Again Vit Da Veird Veather

Yesterday was cloudless and clear. Today’s weather says “rain is expected to continue for the next several days”. It hasn’t been raining. The weather office is practically next door to my building and it hasn’t been raining there either. All we have is this:

and i don’t think it’s going to get us. So, should I take off work and do yardwork before it starts allegedly raining? Or trust that the weather peeps are nutzo and that it will continue to not rain as long as they say it’s still raining?

Also, I still must assume I am still in control. If the weather says rain, and I take precautions, it will not rain. If I rode my scooter to work instead of driving the van, it would rain. Today I’m driving instead of riding, and I hope for a nice sunny snorkel at lunchtime. If it rains, good, the plants need it. I haven’t been watering because of all the promised rain. (If I did water the plants, as you know, it would almost immediately start raining.)

Have a wonderful day. If you want it wet, may it be wet, if you want it dry, may it be dry.

Morning Planets

Half our planets are lined up in a neat row this morning and every recent morning. I find it amazing because it lets me visualize the solar system. My life and all its problems aren’t important, being able to accurately visualizing the orbital plane of our solar system is what really matters in ones life!

It seems very hot this morning. I can’t tell if it’s really hot or it’s because I’m wearing a non-cotton shirt work gave me. I’m a cotton only kind of guy.

Taking a few days off, visitors down from the USA. Halfa day off today. Life is good!

hava gooday!

Viruslike Adverts

its a not-so-new thing with a lot of apps, like YouTube, to employ qualities of malware and viruses from the past. I’m talking about full screen pop up ads that capture the devices full screen, covering the back button and home buttons in an attempt to force one to watch an ad or other content .

its an ever- increasing feature of more and more apps, like YouTube.

i have an app killer, and adverts like this usually end my use of the app, a lifelong boycott of the advertiser and either a different app that does the same thing, or an older version of the same app, and then make sure the auto update turned off.

A lot of the time, the ad lasts longer than the reason I was checking the app for in the first place.

There’s only two things I don’t like, the way things are, and change! Have a great day!

Ditch Digger

sooo , my internet cable is still exposed and I’ve decided to run a new conduit instead of cutting drywall to find the break. Yesterday I started and I will continue today and over the weekend. I’m going to drill a hole near to where the air conditioner drain goes out, and my ADSL jack will move to another wall.

Today, probably, is the drilling part. Where the hole comes out determines more precisely where the trench I dig will go.

I squirted myself in the eye with peppermint soap this morning and I’m typing this blind. Not too bad for a blind guy, huh?

Have a good day!

Prestigious Award

My phone gave me an award. For heroically going to bed on time and bravely waking up on time. I’m hoping that a large check will arrive in the mail to go with this magnificent prize.

I can’t seem to run the internet cable. The wire snake seems to come all the way in and stop just short. Going from the inside out, it doesn’t feel like it’s sliding along the conduit, but rolling up somewhere inside the wall. I can’t hear anything inside the wall. I’m now thinking now I have to cut some exploratory holes in my drywall. Which sucks. I dug up the yard, albeit not pointlessly, now I’m going to end up ripping out the walls too.

My life: never one problem, always multiple problems with the simplest task taking excessive amounts of time and money.

Anyway, it almost Friday. Have a good day!

Meditation Starter

I have the Insight Timer App, and use it quite frequently. One thing that I always find humorous is the way all meditations seem to always start: “Gently Close Your Eyes”. What are the options? “Slam them suckers shut”? ‘Hammer down those eyelids”?

How does one NOT “gently close ones eyes”?

anyway, i think it’s a hilarious thing to say.

It’s a good day today, good weather report. Almost the weekend, almost payday. Hope your day goes well.


Same shot, different day

The 2 pictures above were taken in the same place. The sunshiney one was taken in 2005 and the one on the left with the clouds, was taken last weekend.

Here is cloudy and rainy and supposed to be that way most of this week. There’s some kind of upper level inverted stationary trough wave pressure front overhead or something.

Have a great day!

Happy Holiday Americanos!

Dear Americans, enjoy this holiday today.

You are truly blessed to have such a holiday. Here, outside of the US, it’s not National Taco Day, (that would make it international taco day) but my heart will be with you as you celebrate your wonderful culture! Nothing is more American than the taco!

Have a great day and a great week!