Ski Mask Grocery Woman

I went to the grocery store yesterday after lunch. I got a bottle of coffee creamer for work and two bags of dried apricots for me. I got in line and there were two ladies in front of me buying some kind of hair products. They were laughing and joking with the cashier and I was standing at the end of the conveyor belt with my three items, watching and enjoying their banter.

Suddenly, a woman wearing a red ski mask comes and pushes her grocery cart in front of me. I said “excuse me”, she ignored me. I said ‘excuse me” again “I have three things and I am in line”. She did not even look my way. I waited for the cashier to stop talking to the two hair product ladies, and said “excuse me cashier, why did this lady cut in front of me in line?” The cashier replied that she didn’t know. I said excuse me again, as I pushed the lady’s cart (and the ski mask lady) out of my way and went to my place in line and paid.

As I was leaving, it seemed the ski mask lady was getting ready to give the cashier a hard time, I thought about hanging around but didn’t.

if the ski mask lady said anything, offered any explanation as to why she was cutting in line, it probably would have been okay. But ignoring me really pissed me off.

Since covid, people are allowed to wear whatever they want on their heads, but this is a ski mask in the tropics.

It was bizarre.

Morning Toothbrushing

Morning toothbrushing, when do you do it? It seems hard for me to find the correct time, logically. Do I do it when I first wake up? I just brushed my teeth before bed, I haven’t eaten or drank anything since I brushed my teeth. I’m ready to go eat breakfast and drink coffee.

Do I do it before I leave for work? Halfway through my first cup of coffee? And then go to work and drink more coffee?

There seems to be no really good time for morning toothbrushing.

When do you brush your teeth in the morning? These things keep me awake at night.

Have a fantastic day!

2 in a row!

Below is this mornings sunrise, because the pic makes the post!

I slept good again last night, 2wo in a row. Can it be as simple as not laying on my back? Will it last? Below is the sleep tracking from my watch, I barely woke up at all, usually I’m up a dozen times or two.

I’m excited, going to work today,. (That’s quite possibly the most insane sentence ever typed on this blog) I don’t know why that’s exciting. Hopefully I can swim at lunch, got a lady cleaning the apartment and she’s doing a really good job She started yesterday and will finish today.

Things are looking good! Have a great day!

Turn Off Upcoming Alarm?

Most mornings, I notice my watch buzz inappropriately. This morning i discovered it was my phone asking me if I wanted to turn off the upcoming alarm! Is it just me, or is that a moronic question to ask? Waking me up to tell me i have to wake up in half an hour, do I want to turn off the alarm? The answer is not only no, but hell no! And furthermore, If i wanted to be awakened a half hour earlier than the time for which I set the alarm, I would have set the alarm for a half hour earlier!

Needless to say, today I will figure out how to turn off this rediculous notification.


Happy Thursday!

Older Than I Think

I think I’m much older than I think i am . I see people who i think are about my age, and sometimes find out they are much younger than me. People who are actually near my age i think are much older than me.

This is a disturbing altercation in my perception of reality.

im in excellent health and should live forever, but I’m so old, i might die any minute!

And nothing in between!

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Master And Margarita

I finally finished Master and Margarita. What a strange book.

It’s worth reading for its weirdness. There seems to be two main plots. 1) The devil comes to town with a small squad of assistants. He has a magic show where he gives away money and women’s clothes. Then the money turns into something worthless or illegal, and the clothes disappear and women are suddenly naked in the streets, the men are arrested for illegal currency or they’re just out the money. And everybody thinks everybody is crazy.

And 2) Master, who wrote a book and most of it was destroyed except Margarita has a small section. Master is in a psyche ward in a basement. (I don’t know why his name is Master)

Margarita is in an unhappy marriage, and because of the devil, becomes a witch to become queen of the devil’s crazy party, where dead people come out of a fire in a huge fireplace. Margarita loved Master but thinks he must be dead.

After the party, the devil reunites Master and Margarita, gives them a complete copy of Masters book. He then has them both killed and brought back to life. This cures Master of his insanity and apparently he and Margarita live happily ever after.

Then the devil and his assistants (mostly his assistants) basically burn the place down as they are leaving.

And there’s a lot more to it than that. I didn’t get from the book, but read in a review, that the devil was punishing people for being greedy but they didn’t seem too greedy to me. If money rained from the sky, I’d pick up all I could. What woman wouldn’t take the latest, greatest fashions in clothing of offered?

It was a weird book, weird . It was written in the 1930s but didn’t get published until 1966, because, well, you know, Russia. But to me the overall tone of the book was pro Russian 1930s government. Apparently the Russian government was confiscating people’s cash and valuables and not turning yours in was punishable

You gotta read it and tell me what you think…

The Capers Jar

What is the deal with the capers jar? How are you supposed to get them out? No fork, no kitchen tool will fit inside. Someone said that you can use your knife-like vegetable peeler to get them out, but i don’t have one and it’s still doesn’t answer the question on why the jar is so teeny tiny!

Thats my rant for the day. Havva goodun!

Free Ice Cream

it’s better to sell ice cream than to give it away free. If I sell it, then even if a person who has only a little money can get some ice cream. If I give it away free, people may take more than they need or want and in any case, I’ll run out. Then someone who wants ice cream won’t get any.

This is something my counsellor and I discussed the other day. After we talked about it andit soaked in a few days, I had to call him back to re-explain it.

In short, if you sell ice cream, you can make everyone happy. If you give it away free, you can’t.

I’ve been one to give away my ice cream for free. Some take all they can, knowing I’m’ a fool for giving away free ice cream. The others are unhappy because they wanted some ice cream and I didn’t have any.. Nobody hangs around long.

Breakfast of Champions!

Pictured above we have vanilla almond milk with banana added to the milk. It’s quite sweet. Close to a little too sweet. AND you have yer chocolate cake. A whole chocolate cake. Bigger than a doughnut. This was my breakfast the other day. And coffee, the coffee did the trick, pulling the whole meal together.

You should try it sometime! Live a little!