers dressed as cartoon characters.

I guess nobody will be going to amusement parks any more.

And now for more bad news:

The Horror!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Leave your armaments at home today, especially if you are going to the amusement park!

Morning Mayhem

it seems like I forgot my routine for getting ready to go to work. Everything seemed rough. I couldn’t remember how the lights worked, my exercise app obviously updated and now has ads in every exercise. That’s not acceptable at all. I forgot how to water the plants and feed the dogs and cats, apparently. And I forgot to put the coffee on before I got dressed and had to wait for the coffee to be ready.

I tell you, out of control.

it’s all good now though. I’m here with my coffee, good to go.

have a great week!

More On The Ulefone

I’m setting it up for a second time. I was having a lot of problems and did a factory reset. It seems to be going much better. Aside from the fact that it’s bigger than expected, it seems to be pretty good for the money. AND a lot of the problems I blamed on the phone seem to be Android 11. I’m still setting it up, we’ll see how it goes today.

I spelled Ulefone wrong yesterday.

another thing I want to say. Fresh Step kitty litter is horrible. Cat urine turns it into concrete. It will break your pooper scooper.

Avoid at all costs

have a wonderful day!

Decrease Your Walking Time

I believe I’ve discovered a way to decrease the time I spend walking in the mornings. Without decreasing the distance walked. I’ll show you: go on, get up and walk. Now walk faster, faster still, a little bit faster, faster! That’s pretty good!

I believe the term that I should use for this faster walking will be “running”.

I shall get it to patented and copyrighted and I shall be rich for my invention!

Seriously though, it’s Wednesday, I slept good last night, I feel good now, I’m ready to go to work. I plan on swimming in half mile at lunch time like I did yesterday.

Have a wonderful day!

Happy Holiday Americanos!

Dear Americans, enjoy this holiday today.

You are truly blessed to have such a holiday. Here, outside of the US, it’s not National Taco Day, (that would make it international taco day) but my heart will be with you as you celebrate your wonderful culture! Nothing is more American than the taco!

Have a great day and a great week!

Happy Birthday Queen!

Today is the Queen’s birthday holiday. Her 1st birthday without her husband.

It’s always nice to have a long weekend.

It’s been another good, productive, weekend. Saturday I trimmed the bushes and mowed the yard. It came out well. The yard and bushes look good. Yesterday I started repainting the roof. I got this rubberized roof paint that seems pretty good . I will finish that job today I sure hope, unless I run out of paint.

The weather here has been weird this weekend. Weather report says overcast, but while it’s not really cloudy, (you can see the sun and airplanes and stuff) the sky is white and not blue.

And now for a couple of amusing pictures from yesterday:

Excuse me for waking you up, but would you mind getting up from your nap, getting out of bed, getting dressed and taking us for our walk? We know it’s three hours early but pleeeeese?
Look at those dawgs, getting walked early AGAIN! But will we get our food early? Noooooo! Let’s kill them all!

Have a nice week!