Mixed Picture Post

Saturday Night Food Fest
George Town Waterfront 360
Sunset in George Town
A rooster who joined us for our Mexican lunch
The cat who lives inside the home center loves my wife and I.
I gave up cigars, and my cigar shop goes out of business.
Cayman Islands Coca Cola Collectors Can

It was a really nice weekend. Saturday we went to buy some flower pots and then out for lunch at a nice Mexican restaurant. In the late afternoon/evening, we went to a Food Fest featuring street food. It was good. I didn’t take enough pictures there though.

Sunday was a nice and quiet day. I loaded up and went to go diving, but the water was too rough and we didn’t go. It was borderline. So I spent the day at home, reading my most recent book, Ready Player Two, sequel to Ready Player One, which I enjoyed very much. Ready Player Two doesn’t have very good reviews, but so far, it seems pretty good to me. I just started it though.

And now it’s Monday again, too quickly. Have a good week!

Hankerin’ Fer An Underwater Video Light.

Lately I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have an underwater video light. Give me some impressive colors in my UW videos. They’re expensive. It’s easy to go in the dive shop and pick one they have in stock, only to find out later I overpaid or realize it’s a POS.

So it’s just a thought at this stage, but you know how I obsess over such things…

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Weekend In Review

Itsanutter Mundee. Saturday I replaced my $2000 sliding glass door shutters with $60 vertical blinds. It’s much much better. The wood shutters inhibited the use of the sliding glass door, and were generally non-functional. And, in other news, we have two quarantiners lined up to spend their quarrantine in our superior accomodations.

Sunday I went diving with a group of 8. It was a very nice dive. Turtle, Stingray, Nurse Shark and what I call Longfish. Usually all the sea life runs away from me, yesterday, it seemed to pose for the camera. All the videos below are very short.

Above is what I call longfish. They usually run from the camera.

The turtle was quite big in this video. Swam right by me.

The video above and below should have been edited into one video, but I haven’t done it (yet). It was a little baby nurse shark, two or three feet long. The girl in the video works in the shark department in the DOE and asked me to send her the videos, which I did, another reason they aren’t edited.

Below is a Four Eye fish. Again, these usually run like hell when I arrive with the camera, yesterday was a rare day.

And after the dive it got cloudy, and the weather has been getting worse. Right now it’s blowing hard and sputtering rain. I don’t know what’s going on.

Have a great week!

Monday Morning report

Good weekend, diving Saturday, rest at home Sunday




i was trying to upload some videos, but there’s a problem. I think I say that every time I try to upload video, now that  I think of it..

The pics above are a queen angel, jawfish and a spotted eagle ray.

Have a good week!

Happy Monday!

It was a good weekend. I went diving, the pics are still on my camera, i rekkon if any are good, you’ll see them tomorrow.


Sadly, this weekend, my friend from the navy went home, and the Redskins lost. I guess it’s all about Kansas City now.

The Wife is going to Florida tomorrow for a couple days, So as always, if you don’t hear from me, send someone looking. Bring sandwiches!

Have a good week!

Pix Of The Wrecked Plane

Like I said yesterday, not very impressive. But if you look at the pic I posted yesterday; you can  recognize the three wheels!


front landing gear



rear wheel


front landing gear again


Queen angel & snapper




instrument panel?



Have  a  happy Tuesday!

Monday O Monday

Monday, When the alarm went off, I was having a dream that this girl was riding a weighted sled down to a submerged car to get something out through the open sunroof. I can’t remember now what she was getting, but I know I knew in my dream. The water was surprisingly cold and murky.    She was wearing a red thick wetsuit, and as she headed down, I realized I couldn’t descend fast enough, and I couldn’t hold my breath long enough. I thought the car was very shallow, since we weren’t using tanks.

Speaking of diving, I went diving this weekend, and snorkeling. First we went to look for an old airplane in the North Sound, we found it very easily. It was a PBY Catalina, but the engines and propellers were gone. All three wheels were there and sheets of metal. It was a junkyard.


I have unimpressive pics on my camera, which is in my car. I’ll post some tomorrow. After that, we did a dive at a site called Bears Paw, it was a good dive, nice coral, but nothing spectacular.

Sunday the wife and I drained, cleaned and refilled our hot tub, and had a quiet day at home.

Now it’s Monday, and I’m headed in to work.

Have a great week!

Friday Finally Fantastic

It’s Friday. I feel very relaxed and calm. Not much to say today. All good.

Supposed to rain today, according to my weather apps. It has rained every day this week, but my weather apps have said all clear, so I rode the scooter. I got rained on once. Today, I’ll take the car, (on the weather app’s advice), so it’ll probably be clear. Not complaining.

Supposed to rain tomorrow. I’m supposed to go diving and look for an airplane that crashed long ago. Last night, I dreamed I went diving. I just remembered.

Have a great weekend!

I Now Believe Global Warming Is Real


When we were at (and on) the Athabasca Glacier, there were photos that showed the glacier receding over the years. My brother in law in Drake Bay, Costa Rica, last night was telling my wife about his colleague/associate/acquaintance has been measuring the decline in the numbers of frogs and snakes in the rainforests. When I got certified to scuba dive in 1981, we’d see sharks on practically every other dive, often groups of sharks. Now, seeing a shark is rare, one in ten or more dives.

Glacial decline has been measured since the 1850’s, (according to an article on Wikipedia), so I’m not sure it’s all humans fault, but I think humans main power is destructive and we need to change. I remember a book I read years ago, “Mutant Message Down Under”, and ask, Which society is more advanced? One that lives in a place 10,000 years, and you can’t even tell they were ever there? Or a society that practically destroys it’s environment with pollution and war in 250 years?

I think the answer is obvious.

Today is my first day back at work since my vacation. blah. Why do I have to go work to get money to buy a fish for dinner when I could just go out and get the fish myself. Because I also have to pay for my house and the bills. The whole system of money has something inherently wrong with it.