Decrease Your Walking Time

I believe I’ve discovered a way to decrease the time I spend walking in the mornings. Without decreasing the distance walked. I’ll show you: go on, get up and walk. Now walk faster, faster still, a little bit faster, faster! That’s pretty good!

I believe the term that I should use for this faster walking will be “running”.

I shall get it to patented and copyrighted and I shall be rich for my invention!

Seriously though, it’s Wednesday, I slept good last night, I feel good now, I’m ready to go to work. I plan on swimming in half mile at lunch time like I did yesterday.

Have a wonderful day!

Sleep Tests & Adjustments

I was going to post a picture of the cat, but the cat moved. I’ve been trying to get a specific shot for 2 days and both times she follows me when I go to get the camera.

I’ve been trying to improve my sleep. My sleep monitoring app says I’m sleeping pretty good but I don’t feel like I am. I think I’m fooling it by laying still and relaxing even though I’m awake.

This mornings

I am experimenting with the bed, changing blankets and and etcetera. A few months ago I got new pillows and slept really well for a few days after that. I was excited to go to bed to test the new pillow. Nowadays I can’t tell if I’m too cold or too hot and I’m switching blankets this week. It seems like I always wake up at regular intervals, and the regular intervals stay the same. It’s weird that I can’t tell if I’m sleeping well or not.

Have a happy hump day!

Ceiling Fixed

Last night the guy completed the fixing of the ceiling where the air conditioner tray flooded from above. Then I cleaned the steps and everything and didn’t go to movie night.

I went to bed late and slept well although my sleep app says I didn’t sleep well. 0% deep sleep. 33% sleep score, lowest ever for me.

And I woke up at 2:00 a.m. for an hour and worried about not being able to sleep, which is normal which is normal for me these days.

I’m glad it’s Friday, it has been a very long week.

Have a great weekend!

Adding More To It

Met with the wife yesterday. She wants a divorce. Although it’s not surprising it did cause me to restart the cycle of grief I suppose.

I didn’t sleep well last night, I saw the moon come up at the bottom of my window and rise up and up till it passed the window top while I was laying in bed. My sleep thing on my watch shows 59% efficiency, which is really low.

I’m tired of posting these sad posts.

Tonight is movie night at the Westin but I’m not sure if I’m going to go, the guy is fixing my ceiling from the air conditioner leak and I’m not sure what time he’ll be done, plus I might be tired.

Enjoy your day!

Smith Cove After Grace.

During lunch yesterday I stopped by Smith Cove. It was fairly devastated even after a clean up was started.

I also stopped by Dart Family Park. It had lost a lot of trees too but didn’t seem as bad as Smith Cove.

I remember hurricane Ivan seemed to actually improve Smith Cove. It washed sand up under all the big trees and cleared out the bush where people would throw litter and perves would hang out and leer. Smith Cove seemed like a much nicer and safer place after that. I don’t remember hurricane Ivan destroying so many trees, but there were no leaves left on anything. Hurricane Ivan’s signature was nothing green shall remain.

Today was my 2nd day of waking up at 4:55 instead of 4:20. I seem short on time this morning, obviously, it doesn’t seem to be unmanageable, so far. And it feels good to just sleep a little bit later. By the end of the week waking up at 4:20 I would consider going to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me. Not enough sleep!

Have a wonderful day!

Music at the Library

Several weeks ago, I put an event on my calendar, “Music at the Library” part of the Cayman Arts Festival. I stopped by on my way to movie night last night. It was very nice I was quite surprised at the young man’s skill.

The Program below.

And below is a video I took last night. Quite nice. Under 3 minutes long.

I’m glad I went, I don’t know what made me put it on my calendar when I heard about it, but I’m glad I did, I would have forgotten about it if I didn’t.

After that I went to movie night at the Westin, had a chicken sandwich and left about a quarter way through the movie, “What Women Want

beautiful night

Then I went and saw some friends in Bodden Town and had overall a very nice evening..

Then I slept good, and feel good so far this Friday The 13th morning. And my class that I was so worried about yesterday wasn’t as bad as I thought. All’s well that ends well. Plus, yesterday at lunchtime I met a couple of really nice Rottweiler puppies.

Have a great weekend!

Rough Night

Woman Lying In Bed Coverig Her Eyes With Her Hands With Eyebrows Painted

Last night was a rough night. Woke up about 2:10. Then I was in and out all the rest of the night. Twice, I dreamed I forgot how to breathe and woke up gasping. At one point, I was laying there, seriously wondering if I was asleep or awake. And not sure of the answer. Sometimes I think I’m awake all night, but my sleep function on my watch says I was asleep.

I turned in an essay for a course I’m taking. I was going for the Ace, 100%. I worked hard, I thought it was good. I got it back, she didn’t even finish grading it and she wants to see me after class.

I got super angry with a driver on the road yesterday. Yelled and cussed and laid on the horn. Scared my passenger I think.

I have become the exact person I didn’t want to be as a child.

I sometimes feel like I’m on a different planet than everyone else.

I’ll be glad when today is over.

Two Sleeps And Me

I’ve posted a couple times previously about the topic of Two Sleeps

below are selected sleep records from the app that goes with my watch. All of them are from about the past week.

As you can see, almost every night, I wake up in the middle of the night. I used to be really worried about it, almost panic trying to force myself to go back to sleep, but now I’m getting used to it, and maybe even enjoying it.

It’s also interesting to me to see that I seldom sleep even 6 hours in a night. Tuesday and Sunday I slept for a pretty long time.

Anybody else have experiences with two sleeps? Nobody that I recall has ever said that they have.

Have a great day! Movie Night at the Westin tonight!

Cloudy Day Supermoon

Today is our first cloudy day in a long, long time. I was actually planning on driving the van instead of the scooter today. Just to see if it still runs.

I didn’t sleep well last night. It was a nice big moon and I was up, looking at it and walking around and thinking about stuff.

regular moon vs supermoon

The moon was huge when it came up last night, My mom said it was a supermoon. Later in the night, high in the sky, it didn’t look so big. (It wasn’t as cloudy last night)

Have a happy hump day!

Fishing Tournament Awards Ceremony

Last night we went to the 19th Annual Fishing Tournament Awards Ceremony.


It was Ok, wife had to go for work.

Stayed up late though. Woke up early too. I slept like a rock though.


Just not long enough.

It’ll be ok. 👌

It’s a beautiful morning. Have a great day!