Im about a quarter of the way through this book, Circe. I’m really enjoying it I don’t know what is different that makes the writing so special. In a nutshell, the book is about Greek Mythology.

Circe becomes a sorceress after she is rejected too many times. She leans how to change people into other forms. Because of this, she gets banished to an island. This island is referenced in the book Homers Odyssey, which has been on my reading list forever.

This book is good, highly recommended and very interesting.

Yesterday we had tons of rain. Now something is wet in my cars ignition and it’s giving me problems.

Have a good day!

A New Hobby?

These past few weeks, I seem to be getting stuck behind cars that seem to be going incredibly slow. I’m behind them, foot off the gas, tapping the brakes every hundred meters or so to keep from gaining on them. Yesterday there was a truck, first in line at a very busy intersection light, and when the light turned green, he crawled off at a snails pace.. Me and many other cars behind him. This has happened with several vehicles over the past few weeks . Sometimes you get behind a normal-speed-moving car, and they slow down, no brake lights, they just take their foot off the gas and coast down to idle. Apparently, just to be difficult.

They also tend to speed up as soon as room is available for passing.. I know I have a twisted, negative mind, but I can’t imagine them doing it for any other reason than to be annoying.

Seems it’s “a thing” these days…

happy hump day! Hava good one!

A Few More Days

There’s only a couple more working days for me this year, today and tomorrow. I feel quite neutral about this year’s holiday season.

Yesterday I was quite stressed about the flat tire, having the tiling job going on and and payday so far away. We normally get paid at the end of the month, but in December we get paid early. Therefore there’s about 7 weeks between the December pay day in the January pay day. I seem to be the victim of some self inflicted bad timing. I got 2 new front tires yesterday and feel much better now. Relieved.

Below is a selfie of me at work. I took it to send to someone who was working from home.

My plan for today is to just go with the flow. I’m just gonna kind of hang out and see what happens.

Have a great day!

Flat Tire

I have a flat tire on my van, and I have to fix it before I go to work. So I’m running late before I even start the morning. It’s still pitch black outside, so I might as well have my coffee and post my post. As you may have guessed, post posting is top priority. Even when I fund it difficult to produce a post to post..

I’m ready to move into next year. Never before have I wanted things to change more. And for me to change.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

There was a good hard rain this morning. Was badly needed.

Busy & Not Too Fun

I spent most of Saturday and some of Sunday trimming trees in the backyard. See pic above. I wish I had taken a before shor, you could touch the tree branches from the porch. Ran into chainsaw trouble Sunday, I’m still not done. I rekkon I’m done enough.

I missed a big street parade Carnival Saturday too. I really wanted to go, but, you know, chainsawing.

Weather coming, looks like. We need some rain.

Today, both dogs are going to the vet to get shots and checkups.

Last week, I think it was Wednesday, someone creased my car in the parking lot of the grocery store. I think I noticed it immediately after it happened. It is upsetting, to say the least. I’m not going to do anything about it though. My first damage to my new baby van.

And that’s about it for today. Have a good week!

Ford Nucleon

I found this yesterday. Thee Ford Nucleon, nuclear powered car. Think of all the shielding needed in the back, protecting us from the reactor, the incredible weight allows the long overhanging front end. Google it. Read about it. It’s really neato mosquito cool and fun.

I was super sick yesterday. I guess I had a 24 hour cold. I went diving sunday, After that I sneezed, Then my head clogged solid and I had a cold. Then last night it just cleared up. I’m almost fully back to normal now.(Cold wise only, still normal crazy!)

Go out and buy a nuclear powered car today!

Lincoln Lawyer


Last night the Wife and I watched the movie “The Lincoln Lawyer”, it was quite good. Highly recommended to see in the theater or on TV.

Lawyer’s defending a client for assault and finds out he’s guilty. Also, his client framed someone for the assault. AND he enjoys seeing innocent people go to jail for his crimes. AND he’s done it before. Super good. Much better than expected.

Thursday. Nice day. I feel like taking the car instead of motorcycle though. don’t really know why. Traffic. Parking. Everything’s a hassle with a car. Motorcycle’s the way to go.

We’ll see.

Have a good day! Watch that movie! You won’t regret it!

Thoughtless Thursday

I’ve been thinking quite some time about what to post and I am drawing a blank.

Last night the wife and I watched the movie Back To The Future II. It’s stupid, but I feel a little bit sad that date in the movie has passed. It was a good movie the first time I saw it and it is still good now. Now that the date has passed, it feels like the movie is really over after all these years, and won’t be as good as it once was. Of course, there is no reason for that to be so.


Glad it’s Thursday and look forward to the weekend. It is still quite rainy, but there is more and more Sun. Been driving the car for 2 weeks now, ready to get back on the motorcycle .

Have a good day!

Melatonin. The Good Stuff

I take melatonin every night at home. I didn’t bring any with me this trip. I haven’t been sleeping well, and o haven’t been tired at bedtime.  Yesterday I got some. I slept good last night. Note to self: always take melatonin with you when traveling.

Here’s a super cool satellite dish. It can lock on to more than one satellite at a time.


Here’s my rental car:


Have a wonderful day!