Quick Post

My normal posting device is plugged into the charger, I’m doing this on my phone.

The contractor for the almost-a-year-old home improvement is supposed to come finish this weekend. I want this done, I want this behind me. This contractor is a delusional liar who makes me sick to be near or think of.

Try and have a good day.

Funny Amazon

In the past 90 days, I have purchased two Amazon Kindle Paperwhites. One for me, and one for my Mom. Now,everyday, it seems I get adverts from Amazon: “Hey! Wanna buy a Kindle?”

Monday again, I’m home. Wife’s working. I’m still on my Canadian Vacation. Kinda blue today.

Help Me Find More Books

I just finished a book, “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore“. I really really enjoyed it. One of my favorite reads ever.

I also immensly enjoyed “Ready Player One“, the book as well as the movie.

I recently finished Tau Zero, about a spaceship filled with 50 people that had damage to its decelleration equipment and kept accelerating and could not stop. Quite good. Also, I just finished Times Eye, Sunstorm and Firstborn, The Time Odyssey Trilogy by Arthur C Clarke. Really good, but I didn’t like the Arthur C Clarke movie, 2001, a Space Odyssey. (I never read the book, maybe I should.)

Don Quixote was intolerable. I choked my way through it for all the poor kids worldwide (maybe you) who were cruelly forced to read it. In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but at the time, the ultra-long sentences and his idiotic behavior put me off.

Right now I’m reading “Hatchet” about a 13 year old boy, sole survivor of a small plane crash in the Canadian Woods. I think it’s a “Young Adults” book. It’s easy to read and good, I’m about a quarter way through. Some books, it’s hard for me to keep the characters sorted, but that’s not the case here!

So, what are some books you can recommend? Looking for ‘Excellents’ like Ready Player One and Mr Penumbras 24 Hour Bookstore. The Sci-fi’s mentioned above were good, but not ultra, grab-you by-the-throat excellent. But, I will probably try to read everything recommended by all of you, my bajillion-gazillion readers. Can’t tell if it’s good or not unless I read it.

A book that can make me laugh out loud is always good, BTW.

Yesterday was my 60th birthday. My wife made it very special. I told her “NO GIFTS!” and she got me like half a dozen. It was like Christmas morning. I will have my revenge.

And she got me a cake. Excellent cake.

Have a fantastic year! See ya tomorrow!

Ruff Day Yesterday

Yesterday was a rough day. First off, Crazy Daisy Dukes was misbehaving worse than normal. Then, my little plumbing job tured into a disaster and I had to call a plumber. That took all day. Nextly my Thursday night meeting, first time we had it in-person since March 19th because of covid, didn’t go well. Only two people showed up, it was hot and buggy, the place was under remodelling and there were building materials everywhere. I was unscrewing a lightbulb, and tripped on some boards, dropped the light bulb, caught it, and it broke in my hands. I recieved a thousand tiny cuts on the front and back of my hands. Lotsa blood. Then when I got home, I got into a petty argument about nuttin’ with the wife.

It doesn’t sound so bad, written in a paragraph like that, but it was a rough day.

Lets make today better than yesterday, shall we?

Over and out.

Matrix Sponge

Remember in the movie “The Matrix” when Neo takes the red pill and wakes up in the real world perti dish thing? Well, I saw one while diving:

Pretty cool, huh? This is a vase sponge like before, but attached on the wall instead of the bottom

My Canadian Vacation continues (without Canada). And the weekend is coming!

Morning Walk

Above is a typical scene from our normal morning walk. Although technically I’m on my Canadian Vacation, I’m going into work today for my second covid 19 test. “Front line workers” get tested every four weeks.

Have a wonderful day!

Found An Error?

I just finished the book Firstborn, by Arthur C. Clarke. I thought the whole trilogy was good, but I think I found a major error. Perth, Australia is on the Indian Ocean, not the Pacific.

I can’t believe I’d be the first to notice this, but I haven’t looked into it.

My Canadian Vacation continues. All except the Canada part. Went to the beach yesterday, Went diving Sunday. Below is a video.

The blue fish was amazing, but lost the magic on film, the loin fish had a body about as big as my thumb, with spines making him bigger than my hand.

Yesterday I also trimmed some trees and shrubs in the yard. The wife has told me how good it looks more than once, which is good.

Today is the wife’s first day back to work, no more working from home for her. In the news, Corona virus continues to grow, some of the world is re-locking down. I get my second covid test from work tomorrow.

Have a good day. Stay safe!

Canadian Vacation

I started vacation today, Tomorrow The Wife and I were to fly to Canada for vacation. We never bought airline tickets, the accommodation refunded our money, the trip is canceled but the vacation time remains.

Thanks covid

At work, nobody was taking vacation time, because there was no where to go, and they were off, working from home anyway. Now, as we approach the end of the year, there looms a mountain of employees with an entire year’s worth of vacation time to take. Can’t let everybody go all at once, so they asked us to take vacation time. I was just thinking of formally requesting the cancelation of my Canadian Vacation time when they asked. I can see their point of view, so I didn’t.

My Canadian Vacation has turned into a Cayman Vacation!

I think I’ll mow the yard, trim the trees and shrubs, maybe a little painting and concrete work…

And diving and the beach!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

It Did It Again

Listen, it did this last week, and I thought it was just me, but I’m tellin’ ya, today is Wednesay, not Thursday.

I got up this morning and was taking my daily pressure medicine, but, starting the second pillbox row, I wanted to take the pills out of the correct little compartment. (I use my box, just like the one below, for two weeks of pills) so, checked the day of the week, knowing full well it was Wednesday.

So I checked my watch and it said Thursday. Knowing that was wrong, I turned on the kitchen light to look at the wall calendar, it was still on June, so I turned the page to July, and it says the 2nd is Thursday. Well, I knew it was July 2nd, but I also knew it’s Wednesday. Wondering how the wall calendar could be wrong, I opened the calendar app on my phone an it too, mistakenly said Thursday July 2nd.

Don’t you believe it. It’s Wednesday. I know it. I can count the workdays this week on my fingers. Wednesday. Same thing happened last week and I let it slide, but not today Bobo.

It’s Wednesday!