Walking and Diving

It was a good weekend, Saturday was the 5K walk / run.

Sunday was a nice dive, although we had to shift the dive spot from south to north.

it was nice dive with a stingray and boxfish that posed for me. And the stingray let me pose with her!

And now it’s back to work on a Monday

Have a great week!

Fantastic Weekend

Saturday was an 800 Meter Sea Swim. I did’t swim well, I went way off course, but it was still good. Saturday evening, I went to the movies and sau A Man Called Otto. Loved it. Complimented the book.

Sunday saw me go to an early morning yoga class, which left me feeling great, followec by coffee on the beach at the Westin and then a scuba dive.

I planned on house cleaning and yaard work after that but took a nap and did very little cleaning. I went to bed early and don’t think I woke up once all night, except 4 minutes before the alarm, and I went right back to sleep.

And now it’s back to work, and I’m actually looking forward to it.

Diving Elephants?

this morning I was dreaming that I was scuba diving on a shipwreck. It was a beautiful, upright shipwreck . Crystal clear Blue warm water good visibility a nice dive. Probably 50 to 80 ft deep. In the dream, I was surprised to see a very large elephant standing on the deck of the ship. I swam forward on the ship and there was another elephant standing on the bottom off the port side forward. There were also two dolphins, still, apparently looking at the elephant. My thought was, “I didn’t know elephants could go that this deep” it was a very pleasant dream and a nice dive.

it seemed like I was sleeping well when the alarm went off this morning. I wonder which is better, to have my sleep disturbed by the alarm? Or to be awake already when the alarm goes off? It’s a real poser.

it’s almost the weekend, tomorrow is Friday hooray!

Busy busy weekend

it was a very busy weekend. Friday afternoon I picked all my “crops” and am starting the garden all over again. I have a handful of carrots and radishes. Saturday I finished the Home Gardening Course in the morning and then went to the Veterans Ball in the evening. Sunday, operating on too little sleep, did a 90 minute yoga class and then went diving. When I got home, I mowed the lawn. The mower has a new blade on it and ran perfectly. I was able to mow the whole yard in a short time, because the mower didn’t die every 3rd step. It wasn’t bad at all.

And now it’s Monday and headed back to work.

Queens Funeral Day

Today is the holiday for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. I watched lot of it, till they put the casket in the hearse.

it was a good, busy weekend. Saturday was the first session of four session Home Gardening Course. It was good and informative.

yesterday i went to an 0700 yoga class at One Heart then diving,

pike blenny

In the afternoon I went out on a boat trip to Stingray City.. My stingray pictures are still on the camera, but here’s the sunset

Had a big beef sausage and egg breakfast this morning and not i’ll probably putz around the yard today.

Cast Iron

I picked a batch of bananas last week Their type is called botlers. They are more like a plantain than a banana. Everyone on my street has a big bunch from my batch. They’re good if you cook them in a frying pan with a little oil. My Teflon pan wasn’t very good for this and someone recommended a cast iron skillet. So I went out and got one.

It is so good, I don’t think I will ever use my old non-stick pans any more. Tonight I had eggs and turkey sausage for dinner, cooked in the cast iron.

Went diving today, rough with a lot of current, but still good.

Now its back to work Monday, and report for jury duty again

Have a fantastic week!

Monday Gallery

Sunday we went diving at Cobalt Coast. It was quite good. Cobalt Coast had been closed and used for staff, and some quarantine during covid and hasn’t been dived much in the past two years. Colors and fish life seemed much better than other, frequently dived places.

its Monday, spell check wanted to put money, of which I could use more.

Have a wonderful week!

Weekend Wrapped Up.

Let me start by saying, I binge-watched Stranger Things season 4. It was quite good. Worth watching, definitely.

Yesterday, went diving, below are pictures, with captions, of course.

Ava the avocado tree in the ground!

Above, you will see a tree for which I dug a whole hole, twice as deep as it needed. I put a lot of good potting soil underneath. The tree is a she, and her name is Ava the Avocado tree.

And now, it is Monday, and I must again report for jury duty. I am not looking forward to it. Hopefully I can dodge that bullet again.

Have a fantabulous week!