Breakfast of Champions!

Pictured above we have vanilla almond milk with banana added to the milk. It’s quite sweet. Close to a little too sweet. AND you have yer chocolate cake. A whole chocolate cake. Bigger than a doughnut. This was my breakfast the other day. And coffee, the coffee did the trick, pulling the whole meal together.

You should try it sometime! Live a little!

A Band Of Chickens

I notice lately that there always seems to be a group of half a dozen or so chickens in my back yard. Digging huge pits. I don’t know what made them decide to start hanging out back there but I wish I knew a way to get rid of them. (If I left the dogs out, I’d probably be rid of the cats too and probably end up with a worse hole digging problem;)

So, any suggestions? Chicken repellant?

Happy Thursday! Have the most wonderful day!

Guava Cat Pee

I came home yesterday afternoon and thought the litter box was stinking. I keep it pretty clean anyway and it didn’t seem too bad. I figured the cat peed outside the box somewhere, but all inspections revealed nothing unusual.

Finally I realized, it was one of the two guavas a friend had given me. One was “over”, I threw it out the back door. The other seemed pretty good so I cut it in half, delicious looking beautiful pink. I took a bite.

It tasted like smelly armpit.

I threw it out the back door too.

The cat pee smell is gone too. Not sure how I feel about guavas anymore..

Have a great day!

Good Stuff: Simple Green

Back when I was actively teaching scuba in Virginia Beach, and working on diving equipment, we could only use Simple Green to O2 clean the inside of scuba tanks and dive gear. (Petroleum product contamination is a fire hazard under high concentrations of oxygen)

So, just the other month, I saw some and picked up a gallon to use as dishwashing soap. Since then, I’ve been using it everywhere. I put a little in a gallon of water for windshield washer fluid, great! I put it in my hand soap dispenser in my bathroom, seems fine for washing hands.

I bought a gallon, thinking it would last for ever, and already I’m getting ready to need more.

Try it, you’ll like it!

This is from my list of emergency post topics.

Have a happy hump day!


It was a typical weekend, diving, beach, yardwork. I planted some bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. My motorcycle helmet strap broke and I fixed it. And there was the work Christmas party Friday.

And someone told me I was lonely, and recommended that I consider installing Tinder, a dating app.

So I did. I didn’t want to and I didn’t think it was a good idea, but I did. I created an account and deleted it about three or four times before I even looked at the app. Then I looked through the profiles. You can never see the same profile twice. It took about five minutes to get through all the profiles within specifications I set. And now it’s deleted again.

When I was in the navy, out at sea, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders came to the ship and did like a show. After they left, I felt worse than I did before. A lot of us did. It was the same with Tinder, nothing seemed clear, I saw girls I know on there, and worried about someone I know seeing me.

I took the suggestion, I tried it out, I had an open mind. I don’t think dating apps aren’t for me. Maybe later, but my head isn’t right yet.

This is the kind of post that makes me think, “Maybe I shouldn’t post this post.” But here it is

Have a good week!

Natural :-) VS Natural :-(

When I see an unexpected reflection of myself, I tend to be surprised at how mean I look, or angry, or unhappy. I never seem to look how I feel. I have a natural frowny face.

People with naturally smiley faces must live completely different lives. New people would tend to be less cautious and wary, instead of wondering “What’s going on with this guy?”

I think someone would be more likely to initiate communication with a happy or nice looking person than a mean, angry looking person.

I’ve noticed it many times, I walk down the street and see a reflection of myself in the store window and almost jump out of my skin. Glance up at the thumbnail of me on the virtual meeting, cringe, and try to erase the scowl. I feel fine, and I’m in a good mood, but it’s shocking to unexpectedly see how mean I look.

Be thankful if you have a naturally smiling face.

Have a fantastic day, smile!


I never saw this show

Do you have a lot of friends? I do. I have friends I work with, I have friends I scuba dive with, I have friends I go to dinner with on Friday nights. I have friends “in the program”.

Friends as an adult seems different than friends I had when I was a child in school. With school friends, we would hang out after dinner and before dinner. We would talk on the phone 100 times a day. We were constantly in each other’s lives.

Somewhere along the line things changed,we’re friends, but there’s a distance, a subtle boundary, almost undetectable.

Years ago, my wife and I had an argument and she called her friends and I was painfully aware that I had nobody to call. Now, with this divorce going on, it never feels “right” to talk to my “friends” about it. If I do, I don’t feel good about it afterwards. Like some topics don’t fit in the “category” of our friendship. I feel like my only option is to talk to a stranger like a counselor, someone who is paid to do a job. And that doesn’t always do the trick either, I don’t get the connection, I don’t get whatever’s missing because the counselor or stranger doesn’t know the back story story, doesn’t know me, doesn’t know the people involved.

There’s lots of quotation marks in this post…

I guess I’m asking if you feel the same way? Do our friends and friendships get different as we get older? What changes? I’m thinking it has something to do with the creation of a new family, which I feel like I have lost recently.

Anyway, happy Wednesday have a good day!

Rough Night

Woman Lying In Bed Coverig Her Eyes With Her Hands With Eyebrows Painted

Last night was a rough night. Woke up about 2:10. Then I was in and out all the rest of the night. Twice, I dreamed I forgot how to breathe and woke up gasping. At one point, I was laying there, seriously wondering if I was asleep or awake. And not sure of the answer. Sometimes I think I’m awake all night, but my sleep function on my watch says I was asleep.

I turned in an essay for a course I’m taking. I was going for the Ace, 100%. I worked hard, I thought it was good. I got it back, she didn’t even finish grading it and she wants to see me after class.

I got super angry with a driver on the road yesterday. Yelled and cussed and laid on the horn. Scared my passenger I think.

I have become the exact person I didn’t want to be as a child.

I sometimes feel like I’m on a different planet than everyone else.

I’ll be glad when today is over.