unaccounted for

it’s Monday morning, and I can’t tell you where the weekend went. It just went by too fast. Saturday was good and busy. Sunday I was supposed to dive but it didn’t work out. I did some yard work and the planters are ready for dirt now.

322 days on my streak.

i don’t have anything to post about. I’m actually glad to be going back to work.

ave a great week!

Good Stuff: Simple Green

Back when I was actively teaching scuba in Virginia Beach, and working on diving equipment, we could only use Simple Green to O2 clean the inside of scuba tanks and dive gear. (Petroleum product contamination is a fire hazard under high concentrations of oxygen)

So, just the other month, I saw some and picked up a gallon to use as dishwashing soap. Since then, I’ve been using it everywhere. I put a little in a gallon of water for windshield washer fluid, great! I put it in my hand soap dispenser in my bathroom, seems fine for washing hands.

I bought a gallon, thinking it would last for ever, and already I’m getting ready to need more.

Try it, you’ll like it!

This is from my list of emergency post topics.

Have a happy hump day!

Greatest Post Ever!

Yesterday, again, I had an idea for today’s great post. The little voice said “you better write it down, you’ll forget.” The big voice replied “Not this time this one’s too good to forget!”

Well, guess what? The topic was so good it couldn’t be contained by the human mind. It is forgotten.

There was a really good rain this morning. I checked my ex- leaky, fixed-by-me, gutter and it seemed to be not leaking. So that’s good.

The news this morning said Facebook reported a decline in traffic and their stocks are down. People are leaving.Tomorrow is FRIDAY. I hope there’s good weather so I can go diving!

Emergency Post

Woke up this morning, and in the dark, I dropped my phone. It shattered the screen. Bad. Trash can bad. So I had to go to work and get that new phone I was so unhappy with. The Ulefone. It’s my phone now.

Contractors are coming to start the tile job. They were supposedly off between Xmas and New Years, but apparently not.Thwarting all my vacation beach and diving opportunities.

Anyway, just a quick post becaause it’s Monday, and I post on Mondays.

Have a great week!

Aaaand Itsanuther Mundee!

It’s Monday again, and since I posted all my underwater pictures and weekend report yesterday, I have nothing for today.

Yesterday, I cleaned my workshop area a little, just the workbench and the junk on the floor, and stowed my generator for the non-hurricane season which starts in a couple weeks. I went to an evening barbecue yesterday, in the evening. Good chicken and ribs and potatoe salad.

Below is a picture of Lee Lee thee cat sleeping in a potted plant. It’s unusual because the wind was blowing quite strongly but I guess the shelter and comfort was sufficient.

Lee Lee napping in a gale

This morning is still quite cloudy and quite windy but but the weather should improve soon. Hopefully I can swim my half mile at lunch, rain or shine.

Have a good day and a better week!

Underwater Pics Tuesday

I had a really cool topic for today, one that I could never forget. I forgot it.

I went diving Saturday and Sunday last weekend and it was very nice.

Yesterday at work, I put in vacation requests for my 18.5 days that I have to use by the end of the year. Is pretty much, I’m taking every Friday off and almost every Monday off until 2022. I had to submit a separate leave request for each day.

Have a wonderful day!