Beachlunch Yesterday

Yesterday during lunch hour, I swam out to this teeny island that’s circled below.

I turned my fitness tracker to the ‘walk’ mode for the swim.

It was pretty nice, there were a lot of birds, I picked up a few shells, and took a couple photos.

I didn’t see any eggs, last time I went out there there were lots.
I did see perfectly good flip flop though.

Then I swam back, dried off, and went back to work. I have discovered that if you dry off really well immediately when you get out of the water, it gets the salt off and you don’t feel “crusty”. Also, I keep a deodorant in my car and in my scooter.

Beachlunches are a great way to break up the day!

Today I’m planning on making the call to assist me in getting the changes made on this blog. I totally didn’t think about it at all yesterday.

Also today should be a busy day at work. I prefer boring.

Have a great day!

14 thoughts on “Beachlunch Yesterday

    • Not this one. My old VivoActive had swim mode, and I flodded it three times. So I got a cheaper one, VivoSport, which doesn’t have swim mode, but is still supposedly good to 5 ATA.

  1. I just realized you’re on Grand Cayman. My Son In Law has a cousin that has a condo share down there. The cousin goes down a few times a year. My daughter and 4 YO granddaughter have been down there. Small world.

    • Sounds like you could make it down here pretty easy! I’ve always said, “Facebook if for finding old friends, Blogging is for finding new ones!”

  2. How awesome that you can swim during your lunch break. Even better to swim to an island. Love the photos. I hate feeling dried salt on my body for any length of time. And sand. Ikkkk. Yet I love the sea. Go figure.

    • I think I have him on my Feedly. His kids have probably grown quite a bit. He’ll have hilarious teenager predicament stuff to post now!

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