Yesterday’s Sunrise and Sunset

I took a picture of the sunrise yesterday, no reason, I just thought it looked good

Then driving home last night, the sunset was nice so I took a picture while I was driving and it came out pretty good!

I cropped it, but it’s not bad for a random moving shot! In the lower left you can see a parked car windshield and on the right is Mr Arthur’s Store and a piece of my car door. (Mr Arthur’s Store and a piece of my car door,.that rhymes!)

Then this morning I thought “I can post a post about yesterdays sunrise and sunset!” Genius!

This brings us to the present moment. Friday morning, nice day. Going to work today and a birthday party tonight.

Have a great weekend!

Morning Astronomy

There was a planet in front of the moon this morning, Jupiter, I think. My Google sky maps isn’t working properly. In the picture on the right is the tip of a palm frond, in case you waere wondering.

Then there was a nice sunrise. From my roof.

And now I’m off to work. Have a fabulous day!

Equinox 2023

Yesterday was the equinox, it’s spring in the north, autumn in the south.

It seema like this year past, I’ve enjoyed the dark mornings more than previous years.

I hope you have a good season!

Planets Collide

Tomorrow evening, as soon as the sun sets, if you look and if it’s not cloudy, you will see a very bright light in the West. It is Venus and Jupiter, lined up, seemingly as one. Over the past several days, they have been getting noticably closer and closer to each other every day. Tonight they will be very close together. Tomorrow, they will seemingly meet and then start moving apart.

It should be pretty cool.

I slept good last night for a change. I just went to bed and woke up and it was light. A non event, as I guess it should be.

Have a great day!

Asteroid 2023 BU.

BU is short for bus, because that’s about how big this asteroid is! It will pass whisker close in the next few hours.

If you look in the ” junk news” we’re going to probably get creamed by an asteroid every day. But when you see such a headline, glance down at the source, and it’s usually some news service no one has ever heard of before. But this is coming from a reliable source..

worrying won’t do any good, and it’s probably gone by by the time you’re reading this anyway.

Keep looking up towards the heavens!

Winter Solstice 2022

its the shortest day of the year today, tomorrow the days start getting longer again (in the northern hemisphere). At 4:47 PM EST today, the sun will momentarily be overhead at the Tropic of Capricorn and then will begin its way north again.

I have very much enjoyed the dark mornings this time around.

It’s the last day of my work week this week, I have Thursday and Friday off, as you know. Next week is the big holiday week and I don’t even know my schedule without looking in my calendar at work. I have very few work days left this year.

Have a Fantastic DAY!

Jupiter From Mars

This morning I was on my roof, looking at the sunrise and listening to the birds and other sounds. I started thinking about what a cool job it would be to be a Mars Rover operator. Go to work early, put on the 3D goggles, and the headphones and sit there on Mars and watch the sunrise and hear the sounds. No birds, but maybe some wind.

Jupiter from Mars

I saw an article yesterday about Mars’s moon Deimos passing in front of Jupiter. See the article HERE.

Jupiter apparently would look quite large from Mars at its closest. It would be a cool thing to see.

Today Ashy the cat is going in for a checkup. Hope she’s not too miserable at work with me.

Moonrise Moonset

Moonrise last night.

last night I went out to dinner at Tukka with some friends visiting from Virginia. I took the above picture of the full moon rising.

Moonset this morning.

This morning, I took the above shot of the moon going down. Amazing, huh?

People always think it’s the sun in the day and the moon at night, actually the moon is up in the day half the month and up in the night the other half. Last night started the night moon half.

I am glad its Friday. Yardwork weekend and diving are my hopes for the weekend.

Have a very good day and weekend. I wish you the best!