Last Post Of 2021

Happy New Year! I hope 2022 is an improvement over 2021. For me, i am sure it will be. 2021 was by far, the worst year of my life.

This is my last post of the year. Good bye 2021, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

Wishing you a wonderful 2022 and beyond!

Working vacation

Today is my 1st day of a vacation I’m taking to clean the yard after the hurricane. I have 3 vacation days and a weekend. It will be a lot of chainsaw work and a lot of carrying away debris. I also will construct a major tree holder-upper for Jamaica Apple tree my wife grew from the seed.

And that’s about it for today. Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

Thundery Lightingey

out my north window just now

Woke up before the alarm ⏰ this morning because of thunder and lighting. (I really would like to not wake up exhausted sometime). I did my exercise under a clear, starry sky with storms to the south. When I finished my workout, the first raindrop fell.

I used a little red umbrella when I walked the dogs. Umbrellas are fun!

Have a great day!

It Was A Weekend!

It was a weekend with thunder and rain and sun and beach and diving and dinners out. Overall it was a well rounded weekend. I used a new underwater camera and had a “card error’, So I didn’t get very many shots.

Also, I’m reading the book The Great Circle. , It isn’t bad, But it seems like it is going on forever. It started off great, but now, to me it seems full of irrelevant information, Page after page of stuff I don’t care about. A whole chapter, They’re eating lunch, I don’t care. I’m thinking about putting it down, DNF, Did Not Finish. I expected a wonderful adventure, but it has vast boring sections. On the plus side, I do enjoy the parts where you know what people are thinking. Kind of hard to explain, hearing people reasoning in their heads. The parts where she’s flying her airplane are great.

And now it’s Monday! Have a good week!

Majestic Tree

The tree above is huge, gnarled and ancient. If you look at its base, you’ll see where it grew over a brick wall, which runs right through the trunk. I’d like to know how long it’s been there and I’d love to know the story behind the brick wall.

There was thunder and lighting this morning. But it was all to the south, in town. George Town gets flooded and not a drop here in West Bay..

Have a good day!


Wednesday, the wife has been gone for a week. Last Monday was her last night here. It has been very rough on me.

Yesterday at lunchtime, I swam the half mile for the second time in a year. It was tough, but I’ll probably do it again today.

We had a little rain this morning. A sprinkling. The other day, we had barely a sprinkle while the whole rest of the island got flooding, decent rain. We need a good flooding here in West Bay (center of the universe).

And they’ll about do it for today. Have a good day!

Missed the Apogee

On my calendar, I have today at 12:22 as the equinox, one of the two days a year the sun is perfectly, directly overhead. But, upon rr-xjecking my calculations, I discovered it was yesterday. Not that there’s THAT much difference, but I like to be outside when it happens. I will be out there today, looking down a hole from a fence pole.

A light pole would have no shadow. Sunlight would shine all the way to the bottom of a well.

It only happens between the earths tropics.

Yesterday was was holiday, today is seems like Monday, except I’m looking forward to getting to work. Grinding my nose on the grindstone.

Have a great week!

Man living alone on Italian island to leave after 32 years

A man who has been living alone on an Italian Island for the past 32 years is leaving, partly because he wants to and partly because he has to. Read the BBC article HERE. He was living on the island of Budelli, which if you look at a map, is probably an easy rowboat ride or maybe even swimming distance from habitated islands.

This article makes me wonder if I’m the kinda person who could live alone on an island for years and years. I think yes!

Happy Tuesday!

Too Much Good Is Not Too Good

The dried mango pictured above is too good. Very addictive. Yesterday I ate too much. This morning I’m not feeling too well. I probably ate the equivalent of 2 or 3 mangos. Not too bad, really, but apparently enough to disturb my digestive system.

I’ll be fine. Then I’ll do it again!

It was a quiet weekend. Did homework for my ILM Class mostly. Went to a meditation class too, I was not particularly impressed.

One year yesterday, no cigars.

And now, another Monday. Begin.