Good Morning!

Im all sad my visitors are gone. It’s back to work today. Below is a picture I took this morning on the dog walk. It looks how I feel.

I will be Okay once I get back to work and get going. Yesterday I cut the drywall and installed the box in the wall for my new internet ADSL line jack. Today I will probably run the cable. If it is not raining. It rained almost all day yesterday.

Have a good day!

Viruslike Adverts

its a not-so-new thing with a lot of apps, like YouTube, to employ qualities of malware and viruses from the past. I’m talking about full screen pop up ads that capture the devices full screen, covering the back button and home buttons in an attempt to force one to watch an ad or other content .

its an ever- increasing feature of more and more apps, like YouTube.

i have an app killer, and adverts like this usually end my use of the app, a lifelong boycott of the advertiser and either a different app that does the same thing, or an older version of the same app, and then make sure the auto update turned off.

A lot of the time, the ad lasts longer than the reason I was checking the app for in the first place.

There’s only two things I don’t like, the way things are, and change! Have a great day!

Ditch Digger

sooo , my internet cable is still exposed and I’ve decided to run a new conduit instead of cutting drywall to find the break. Yesterday I started and I will continue today and over the weekend. I’m going to drill a hole near to where the air conditioner drain goes out, and my ADSL jack will move to another wall.

Today, probably, is the drilling part. Where the hole comes out determines more precisely where the trench I dig will go.

I squirted myself in the eye with peppermint soap this morning and I’m typing this blind. Not too bad for a blind guy, huh?

Have a good day!

Like A Crazy Person….

I spent my yesterday afternoon digging up my yard to see how the conduit for my internet cable was.

i almost bought this roto rooter thing to try to cleat the pipes, but didn’t.

i may go back and get it today. Right now, my internet cables are all jury rigged, running down the utility pole and across the yard. The phone company would leave it like that if I let ’em! I won’t.

It’s almost Friday.

Not A Weed

This plant has been growing for quite a while. I thought it might be a weed but never plucked it. Glad I didn’t! I took this yesterday while I was checking on my pepper plant. Pretty Yellow flowers.

My internet is down hard. Massive problems with the underground conduits from the road to the house. Full of mud. The wires have been pulled and cannot be replaced until the conduit is cleared.

oh well. Have a good day.

First Cruise Ship In 2!

Yesterday was Cayman’s first Cruise ship in over two years. Here’s a little VIDEO I took on TikTok.

it is good that the world is getting back to normal.

My internet is still intermittent. Yesterday we tried to replace the underground cable from the street and the wall jack and it came disconnected while pulling. Now there’s a temporary cable running across the yard. Couldn’t get the cable through the pipe now and the problem remains unchanged I am frustrated and fearful I might have to dig up the yard to replace the cable. (This cable is supposedly the customers responsibility.)

my blog message last two weeks.

Oh well.

Have a great day!

Full Moon Phone Photo

Above is a photo I took this morning for the full moon setting. I took it with my phone. I know it’s not very good but I think it’s cool and the moon was beautiful.Today I have a follow-up check up about blood pressure.

And i ruined my breakfast. I poured a bowl of cereal and then when I poured the milk on, it was curdled it was good day before yesterday. I’m disappointed/angry.

Plus i don’t know if I mentioned it , but last Thursday my home internet quit and it’s still not fixed. I’m posting this using the cellular data plan. Crabby.

Gas Rumors

I got the above message yesterday. Twice. On my ride to work this morning I’ll see if the price has gone up.

My internet is intermittent again. I turned off my phone wifi and am using cellular data to post this.

Just in time for the weekend! Every time!

But it isn’t going to bother me. It’s going to be a great weekend! I hope for you too!

Sunset Shots

Movie night last night was quite nice, had a full table. Good sunset.

The movie was Mission Impossible, I had seen it before.

It is A-day off Friday, not sure what I’m doing. Diving? Laundry? Housecleaning? Beach? Yard work/home improvement? Wait for the phone company to come fix my Internet again? I don’t know. I’m not going to worry about it until I finish this cup of coffee and maybe another one.

Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!