Hurricane Idalia

Hurricane Idalia is headed towards Florida..The water in the Gulf Of Mexico is supposedly 100⁰F. Hurricane food. All the rain we had the past week or so has been from Tropical Storm Idalia hanging out to our west. Now she’s moving on, gathering strength and speed.

We had a “red sky at morning, sailor take warning” this morning, and it’s windier than it’s been all week, but we should be drying out soon.

Good luck Florida!

I Don’t Have Time For This

Here comes Bret. Supposed to fizzle out before getting here (iffee gets here at all) but I’m getting ready, pruning trees. I majorly trimmed the Otaheite Apple tree yesterday, i don’t want it to come down. Below is an after and before shot. And I put the tripod on.

I would have trimmed her thinner, but she’s full of fruit. I tried to not cut any branches with fruit, but accidentally cut one with 3 pale white Otaheite apples on it. I put them near the trunk as fertilizer.

But listen, i didn’t schedule any time this season for hurricanes., So let’s just skip it this year and move on. Ok? OK!

AND: FYI, the summer solstice is at 10:57 AM our time. The sun reaches its northernmost point, over the tropic of Cancer for a brief second. After that moment, the sun starts heading back south to the tropic of Capricorn.

Have a wonderful day!

Cyclone Gabrielle – New Zealand

Cyclone Gabrielle hit New Zealand yesterday and New Zealand has declared a National Emergency for only the third time ever

I have a couple friends there that I’ll be calling later. (7AM here is 1AM there)

Cyclone Gabrielle is now forecast to pass over the Great Barrier Reef, east of Australia. It gets warmer and warmer as one heads north, so Gabrielle may get stronger and stronger.

Something to keep an eye on.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ivan without the “V”

Hurricane Ivan was really hard on the Cayman Islands, Hurricane Ian was extremely hard on Florida. Tropical Depression 9 was supposed to be named Hermione, but a storm formed suddenly off of Africa that stole that name. So we got Ian. Almost Ivan, but without the V.

i feel for you, Florida People. Take action, don’t wait for the government. A hurricane never really ends, the effects just fade and fade and fade. There is no “it’s over” line. Do the best you can with what you have.

I wish you well.

i have jury duty today, and I’m already on a jury. My service ends Oct 4th. Hope the case is over by then.

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend!

Eight Billion

population depiction

Before the end of this year, the 8 billionth person will be born. 8 billion people alive on this earth.

i remember in grade school, one day the teacher told us the world hit 3 billion. The article where I got the image above mentions 4 billion.

I’ve heard opinions that the world is at its maximum population right now. Could be. Seems like things are getting bad quicker and quicker.

Anyway, i saw the picture above, thought it was cool and decided to post about it. I didn’t mean to turn it into a doom and gloom post.

Hurricane Ian tore thru Florida yesterday and last night, we’ll be hearing about that today. Tomorrow I report to be on an actual jury. After that, my jury duty should be over.

Have a good day!

Hurricane Season 2022

Hurricane Agatha Affected Area

Today is the first day of hurricane season. Hurricane Agatha has already struck Mexico. Here it has been mostly cloudy for about 3 weeks, with very little rain.

The Queens Jubilee is this weekend, there was going to be a big air show but I heard it’s been canceled because of the weather. I haven’t actually read it from any official source but the rumors are a-flyin’.

I hope everyone has a safe and uneventful hurricane season this year. And a good Wednesday!