Multiple Dives Multiple Pictures.

This is my back to work, weekend report after afour day weekend.

Thursday was an active day. I swam the half mile during my lunch hour, then I went on a night dive Thursday night. Below are a few pictures from the dive.

My photo light died while I was shooting the octopus. It was my first night dive in a very long time.

And below pictures are from Fridays dive.

Friday night was the start of Passover I went to a Seder. This is our table before it started. Once it did start, my camera was put away.

Below are pictures from Sundays dive

Aaaaaand below pictures are from Mondays dive.

And now it’s back to work Tuesday. We had a good rain this morning and it’s still cloudy and spritzing. I hope everyone has a great week!

Friday Fotoz

Happy Friday!

Above is a few photos from the week. Clockwise, cruise ships from roadside at the north end of Seven Mile Beach, taken a few days ago. Paypaya plants coming up after I had given up on them. My dusty head after drilling a 1 inch hole thru 8 inches of concrete. And the road from my walk this morning. I like taking a picture on this road . You’ll find other seemingly indentical shots scattered through these posts.

last night for supper, I ate an entire Domino’s small thin crust pizza in about 10 minutes. It was the first time I ordered a pizza in more than a year. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. But I felt fine last night and this morning.

I was sleeping really well when the alarm went off this morning, my first thought was that there were two alarms. But I’m awake now, drinking coffee. At least I think I’m awake, how would I really know?

have a great weekend!


I saw the sun set last night

and shortly after that, I saw the moon rise.

Funny how one sometimes precedes the other. My cheapie phone has a night mode that seems to combine several exposures and seems to work pretty good.

Happy Friday! It’s looking like a great weekend. Springtime weather everywhere, I hope for you too!

WW = Wonderful Weekend

Friday: Dinner with about 20 friends. It was really fun. Saturday was a 800 meter sea swim.

Guessing about a hundred swimmers total.

Sunday morning I saw the moon set. Just like a sunset, except it was an (almost) full moon. I always wanted to see that my whole life and Sunday was the first time.

And i went diving Sunday as you probably guessed by the pictures. I have too many Flamingo Tongue pictures but I can’t stop taking pictures of them.

Monday, not looking too bad from here.

have a great week!


Below is a picture of a frog fish. The frog fish you can actually see. The question is, can you see the frogfish in the pictures pictures I took below that?

Red Warty Frogfish, Antennarius maculatus, Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, which MarkD60 stole from the internet.

Sunday I went diving and saw and took pictures of a frog fish. They were very difficult to see except when they moved. Unlike the picture above, mine look like they aee covered with dirt or growth. Below are my 3 pictures of a frog fish. On one, I can see the eye maybe.

A few weeks ago I took some other pictures of another frog fish and couldn’t see the fish in the picture. I didn’t delete them and I will go back and look today. If there are more than 3 pictures above, the latter ones were added from that previous dive.

Let me know if you can see the fish in these fish pictures!

Have a good day!

Watta Weekend (So Far)

On Friday I went diving early and was home before the internet man came and supposedly fixed my internet. Then I trimmed the hedges, and mowed the front yard. I went to town and picked up a dozen 18×18 pavers so that I could double the size of the backyard patio below the apartments back porch. I also did a lot of shopping, running around and errands. Saturday I went diving again, and the sea was rough when we got in, and super rough and pouring rain when we got out.

Then, Saturday afternoon, in the rain, I laid the pavers down in the backyard, what which isn’t easy because they all have to be leveled.

My body is sore from so much physical exercise and bending over, and my left calf is very sore because diving Friday I had a very bad cramp just before I got out of the water. I feel all beat up but good.

Friday we did a good deep dive at the main wall and and Saturday we stayed kinda shallow at the mini wall (Different dive sites) and today is too rough and weathery for diving period.

There was an 800 Meter Sea Swim scheduled, that was canceled Saturday. There was a Coral Fest exhibition for Sunday that was canceled because of covid. The sea swim was previously canceled because of covid, and was canceled yesterday because of the weather.

Below are pictures in 2 groups, Below is Friday’s dive.

And below is Saturday’s dive!

Today is Sunday, but it’s not sunny at all. It’s cold and windy. And on-and-off-again rainy.

I had a weirdish breakfast, my bagels were frozen, so I had a pretzel instead. ( If the salt and pepper is on the other side of the eggs,)

Eggs over easy with a pretzel.

And I’ll talk to you tomorrow!