Good Morning!

It’s almost Friday, I signed up for Pickleball tomorrow night. Saturday is the mile swim. I hope i don’t injure myself playing pickleball and impede my ability to swim.

Hopefully Sunday I can get some of my projects around the house worked on..

This sounds like a Friday post, but it’s Thursday. At the top is yestdays sunrise.

Have a great day!

Yesterday’s Sunrise and Sunset

I took a picture of the sunrise yesterday, no reason, I just thought it looked good

Then driving home last night, the sunset was nice so I took a picture while I was driving and it came out pretty good!

I cropped it, but it’s not bad for a random moving shot! In the lower left you can see a parked car windshield and on the right is Mr Arthur’s Store and a piece of my car door. (Mr Arthur’s Store and a piece of my car door,.that rhymes!)

Then this morning I thought “I can post a post about yesterdays sunrise and sunset!” Genius!

This brings us to the present moment. Friday morning, nice day. Going to work today and a birthday party tonight.

Have a great weekend!


I took a picture of the sunrise this morning and a bird flew by at just the right moment! I’m thrilled by this shot, it’s one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken! It looks like one of them professional pictures off the internet!

Happy Friday! We have a long weekend because of the Kings Coronation.. Monday is the holiday

Have a great weekend!

Silly Selfies

It was a good weekend, beach and food and friends.

I didn’t take any pictures. I need to start taking more. People, especially young people seem to be always taking pictures and selfies. I feel silly taking a picture of myself.

Anyway, im out the door for work on another short week! Have a goodun!

Wednesday Random Photos

Cruise ships from yesterdays lunch hour. I didn’t snorkel, just went and hung out at the dive shop for a while.

Sweetsop that I picked off my tree night before last. I’m not sure I’ll like it, but I’m going to try it today. Pretty sure I’ve had them before.

The house yesterday morning before heading to work. I don’t know why I took this shot, I just did.

We all got soaked on our morning walk today. I have a short term renter moving into the apartment today. And I’m really really ready for some coffee!

Have a great day!!.

Multiple Dives Multiple Pictures.

This is my back to work, weekend report after afour day weekend.

Thursday was an active day. I swam the half mile during my lunch hour, then I went on a night dive Thursday night. Below are a few pictures from the dive.

My photo light died while I was shooting the octopus. It was my first night dive in a very long time.

And below pictures are from Fridays dive.

Friday night was the start of Passover I went to a Seder. This is our table before it started. Once it did start, my camera was put away.

Below are pictures from Sundays dive

Aaaaaand below pictures are from Mondays dive.

And now it’s back to work Tuesday. We had a good rain this morning and it’s still cloudy and spritzing. I hope everyone has a great week!