High School Reunion

Yesterday was the first day of my 45th high school reunion. It was fun. Even Travlin’ Tim was reunited with an old classmate.

Yesterday I rode from St Louis to Moberly with two classmates, Sheryl and Chris, and then met up with a whole bunch of classmates, most of which I hadn’t seen in 46 years, 1977. (Although it was the 45th high school reunion I moved away in my junior year so for me it was the 46th year since I had seen my classmates)

Below are a few pictures, I’m not going type a lot about how much fun the day was.

Not to mention how nice it was to see Moberly again, my old house, my old elementary school, and the newspaper I delivered.

Today, half the class is playing golf and half (including me) are going on a tout of the high school.

Speaking of gold, below is an old newspaper photo in which I played golf. Can you spot me?

Have a great day!

Tomorrow I Go!

Tomorrow I head up to the USA. I’m taking off work early and I have to mow the yard, and clean the house, so the house sitter doesn’t think I’m a slob. (She already knows I’m a slob). I also have to pack.

I’m looking forward to seeing my old high school friends. My old house, my old stomping grounds.

But for now, off to work!

“Lost” His Plane?

In yesterdays news, there was a story about a “missing” F-35. The pilot ejected safely after a “mishap”. But the plane was “missing”…. Later, the wreckage was found.. two hours away. .

The article just said two hours, it didn’t specify two hours by air, car or turtle ride, just two hours.

Now, I could be wrong, as I frequently am, but the first thing that popped into my head, was that the “mishap” was that the pilot ejected unintentionally, and the plane, being just fine, kept on flying by itself. It was missing till they found where it crashed….

Thats my unsubstantiated theory….

“I was just tryin’ to find the little lever that scoots the seat back!”

What say you??

Happy Tuesday !

Vacation Workweek

This is my last workweek before vacation. I’m off Friday, headed the Missouri, USA, (as you probably already knew), for my high school reunion. I feel like I have a lot to do before I go, both here at home and at work

It was a full weekend. I had Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and I went diving and I sprayed sealer on the new tile sundeck.. I will be getting more sealer today as I didn’t have enough. And went diving yesterday for the first time in a month. There is a lot of coral dying. Very noticable. My thermometer had 86⁰ F, which is normal for summer, but maybe it should be cooler by now..Very worrisome.

Im off to work, have a great week !


A week from now, I’ll be in St Louis Missouri USA. A week from today some high school friends and I will make the 4 hour drive from St Louis to Moberly Missouri, where I went 3 out of 4 years high school. (graduated in Maryland) Next weekend is my 45th high school reunion.

45 years , dang! School itself was only 12 years.

Have a great weekend!

Lucky You

I just finished Lucky You, by Carl Hiaasen. I really enjoyed it, all Hiaasens books seem good to me.

Two winners win the Florida Lottery, a racist white supremacist redneck and a black woman. The redneck steals her ticket and the story takes off from there.

Worth reading, twice… I think I had read it before.

For a slow, dragging long week, suddenly it seems to be nearing its end. I’m glad for that.

Have a great day!

Early Bird VS Night Owl

about 4 minutes

After watching the video above, I wonder how my cicadian system is. I have a pretty regular schedule, and I get quite a bit of sun I’d say.

I go to bed at 9:30:or 10 and wake up a little after midnight. I’m pretty happy in life most of the time, I have a lot to be grateful for and I am, but between midnight and 5, when I’m insomniaizing, I’m very miserable. I’ve learned not to pay too much attention to it, because I know it’s a temporary state.

Getting a good night’s sleep is something that has eluded me for years. I would love to go to sleep at 10, and not wake up till 6. I can’t take any sleep aids, they all say “do not take if you have glaucoma”. (I have glaucoma)

Many people my age seem to have a difficult time sleeping it seems like.

have a wonderful day!

Losing Time

it seems lately that there’s not enough time in the mornings. My morning routine, as far as I know, hasn’t changed, but I seem to be about 10 or 15 minutes short on time in the mornings. I don’t know why. I’d hate to start waking up earlier, I already wake up at 5 till 5. I guess I could get up at 4:45, but I’d like to find out where I’m losing time and get it back somehow.

have a great day!