Happy Good Luck Day!

Friday the 13th is better than any Monday! Friday the 13th’s historically have been lucky days for me. As well as black cats.

It’s supposed to be rainy as well. It”s clear and sunny now. I put all my plants out last night, and if it doesn’t rain, my low light plants will get burnt. Hope not.

Also maybe I can get the housecleaning done that I FAILED to do last weekend!

In any case, have a lucky day and a fantastic weekend!

Seis De Mayo

Yesterday at work we had mandatory staff meetings, so no Cinco De Mayo lunch for our department. But today we’re going to make up for it by going out to lunch as a Department. All four of us.

Should be good!

And it’s Friday, I have tons of work in the yard and inside the house to do. Mow and clean mostly.

Have a good weekend!

Weekend Fantastique!

I had a good weekend! Saturday I went out for breakfast and lunch. Did some yard work and gardening.The internet cable job is done. Finally.

Sunday I went diving and a remora tried to attach itself to me. Quite, no, extremely annoying. He finally attached to my fin and I left him there. Better my fin than my leg.

Here is a link to a short video of the remora on my fin. And below are some pictures.

Above is a picture of the beach in downtown George Town. I stopped by to look for some sea glass.

Last night I went to a presentation on Blackwater Diving. That’s diving in the open ocean at night. By open ocean, it was presented by Don Fosters I mean not on a reef, off a boat in a bottomless sea. I didn’t take pictures of their pictures, but I did see Jessika’s scuba instructor and took a selfie to send her.

Me and Nick at Don Fosters.

And, if I was still married, today would be my 13th wedding anniversary. She’s been gone almost a year.

And now itsa backa to-a work-a. That’s supposed to sound Italian.

Have a great week!

wordless work week


Happy Monday to you all. Above is the sunset last night from the roof deck.

On the dawg walk this morning, Mars and Saturn were very close together. Maybe they’ll be closer tomorrow, but probably not . They’re making a triangle with Venus, very bright in the morning sky.

And it’s just another wordless work week after a weekend made up of mostly good parts.


an object at rest

tends to stay at rest.

it’s a Sunday night after a wasted day. Well, not totally wasted. I mowed the yard and did laundry, but I planned on going out and delayed and delayed and then didn’t go.

I wanted to go diving, none of my friends were going, but I was going to go to the dive site and just tag along with somebody. But I didn’t, I mowed the yard.

then I was going to go to the Westin for lunch, but I didn’t, I did laundry.

now I feel depressed, like I wasted the day. I know I didn’t waste the day, but I feel like I did.

yesterday, saturday, was a fabulous day. I went to a meeting then breakfast then Sabbath Services, then shopping for plant supplies then to the beach.

this is my Monday morning post on a Sunday night. Have a good week!


I saw the sun set last night

and shortly after that, I saw the moon rise.

Funny how one sometimes precedes the other. My cheapie phone has a night mode that seems to combine several exposures and seems to work pretty good.

Happy Friday! It’s looking like a great weekend. Springtime weather everywhere, I hope for you too!

Windy Weekend

it was a windy weekend here. First from the south, then from the north. There was no shore diving anywhere on the island this weekend.

I went to an art show at the Westin on Friday, a friend had her art on display. Quite nice.

i did a lot of yardwork, gardening. Repotting plants and splitting up others to multiply them.

it was a quiet weekend and I can’t think of anything to report. Winds should decrease on Tuesday. Have a good week!

Yet Another Happy Friday!

Its the start of my mother and sisters last weekend here.

We have no firm plans, we’ve pretty much covered the bases, as far as tourist things are concerned. We’ll go out to dinner, the beach and anything else they want to do.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Monday Summary

Had a good, busy week end with the fam. Went to Coco Fest Saturday. It was quite nice.

Saturday night we watched movies.

Sunday I took the dogs on a 5K dog walk. (Mom and sister stayed home)

Sunday mid day onward we went out for smoothies and had dinner.

also somewhere in there I got h lawn mowed.

Have a great week!

February Already

January is gone. Every year IS getting shorter. I remember turning 40, declaring that I guessed my life was about half over. Let me tell you, this second half is going a lot faster than that first half did!

Our cold front seems to be ending, I’m glad for that!

Have a great day!