Happy Day-Before-Friday!

TGTF Thank Gawd Tomorrow’s Friday!

I bought a new big pot yesterday and re-potted the plant from yesterday. Practically an identical pot, but green.

I’ve had a new hobby for the past month or so that I’m really REALLY enjoying. It’s called “leave my phone in the car and not look at it for hours at a time.” It’s GREAT! I recommend you try it!

My pepper is growing nicely. I am a little concerned though, it’s not looking like a bell pepper.

Maybe it will “Shape Up”

If it’s not a bell pepper, I don’t care, but that’s what was on the bag of seeds

Have a great Thursday, see ya tomorrow!

Pepper #1!

My first pepper 🫑 is on its way! There’s more coming too! I’m surprised to be getting peppers because the plant is still so small.

It’s back to work today. It’s been very sunny after all the weather apps prediction of rain rain rain.

Have a great week!

Some Underwater Photos

Its Discovery Day, a holiday Monday here in Cayman. It was supposed to rain for 10 days but it’s been mostly sunny. Hurt at last two of my low light plants pretty badly. I out them out for rain and they got sunburnt.

Below are pictures from yesterdays dive.

Also, on Saturday, I did the CIASA 800M Swim, I was pleasantly surprised to come in 3rd in my age category, willing a 3rd place medal. 3rd out of 5. I’ve never been a racer, I’ve never been on a swim team. I’ve been a lifeguard and swimming lesson teacher and scuba diver/instructor. I realized I am slow and steady,.one speed no matter how far I have to go. So I’m no longer obsessed about going fast, I want the t-shirt.

Anyway, have a fantastic week!

Planets In A Row

I saw this this morning.

This morning, I got up and went outside and saw the exact same thing as in the picture above.

it was very cool. Already, at 5 till 5 in the morning, the sky is starting to get pink.

Tomorrow and Monday are holidays here, so this is the start of a long long weekend.

I got a perfect score on my Duolingo this morning, to make up for yesterday.

Jamaica Apple Tree

I’m worried about my Jamaica Apple Tree, pictured above. It seems to be unhappy, lots of brown leaves and not many new ones Are there any botanical doctors out there in my zillions of readers?

Have a good weekend! I may or may not post tomorrow. Havva good-un!

windy weekends

we have had four or five or six windy weekends in a row. Bad enough to prevent diving and hurt my plants.

it’s getting later noticeably earlier, hello is a picture of the same old scene from our morning dog walk.

The Road

i got a lot of work done in the yard. I have the conduit ready to run my new internet cable.

It was, overall, a good weekend. There will be a short week this week and next because of Easter.

Have a good week!

Friday Fotoz

Happy Friday!

Above is a few photos from the week. Clockwise, cruise ships from roadside at the north end of Seven Mile Beach, taken a few days ago. Paypaya plants coming up after I had given up on them. My dusty head after drilling a 1 inch hole thru 8 inches of concrete. And the road from my walk this morning. I like taking a picture on this road . You’ll find other seemingly indentical shots scattered through these posts.

last night for supper, I ate an entire Domino’s small thin crust pizza in about 10 minutes. It was the first time I ordered a pizza in more than a year. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. But I felt fine last night and this morning.

I was sleeping really well when the alarm went off this morning, my first thought was that there were two alarms. But I’m awake now, drinking coffee. At least I think I’m awake, how would I really know?

have a great weekend!

an object at rest

tends to stay at rest.

it’s a Sunday night after a wasted day. Well, not totally wasted. I mowed the yard and did laundry, but I planned on going out and delayed and delayed and then didn’t go.

I wanted to go diving, none of my friends were going, but I was going to go to the dive site and just tag along with somebody. But I didn’t, I mowed the yard.

then I was going to go to the Westin for lunch, but I didn’t, I did laundry.

now I feel depressed, like I wasted the day. I know I didn’t waste the day, but I feel like I did.

yesterday, saturday, was a fabulous day. I went to a meeting then breakfast then Sabbath Services, then shopping for plant supplies then to the beach.

this is my Monday morning post on a Sunday night. Have a good week!

Shockingly Expensive But Worth It To Me.

Yesterday i got my tires changed on my scooter. Those little tires cost almost twice what my tires on my van costed! And I finally got a new battery. It costed a lot too, but supposedly is a really good battery and will be the last I ever need. Wee shall see! It was shockingly expensive. But I’m glad to have it behind me.

And it’s Friday!

In other news, my Monstera plant is making a flower, it’s going to be real purdy. More to come.

Have a great weekend!

Not A Weed

This plant has been growing for quite a while. I thought it might be a weed but never plucked it. Glad I didn’t! I took this yesterday while I was checking on my pepper plant. Pretty Yellow flowers.

My internet is down hard. Massive problems with the underground conduits from the road to the house. Full of mud. The wires have been pulled and cannot be replaced until the conduit is cleared.

oh well. Have a good day.

Its The Little Things.

Last week I bought a new garden hose and sprayer. Look at that beauty! What color is that? Turquoise? And the new spray nozzle! Deee-vine!

I am probably much too thrilled about a simple hose and sprayer, but I think they’re both great!

Like i said yesterday, there was no diving for me last weekend,but I did do a lot of yardwork and gardening. I split up several plants to make babies and fertilized an made little anti chicken fences around a few of the bigger plants. I’m using a product called Black Kow, it’s cow poop but doesn’t stink.

I hope to get some fruit off the fruit trees that thus far have bore nothing.

I hope you have a happy Tuesday !