Taco Tuesday Tasteless Buds

Yesterday me and the boys from work went to Taco Tuesday at a local restaurant. I asked for hot sauce. Their hottest sauce, to me barely had any heat. I remember hot sauce and horseradish that would clear your sinuses and make it so you could feel your hair growing.

Not anymore. I can’t find any hot hot sauce. Prepared Horseradish no longer sends the explosive fumes up through my skull. No more insta-sweats, red face or elevated heart rate. No more near drownings, guzzling water after a hot bite.

I live in a bleak, coolsauce world.

I wonder, do my taste buds wear out like my ears and eyes as I get older? I’m trying to grow some horseradish, maybe I’ll add peppers and delve into some high heat experiments.

everything else seems to taste normal, it seems that only the hot is gone from the hot sauce. Is it me, or have you noticed it too? Tell me I’m not crazy!

Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Taco Tuesday Tasteless Buds

  1. You’re not privy to the good stuff then…
    I do believe tastebuds become less perceptive to flavors as we age, but we have sauces that would make a dragon cringe!
    Mexico and authentic Mexican dishes don’t have hot sauce generally, they think we’re goofy for wanting fire sauces… ‍♂️

  2. I can’t stand hot sauce. It can burn my eyes by just being near it. From what I’ve read, it kills the nerves on your tongue. The more you eat, the more nerves die and the hotter you need it to get the heat. If you stop, the nerves grow back and you can start all over again.

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