an object at rest

tends to stay at rest.

it’s a Sunday night after a wasted day. Well, not totally wasted. I mowed the yard and did laundry, but I planned on going out and delayed and delayed and then didn’t go.

I wanted to go diving, none of my friends were going, but I was going to go to the dive site and just tag along with somebody. But I didn’t, I mowed the yard.

then I was going to go to the Westin for lunch, but I didn’t, I did laundry.

now I feel depressed, like I wasted the day. I know I didn’t waste the day, but I feel like I did.

yesterday, saturday, was a fabulous day. I went to a meeting then breakfast then Sabbath Services, then shopping for plant supplies then to the beach.

this is my Monday morning post on a Sunday night. Have a good week!

Full, But Empty

It was a nice weekend. Dinner with the dinner club Friday night, Saturday I pressure washed a piece of wall in anticipation of a future painting, mowed the yard. Saturday night went out and saw a really good band, (and I am not easily impressed by bar bands) Saturday night I felt great, I had a really good time.

Sunday, I took the dogs to the beach and tried to go diving. The staff were pulling the ladders when I arrived and it was quite rough.

But at times this weekend, I felt like I was wasting time. I felt like a robot, doing my activities as programed. I felt a need to go go go and never stop moving, never stop doing things. I felt like any rest or idle time was a waste.

But it’s Monday. I will be busy at work. All will be well.

Have a good week!

Tuesday Not Monday

Yesterday was a holiday here, Heroes Day.

I (hopefully) fix the leak mentioned in the previous post.

I took the dogs to the beach where we.saw a fallen tree that may survive. Hopefully.

Also had coffee at Cafe del Sol where, across the way, on the roof of Cimboco, is a purple door which I find most intriguing.

And now it’s M̶o̶n̶d̶a̶y̶ Tuesday and the start of another work week!

Enjoy !

No More “Embed”?

I mentioned the other day that “embed” quit working on WordPress. Now they have removed the option from the menu. Oh well, it didn’t work anyway.

Here’s a link to a dog walk video. I put this video on TikTok instead of YouTube. I would be interested in knowing how it works, especially if you don’t have TikTok.

Yesterday turned out to be a great day, I went to what I will describe a Jewish baby shower. Then an evening dinner at a friend’s house.

This morning I took the dogs to the beach, gave them a bath when we got home. Soon I’m leaving for a lunch at another friend’s house.

I certainly woke up burnt out yesterday, and this morning. I guess it’s a new “thing” I’m going to be going through. As you already know from my incessant whining, I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the last several months. I have pretty much decided that I no longer care whether I sleep or not, I will just go where I have to go and do what I need to do. But yesterday morning I felt extra crappy.

I’m getting ready to go to “thee lunch”. Happy Boxing Day, happy Sunday!

Swim Cut Short – Lighting

Today the sea swim got cut short due to lightning. There were swimmers swimming 1 km, there were swimmers swimming 3 km, and there were 5 km swimmers. The one km swimmers were able to finish the race, the 3 km swimmers almost finished the race. Perhaps some of them did. But the 5 km swimmers didn’t finish at all.

According to my watch, I swam 1.32 miles. That’s 2.124334 kilometers. A hard rain started just before the race started had just quit. I was approaching the halfway point when I heard people yelling, I thought to myself “surely nobody’s yelling at me, I’m right on course”. But the event workers were yelling at everyone to get out of the water.

I was, and still am, very disappointed.

A few more pictures before I close:

Have a very good weekend!


Same shot, different day

The 2 pictures above were taken in the same place. The sunshiney one was taken in 2005 and the one on the left with the clouds, was taken last weekend.

Here is cloudy and rainy and supposed to be that way most of this week. There’s some kind of upper level inverted stationary trough wave pressure front overhead or something.

Have a great day!

Nov 2021 Already

Hard to believe it’s November already. Tropical storm Wanda formed in the Atlantic, that should be our last storm this year simply because there’s no more names in this year’s storm name list. Yeay!

Afraid of a Friday night thunderstorm.

I had a very nice weekend. .I went to movie night Thursday unfortunately by myself. Friday I don’t remember much. I got up early and went and saw my marriage counselor. (It’s like closing the barn door after the cow got away, I know.) Then I went and had a nice breakfast on the waterfront. I went to the beach to swim my half mile, and it was too rough. Later on at home, we had a good thunderstorm.

Starting (I guess) Friday, it was stormy and windy and cloudy and rainy almost all weekend. Yesterday I turned off the air conditioner for the 1st time point may or June. Hopefully I will enjoy a few months of lower electric bills.

It was too rough for diving or swimming all weekend, I did get in the sea and took a Long Beach walk with some friends.

Yesterday, although we didn’t dive all weekend we (our informal dive group) did go to a very nice brunch at Luca. And I forgot to take a damn picture , I meant to…

And now it’s a Monday morning November 1st. It’s still cloudy and we have weather and it’s supposed to rain again tonight. But I’m in very good spirits.

Have a great week!

Interesting weekend

I had an interesting weekend, I took the day off Friday and went snorkeling with some friends. Saturday a quarantiner dude came buy to pay for his quarantine after his return flight Nov 6th. He liked the place, paid, and left for the airport. 10 minutes later he calls and asks if he can leave his car at the house. I said OK and that I would even give him a ride to the airport. (I’m so nice!) I took him to the airport and dropped him off. 10 minutes later he calls and he left some travel documents in his car could I go get them. Perturbed now, I came back home, dug through his car to find his documents and took them to him at the airport. The guy seemed shady, nothing he said was specific, I had a weird feeling, but ignored it, maybe he was just a weird kid. After I dropped off his documents, I went scuba diving. As soon as I was done diving and got back in the car he called again. Customs found $24000 in cash in his luggage undeclared. They took the money and wouldn’t let him fly. I picked him up and took him back to his car, at my house. He told a story about being a real estate auction investor and they wouldn’t take credit cards or checks it was only cash. I gave him his money back told him I thought he was a crook and that’s the end of the story. It really killed my Saturday, I missed my 8 o’clock appointment because he was late coming to see the apartment and pay, I missed my 10:30 appointment because I went to go get his travel documents. I missed my planned grocery shopping excursion because I took him to his car and get rid of him.

Saturday and Sunday I went diving and took the dogs to the beach Sunday. Pictures below

I have a happy Monday, trust your instincts, and have a good week!

Good Morning Monday

Another Monday, Another post. Another good weekend.

It was largely a cleaning weekend. My quarantiner was able to move out after two days, (plus the 14 she completed previously.

I went snorkeling at East End

Had Indian food with the Friday night dinner club.

I went diving Saturday, and the pictures are still on my camera.

Sunday was more housecleaning and pizza.

Tortured Palm

Have a good week!

Happy Monday!

Twas a good weekend, productive and fun. Friday I got off work early, went to the beach then went home and I mowed the yard, I only got the front done because the grass was so deep and wet. (When I say grass I really mean weeds!) Then our dinner club went out to dinner Friday night and it was quite nice. Saturday I went diving and then had coffee with friends at Waffle Monkey. Good coffee! Then I came home and mowed the backyard, it was much easier and drier. Saturday afternoon my quarantiner moved out, free of covid. I have somebody else possibly going into quarantine here on the 13th of this month, which will be nice.

Sunday was another diving day, followed by a washing two dogs who needed it bad and seem to feel much better

And now it’s a back to work Monday and I actually don’t feel so bad about it.

I have a great week!.