Hitching A Ride?

Saw this guy the other day on the tire of a co-workers truck.

You can see me, taking the picture in the above picture!

Guess he wanted a ride somewhere and was waiting in the shade. I wasn’t worried about him getting runned over, they’re pretty flighty and he’d run away long before he could get squished.

It didn’t go so well yesterday, trying to change the URLs of my blog pages. I had a super helpful tech support the first time, not so helpful second time around. I’ll try again today. That’s why I call this blog “Third Time’s The Charm!” Tomorrow’s the third time trying. (If I DO get it switched, that link won’t work…. )

Ohhh it’s hump day. The week is going slow. And I feel crabby. I don’t like the lettuce my wife bought me for my lunch sandwiches,

In spite of my lettuce problems, try and have a good day. Please. Do it for me!

10 thoughts on “Hitching A Ride?

  1. Haha! We all have days like that Mark.. for me it’s when I go out for lunch and they only have pulled pork rolls, ruins my day Good luck third time round!

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