Good News & Bad News

She’s gonna blow!

The bad news is that Betelgeuse is going to blow up. Possibly in our lifetime. This would be cool to see, but bad for Orion, the constellation.

The good news is that Betelgeuse is not going to explode anytime soon.

she’s not gonna blow.

Yeay for Orion!

Betelgeuse not Beetlejuice. Say it out loud.

Twas a good weekend. We have a quarantiner staying in the apartment. Saturday the wife and I did some shopping and final touches getting the place ready. Our quaranteeny arrived late Saturday afternoon. After 24 hours, he says the apartment is marvelous.

Later this month, quarantine here in Cayman is going down from 14 days to 10 days. I’ll be glad when it goes down to zero (if you’re immunized).

Sunday, wifey went to a “Plant Swap” and I went diving and also got some sun.

Maybe there’ll be some underwater videos here tomorrow.

And I get my monthly co-void test this morning. Another Q-Tip up the nose…

Have a good week!

Blurry Days

It’s Thursday, but you can’t really tell. All the days are smooshing into each other. Yesterday I stopped at the pet store to get special cat food and bird seed for our neighbors, then the grocery store then the pharmacy, but I can’t tell it was yesterday. Does that make sense? My brain knows it was yesterday, but in my memory , it is indistinguishable from something yesterday, last month or last year. It’s a weird sensation. This lockdown has been going on a month? Less than? I can’t tell how long by any internal reference.

Have a good day. Don’t forget to keep turning the hourglass over! Keep putting those hashmarks on the wall!

“I’m here indefinitely.”