above water and below

Here’s my above water shot, a picture of the eclipse taken by me yesterday . This was almost exactly 2:00 p.m. past the peak. It was mostly cloudy.

Below are some pictures that I took scuba diving on Sunday, day before yesterday.

Above water and below.

Remember there is no line where the sky or outer space starts or ends. When we are above water, we are living in the sky and kinda, outer space.

Have a great day!

Eclipse Day

Today is a big day, there’s a total eclipse across much of the USA. Down here we only get a little corner of the eclipse. But it will still be pretty cool. I’m just going to hang out here for the next total SOLAR eclipse in Grand Cayman.

Only 108 years and 65 days to go!

Only One Shower A Week?!?

Awww Hell no!

I read an article, somebody is saying we only need to take one shower a week. Read the article here.

I take at least 3 a day. Morning, after swimming, after work, before bed.

One a week? Only if you want to be a skuzzbucket!

This weekend a lot of places are getting an eclipse. Not here. I do hope to be under a total eclipse on a clear day someday, but that won’t be this weekend for me. I’ll be doing laundry and yard work and having a dog assessed. Below is an eclipse Shadow on Earth taken from the Mir space station.

have a great weekend!

The Shortest Day

December 21, the winter solstice, shortest day of the year. First day of winter. Only in the northern hemisphere though.

After 10:27 local time, the sun begins it’s journey back north, away from the tropic of Capricorn on its way to the tropic of Cancer.

First day of winter in the northern hemisphere, first day of summer in the southern hemisphere.

Here it’s cold, low 70’s. Windy. I can hear wind howling across the front of the house right now.

I’ve been enjoying the darkness of the mornings this year I feel more like I own the time than I did in the daylight warnings of Summer.

Have a wonderful day!

Venus & Moon

This morning the Venus and the moon were very close together. Above is the best of a million shots I took. I couldn’t get what I considered a good shot. But it’s still pretty cool and not bad for a phone camera.(I have a S21)

It’s almost the weekend and I’m glad. Have a great day!

Perfect Weekend Past

It was a very active weekend. Friday, as you know was the Yin & Violin event. It was much better than I expected, I was in a very relaxed state quite unusual and different than. Sleep state or meditation state. Amazing.

Saturday midday we had an eclipse. It was about 79% coverage here, but cloudy sometimes. Above are pictures I took with my phone and a welding mask lens.

Saturday night was the Cayman Islands Veterans Association gala. I had a nice.time there too.

I wore my Navy uniform.

Sunday was a beach day, Beach yoga in the morning, then a swim (stand in chest deep water and talk to people) Then coffee and breakfast at the Westin.

I helped.the Rabbi take the Sukkah down in the afternoon. It comes down a lot easier than it goes up!

And this morning I seem to be perfectly on schedule to head off to work.

Have a great week!

Deja Vu?

It was a medium niceness weekend. Pickleball and dinner out Friday evening. Saturday I cleaned up from the work last week, Sunday morning I went to the beach till about noon, then was supposed to meet my new “reliable” pet sitter about my trip to the US in under two weeks. She didn’t show, and there was no communication, beside that she was coming “after church”, which is approximately noon.

if you recall a similar experience with the pet sitter who backed out and caused me to waste my ticket to Jamaica. That was last July I think.

When the petsitter did reappear in the evening, she apologized but seemed to get angry with me because I had expected her to show up.

do I give another chance? Or try and find somebody else?

Above is a picture of Venus and the moon, taken this morning.

Have a great week!