Cooking Weekend

Friday I made meatloaf . It was pretty good. Saturday I made tuna casserole except I used salmon instead of tuna. It was OK, except there were salmon vertebra in the canned salmon.. Somewhat unpleasant. I wouldn’t give it to anyone. Sunday I made a $35 brisket. All pre seasoned ready to go in the oven. It is so spicy I ate about two bites. I’m taking it for lunch today, but I’ll probably end up throwing the whole thing out.

Speaking of throwing things out, last Friday I bought new dog beds. Daisy already ate one. $90 I might as well have thrown away. She ate the last two too

It was a good weekend anyway . The sea yesterday was spectacular. No horizon. The boats were floating on nothingness.

I also trimmed the hedges and mowed the yard.

And now it’s Monday, and Canadian Thanksgiving. If my lunch is too foul I can go get a big turkey dinner!

Have a great week!

Salmon Mini Burgers

I bought a six pack of canned salmon for hurricane supplies. I didn’t know what to do with them. Last night I created my own recipe, pictured above. I was surprised how good they were, (if I do say so myself)

I ate them like cookies. Which makes me think I’m going to change the name from salmon mini burgers to Salmon cookies..

Have a great week!

Monday Weekend Ender

It was a very nice weekend. Friday, quiet at home, Saturday, Street Food Fest, which was very nice, better than previous years. Sunday morning was rainy, and I had breakfast with Miriam, one of my favorite people on earth.

Above is “Toast” with bananas and strawberries, blueberries and chocolate.

It was sunny in the early afternoon and I got a lot of pressure washing done before it started majorly thunderstorming. It’s quite busy out there…

Happy Monday and have a good week!

No More Lavash Bread

i used to love it, but i don’t know what happened. Now it’s so bland i can’t stand it. It actually depletes the flavor from food, including horseradish.

I just gotta stop using it

Yesterday was International Yoga Day, i did 108 Sun Salutations last night at One Heart. I’m sore today.

Today at work is annual safety training. Also payday. Because of safety training, i can’t go out and to my banking, effectively goofing off half a day. Well played bosses! HA HA!

Have a wonderful day!

Premier Papaya!

I’m getting my first papaya on one of the trees i planted! It’s not even the biggest tree! I like papaya, if they’re sweet, sometimes they’re kinda bland. Papaya makes good smoothies too and once the tree starts producing, they more or less continue producing.

I’m excited!

No Spending Challenge

Im considering doing a no spending challenge.

Or this one:

My question is: where do I draw the line? For example, i wouldn’t give up scuba diving for this. But I would eat meals from home and (try to) stop restaurant meals.

My objetive would be to stop spending money on trivial unnecessary items. For example, one of the dogs leashes broke this morning. I can either: A buy a new leash or: B: use an older leash that’s still good. Another example would be, not giving up nutritious food for the cheapest food available. But then again, where is the line?

Ive been thinking about this since I first heard about it. It seems pretty cool. What do you think?


I accidentally bought steel cut oats instead of rolled oats yesterday. My recipe specifies rolled oats. I looked it up and the differences were minor, so I just used the steel cut.

They were good! They are more like chunks than flakes. I noticed this morning that they had soaked up all the milk. But it was good, less mushy, more chewy and tasted differently good.

So, you have my blessing to use steel cut oats instead of rolled oats in my recipe.

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend!.