Happy Passover!

last night was a nice Seder. Good food. I remember last year, they gave us more than we could eat, this year was perfect!

the dogs got their shots yesterday, today I’m taking them to the daycare place for their entry evaluation. Daisy will be going probably twice a week to try to expel some of her excess energy. I have to leave for work a half hour early to drop them off.

Water Weekend

Saturday was an 800 meter swim I came in second out of 3 in my age group. I think I swam well and wanted first place.

Sunday I went out on a boat dive with Don Foster’s Dive Center it was quite nice.

Today I’m taking the dogs to get their shots this afternoon, early lunch hour. And tonight is the beginning of Passover. I’m going to a Seder.

Have a great week!

I Don’t Know How I Do It

Sometimes when I and start the engine and the stereo comes on I don’t know how I was in there with it so loud. I’m like a different person first thing in the morning compared to right before bed. I mean, what kind of crazy person can listen to music like Ronnie James Dio or AC/DC at full volume?

I don’t know, a crazy person, I guess.

I like it nice and quiet in the mornings, I don’t know who that nighttime guy is..

Have aa great weekend!

Mango Season Soon

the trees are full of baby mangoes and it’s almost that time of year again. Mango season!! The mangoes in the picture are what we call the stringy kind and are good for mango Jam but not that nice for eating. They’re delicious but leave strings between your teeth. They are excellent for mango jam.

I wish I knew somebody who knew how to make mango jam!

Have a wonderful day!

caterpillars again

Last year I had caterpillars eating my tree. I got special spray to kill them.

This year they come back again, but I just let them eat all the leaves on the tree. I figured if the tree died, I didn’t really like that tree / bush anyway. But, the caterpillars ate all the leaves. Nowthe caterpillars are gone and the leaves have come back.

It jjust goes to show, let Mother Nature run her course.

Happy Hump Day!

Raquel Welch

When I was a wee lad at South Park elementary school in Moberly Missouri USA, I loved Raquel Welch. I carried a black and white picture of her that I cut from a magazine..

She was in the news because the “suit” she wore in the picture above sold at an auction for one million dollars. Among other items of hers. Read the article HERE.

She died in February a year ago. Just the memory of her is worth a million bucks to me!!!

Have a great day!

Mondays Photos

It seems almost typical that I post the weekend’s diving photos on Monday mornings. Above are shots from Eden Rock.

I pplanted some new banana plants this weekend, and a month or two I planted peppers. Someone said I should store my seeds in the refrigerator crisper. We’ll, I planted six plants and only one has come up. Not sure the fridge is the proper place to store seeds.

Busy wweek Coming up. Hope you have a good-un!

How Do I Know I’m Done?

I’m still seeing my counselor that I started seeing because of my divorce. I’m starting to wonder how willl I know if I’m done? We morphed away from the divorce and the ex wife quite some time ago, and I still have lots of questions about other things, But how will I know it’s time to stop? I’ts not like I’m going to cross a finish line and know, It’s not like a scab will fall off and reveal new, pink skin underneath.

I have a feling that since I’m wondering, I’m getting ready to realiize the answer, but the more I learn, the more I’m aware of things that I don’t know. Every answered questiion raises two new questions..

So how do I know? Do you know how I’ll know?

Happy Friday!

Never Enough REM

My watch has been monitoring my sleep for a long time, somebody else had to take a look to point it out to me, I barely have any REM sleep.

in today’s it says not enough REM, but I never really noticed it until somebody told me about it. But I get some good deep sleep, huh?

my RMV is in the pits too, but nobody knows what that means.

Now I have to research REM sleep

Happy Wednesday!