Planets Collide

Tomorrow evening, as soon as the sun sets, if you look and if it’s not cloudy, you will see a very bright light in the West. It is Venus and Jupiter, lined up, seemingly as one. Over the past several days, they have been getting noticably closer and closer to each other every day. Tonight they will be very close together. Tomorrow, they will seemingly meet and then start moving apart.

It should be pretty cool.

I slept good last night for a change. I just went to bed and woke up and it was light. A non event, as I guess it should be.

Have a great day!


I slept good last night, I went to bed a little early and was instantly asleep. I didn’t even get to get my watch off the charger (my watch has the sleep monitor built-in.) I’da liked to have seen that one!

In more sleep news, I believe I’ve mentioned awareness and negative thoughts while sleeping, and while I remember the negativity and persistence, i seldom remember the specific content. So, I put a pen and notebook by the bed. Since then, the torturous self destructive where I’m asleep, telling myself bad things about myself have stopped. I’ve had nothing to write down. Which is good!

Luckily, many problems vanish instantly when confronted. The hardest part seems to be becoming aware of them. By the way, yesterday’s post about not sleeping was from a different source than this mental stuff I’m talking about now. I didn’t go to bed because I was upset about something else.

It seems that I’ve been meeting a lot of people who have trouble sleeping similar to mine. It seems our little quirks (MY little quirks I maybe should say), magnify into larger personality disorders as we (I) get older..

It’s almost the weekend! Bring it!

Normal Nights

I have very few “normal evenings” between now and the beginning of March. Visitors and recording events filling the weekends and some weeks.. I’ll be pretty much running nonstop for a while.

I’m not complaining, I’m glad to be busy, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t sleep very well last night I’d like to be getting off on a better foot.

I doubt lack of sleep will affect me too bad today I’ve been swimming the half mile almost every day and pretty strenuous exercise in the morning. I was planning on taking it easy in that regard today.

Tomorrow should be back on track, sleep-wise!

Beat To Hell

It was a rough night last night. I couldn’t relax to sleep, worse than normal. I tried breathing exercises and I was so nervous it didn’t work. I listened to some audio meditations and couldn’t even hear them at times. I think most people wake up refreshed and sleep to recover from the day. I wake up beat to hell and spend the day trying to recover from my sleep.

It”s a holiday here today.

The Wrong Clock

We had a power outage the other day and I must have set my bedside clock wrong. (Or we had another power outage I didn’t notice). This morning I woke up and the clock said 3:15 and I said “Let me sleep some more”. And then my alarm (on my phone) went off.

i was surprised but we’ll rested.

today is my Friday! Off tomorrow and the next day and all Weeknd!

Have a Great Day!

Still Going – 444

444 days straight on Duolingo. The problem is still the same. Habla mas despacio por favor! I guess I continue to improve though.

Another seemingly good nights sleep last night

Ashy is going back to the vet today. Her sense of balance seems off, or maybe pain.

Have a good day!

Weird Wake Up

This morning I woke up and got up before the alarm. I was having stressful sleep, not in that it was stressful, but in that I couldn’t steer my thoughts in the direction I wanted to steer them. Among other things, I kept thinking about this woman with green hair. I knew where she was, and I had to get up to go find her.

But when I woke up, I didn’t know where to find her. I couldn’t remember. Keep an eye out for her, will you?

glad it’s Friday. Have a good weekend!

Yard Pictures

Above are pictures from the yard yesterday. On the left is some flowers they I should take time to identify. And to the right is a tropical fruit called sweetsop that I’m trying to learn when it’s ripe for picking.

Today is work then jury duty. As usual, I don’t want to be on a case.

im sleepy this morning, still working on cuppa coffee #1.

Have a great day!

Really Good Weekend!

It was a really good weekend. I got the front yard mowed in between downpours, I fixed a silly mistake I made on one of the anti chicken lids on the planters. I re-did the tripod that is helping the Otaheite apple tree stand up straight (I think it’s slowly falling over since it fell in Hurricane Grace and I stood it back up). I cleaned the floors in the whole house. I dissected a cherry tomato and planted the seeds. (We’ll see how many come up.) And I went to a “Sashing” for the Cayman Islands Miss Universe contestants. It was super fun!

Lisa is sponsored by One Heart, and she works there. I was invited to attend by the owner. I was so happy to be there!

Sunday morning I slept 90 minutes later than usual, which is huge for me. I barely stayed up past my normal bedtime. I got up at 6:30! Can you believe it!?

And now it’s a back to work Monday. Weather’s supposed to improve. I can mow the back yard this week!

Have a great week!