Wasted Fifty

Have a programable light switch .that died. I looked at it, 15 years old burnt out spots on the display, no lights no power, seemed dead.

I went out and bought another one. It cost $50.50. I was looking at the new switch and saw a reset button on the front. “Hmmm wonder if my old one has a reset button. Sure enough, it did. I pressed it and vrooooooooom! The switch powered up, I programmed it and it’s been working great!

I couldn’t find the receipt to take the new one back. So now I’m happy to have have a spare $50 light switch.

Happy Friday ! Have a great day and an even better weekend!

Morning Brain Reset

I’m not sure I recognize the symptoms of being tired. Sure, I recognize sleepiness, but tiredness, and the symptoms like crabbiness and brain malfunction (having to reread something two or three times to get the message for example), I don’t attribute to you being tired. I think more along the lines that it’s the end of the world.

I don’t really think it’s the end of the world, but I don’t consider that it’s a temporary condition cured by a night of good relaxing sleep. At which I am, as you know, an expert.. Ha!

Even if I’m not a good sleeper, my brain seems to reset overnight and I feel better in the morning once I get up and get going.

that’s my sleep talk for today, happy hump day!

Note To Self

Note to self for next trip out of the tropics. BETTER TO HAVE CLOTHES TOO WARM THAN NOT WARM ENOUGH!

Even their warm days are too cold for me. I brought sweatshirts and a jacket but I need more sweatshirts and jackets!

Sunrise from the great white north.

Have a great day!

Zoom Workers, Back To The Office!

Zoom, the company that makes it possible for you to work from home, has just now ordered its staff back to the office. Read the article here.

I find it amazing that people are still working from home, leftover from the covid days. I think I missed three days waiting for my letter stating that I was an essential employee, and never got to work from home. It would be nice to be able to work from home, but the concept still seems alien to me.

In fact, I’m heading out to work right now, in person!

I Don’t Have Time For This

Here comes Bret. Supposed to fizzle out before getting here (iffee gets here at all) but I’m getting ready, pruning trees. I majorly trimmed the Otaheite Apple tree yesterday, i don’t want it to come down. Below is an after and before shot. And I put the tripod on.

I would have trimmed her thinner, but she’s full of fruit. I tried to not cut any branches with fruit, but accidentally cut one with 3 pale white Otaheite apples on it. I put them near the trunk as fertilizer.

But listen, i didn’t schedule any time this season for hurricanes., So let’s just skip it this year and move on. Ok? OK!

AND: FYI, the summer solstice is at 10:57 AM our time. The sun reaches its northernmost point, over the tropic of Cancer for a brief second. After that moment, the sun starts heading back south to the tropic of Capricorn.

Have a wonderful day!

Maintaining A High Shortage

According to my Garmin Fitness Tracking, I’m “maintaining a high aerobic shortage”. I need to exercise more, apparently

For the past few weeks, I’ve been swimming at least a half mile almost every day (half the days). I guess I have to pick it up. I also have been exercising and diving and yoga. I’m pretty active each and every day.

Maybe I need to get up earlier and start running before I walk the dogs…

Just kidding. Garmin also says I’m physically fit like a 53 year old, and they know my birth date. .

Have a good day!

Kindle Scribe Software Update

I love my Kindle Scribe. I use it every day. BUT! A couple weeks or so ago,i got an actual email talking about a new firmware update. I’ve seen articles about it . But it’s not there on their website and it’s driving me nuts.

I’ve had the April update since April. That was way before the email and articles. I want the update that converts writing to text!

Its torture I tell you, torture!

Definite Rain!

This morning it rained again, Good rain, better than yesterday, 30 minutes or an hour. The plants definitely needed it and enjoyed it. I’m grateful for the rain.

Tomorrows post: Me complaining about having to mow the lawn!

Have a wonderful day!