Rainy Weekend

We had a lot of rain this weekend. Steady rain for hours and, very rare around these parts. I enjoyed it. People complained a lot, but I pointed out how rare this type of rain was, and they agreed.

Had some people over Saturday night, cooked on my new grill for the first time, (It’s probably been here 6 months, unused till this weekend)

Sunday I went to a party, Welcome back, summer is over, get them kids back to school party. A 10 month old baby girl had a crush on me.

And now it’s a sunny Monday back to work day.

Have a great week!

Visitor Leaves Today

I’m sad to see my visitor go. I had a great time and hope she did too.

It was a good almost-a-week.

I had requested another vacation day today, but I kind of withdrew it before it was approved. My co-workers wife was in a traffic accident and he is taking time be with her.

Happy Monday! Make it a good one!

Kings Birthday Holiday

today is the bank holiday for the Kings birthday. Happy Birthday!

I’m off today.

It was qgood weekend. Friday i played pickleball, it was an informed, fun tournament. We (my pickleball partner Eden and I) played against some very good players.

Saturday was the mile sea swim. Below are my only pictures Random of the starting area and me and a swimmer named Harper who came in first female overall. I didn’t know i was chatting with the champion before the race!

Yesterday, i loaded up and headed out to go diving, but i mis read the calendar and the dive I was looking for was last week So I had a big breakfast and came home and took a nap. It was a good idea!.

Now it’s a Monday morning, I’m working on my first cuppa coffee and the sky is the limit for today.

Have a good one!

USA Memorial Day

I had a nice weekend. Saturday i took it easy in the morning and swam the 800 meter race in the afternoon. I came in second in my age group, which is good for me. i did it in about 19.minutes 10 seconds, but forgot to stop my monitor at the end. The blue and black pic shows my pace, and you can see when I stopped. It was a rough swim with a waves in the face second half.

Yesterday I did my morning Ashtanga class, then a breakfast and coffee, beach, and cleaned the inside of my car while the dawgies played in the yard.

And today is back to work, no holiday here!

Have a great summer!

Typical Monday Post

Happy Monday! This is my first working Monday in 3 weeks. Last two were holidays, Discovery Day and the Kings Coronation.

Above are your typical underwater pictures, pretty vase sponges, a couple of tiny underwater denizens and a squid, then a baby lionfish. Ending with your typical eyeball of conch.

After diving and lunch, i came home and napped and read and finished The Candy House, which i didn’t particularly enjoy. Maybe I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

I didn’t do any of my home projects, again. I’m hot worried about.

And now it’s off to work. Hava great week!

Divine Purpose

I tood a 2 day class this weekend, Finding Our Divine Purpose, or to me, what do I want to be when I grow up? It was very emotionally in depth and soul searching. And everybody shared sensitive information about themselves and the vulnerability was very rewarding.

I thought I was the only one who didn’t have it all together, now I know there are at least eight of us.

I took my busted watch back to the store. I don’t expect to hear back from them unless i call. They plainly said the warranty covers everything except water damage. Even though it’s a swim watch, it’s a phone store and my watch, wrong or right, falls under their broad policy.

So its Monday, and I feel pretty neutral about the upcoming week. I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Silly Selfies

It was a good weekend, beach and food and friends.

I didn’t take any pictures. I need to start taking more. People, especially young people seem to be always taking pictures and selfies. I feel silly taking a picture of myself.

Anyway, im out the door for work on another short week! Have a goodun!

Super Duper Weekend!

Friday afternoon, I took half the day off work, mowed my yard. I was super glad to get that out of the way.! Friday night, went to the 1 year anniversary dinner of One Heart. It was great! Best time and company I’ve had in years.

Saturday, i took my tennant who was renting the downstairs apartment to the airport and began cleaning up for the next renter. Wanna come visit? Now is the time!

also Saturday, at about 13:16:40 hours, I passed the milestone of one billion seconds clean and sober. That’s about 31 years 8 months.

Sunday, nobody was diving, so I signed up for a 7AM class. I thought it would be crowded, but it was nobody but me and the instructor, and I again enjoyed wonderful company along with quite a workout. In the future, I figure I can make that 0700 class and still make it to a 0900 shore dive…. Beats trying to make a noon class after the dive and missing lunch with the dive crew…

I needed to tidy up a little around the house, and around noon Sunday, decided I needed some bookends. So, on a whim, I made some. More like a mini shelf, really. The ends can slide along the bottom board, making it adjustable.

I gotta say, for less than an hours work, it came out pretty good. I’ve had this old scrap piece of hardwood for years and years and it was perfect for this project. I could have spent infinitely more time on it and made it all fancy, but I got it working and left it there, I like it. It’s rude and crude, just like me.

Sunday, later in the afternoon, I went to a birthday party where there was entirely too much food.

Now it’s Monday again, back to work. 🙁