Not As Planned

yesterday didn’t turn out at all like I expected it to. I found water dripping in the car park that was coming from the bathroom. I called the plumber and they had to fix a leak.

Crack in the carport ceiling where the water was coming out...

I got done with the plumber just in time to go to the dentist. I thought I was in pretty good shape dental wise, but apparently not. I got to work just in time to go to a meeting.

The the day went by, and I feel like I got very little done.

Now it’s November 1st already, I find that incredible. Every year is indeed getting shorter. Seems like.

Have a wonderful day, unless you’ve already made plans to do otherwise.

WiFi Without Internet

on my phone, and probably yours, there’s a Wi-Fi connection and a cellular data connection of your internet service.

What grinds my gears, is that if my phone is connected to a Wi-Fi signal, and there’s no internet on that Wi-Fi, then my phone won’t automatically use the cellular data connection to access the internet. The internetless Wi-Fi effectively prevents internet access.

I have to turn off the Wi-Fi to access the internet, and then remember to turn wi-fi back on again. Pain in thee butt.

And that’s my daily whining and moa ING for today!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Amazon And USPS

On Amazon, i wish I could tell which sellers use USPS for shipping and which don’t. I would probably not order from merchants who use USPS. USPS is always late, and they seem to lie about delivery.

I use a fright forwarder in Miami, USPS (thru Amazon) messaged and says my package is delivered, it hasn’t been. The message says “your package was handed directly to Juan” ,and the fright forwarder has no employee named Juan. Once the message read something like “your package was delivered and handed directly to receptionist Michelle” and there is no employee named Michelle and the forwarding company was closed that day.

Then the item is in limbo. It’s gone. There’s no recourse. I may or may not get it. And this happens MORE than half the time. Once, i received a pair of shoes, delivered as reported, but that’s the exception.

The fright forwarder here has a big sign in the lobby that they won’t try to track any USPS packages.

Yup, i wouldn’t order from someone who used USPS,, if I could tell in advance.

Its Thursday. Almost the weekend!!!