Happy Passover!

last night was a nice Seder. Good food. I remember last year, they gave us more than we could eat, this year was perfect!

the dogs got their shots yesterday, today I’m taking them to the daycare place for their entry evaluation. Daisy will be going probably twice a week to try to expel some of her excess energy. I have to leave for work a half hour early to drop them off.

Mango Season Soon

the trees are full of baby mangoes and it’s almost that time of year again. Mango season!! The mangoes in the picture are what we call the stringy kind and are good for mango Jam but not that nice for eating. They’re delicious but leave strings between your teeth. They are excellent for mango jam.

I wish I knew somebody who knew how to make mango jam!

Have a wonderful day!

Chocolate Digestives Disaster

I bought a package of chocolate digestive biscuits. They’re pretty good cookies (Do you see what I did there?) because they’re good and at the same time not too sweet and not 1000% sugar.

When I opened the pack, the chocolate was a little melty and got all over my fingers, so I put the rest in the fridge. When I came back for more, they were welded together, inseparable. I had to wedge a knife in between to get them apart. Lucky I didn’t lose any fingers.

I split the stack into about four parts. It was crumby and still messy. Biscuit chunks explosively flying all over as I drove the wedge between the ironclad layers.

I ate thick stacks with about 4 cookies each. It was a real disaster, a catastrophe. I’ll be getting more soon to try and improve the procedure.

It’s a back to work Monday. Long weekend, coming up!

Itsanuther Monday.

Rainy morning today, we needed it. A cold front moved through very suddenly and quickly yesterday evening.

Heres some random pictures from the phone. My breakfast yesterday, fruit toast and raspberry banana smoothie (and coffee). Lenny, acting like he’s not watching me, and a picture of my Kindle, we live in the sky.

.Soon I’ll be headed off to work on a good day for working. Have a good week

Another Great Weekend!

It was another fantastic weekend. I took the dogs to the beach, they loved it and were really well behaved. And then they had baths… One loved that more than the other. I won’t mention any names.

I got a lot of yardwork done. Mowing and ttranplanting houseplants and pulling weeds. I also picked up a whole huge bag of garbage from the roadside of our cul-de-sac, it looks a LOT better.

I finished an excellent book, a topic for another day.

I also had several really good yoga classes. (What’s amazing is how it makes your mind feel, even more than the body). Got all the laundry done and I also cooked out on the grill.

(I sound like a Suzy Homemaker )

It was a regular length weekend but seemed longer. Now it’s back to work, where I’m glad to be swamped.

Have a great week!

Taco Tuesday Tasteless Buds

Yesterday me and the boys from work went to Taco Tuesday at a local restaurant. I asked for hot sauce. Their hottest sauce, to me barely had any heat. I remember hot sauce and horseradish that would clear your sinuses and make it so you could feel your hair growing.

Not anymore. I can’t find any hot hot sauce. Prepared Horseradish no longer sends the explosive fumes up through my skull. No more insta-sweats, red face or elevated heart rate. No more near drownings, guzzling water after a hot bite.

I live in a bleak, coolsauce world.

I wonder, do my taste buds wear out like my ears and eyes as I get older? I’m trying to grow some horseradish, maybe I’ll add peppers and delve into some high heat experiments.

everything else seems to taste normal, it seems that only the hot is gone from the hot sauce. Is it me, or have you noticed it too? Tell me I’m not crazy!

Have a great day!

Cooking Weekend

Friday I made meatloaf . It was pretty good. Saturday I made tuna casserole except I used salmon instead of tuna. It was OK, except there were salmon vertebra in the canned salmon.. Somewhat unpleasant. I wouldn’t give it to anyone. Sunday I made a $35 brisket. All pre seasoned ready to go in the oven. It is so spicy I ate about two bites. I’m taking it for lunch today, but I’ll probably end up throwing the whole thing out.

Speaking of throwing things out, last Friday I bought new dog beds. Daisy already ate one. $90 I might as well have thrown away. She ate the last two too

It was a good weekend anyway . The sea yesterday was spectacular. No horizon. The boats were floating on nothingness.

I also trimmed the hedges and mowed the yard.

And now it’s Monday, and Canadian Thanksgiving. If my lunch is too foul I can go get a big turkey dinner!

Have a great week!

Salmon Mini Burgers

I bought a six pack of canned salmon for hurricane supplies. I didn’t know what to do with them. Last night I created my own recipe, pictured above. I was surprised how good they were, (if I do say so myself)

I ate them like cookies. Which makes me think I’m going to change the name from salmon mini burgers to Salmon cookies..

Have a great week!