I have the day off today, also my boss starts vacation today. I’m hoping I don’t get called in, maybe I’m hoping I do.
The OI Girl and her old boss are coming today. We have a busy day planned. The OI Girl is bring a lot of her stuff and we’re moving it into her new apartment. She’ll be here full time very very soon! I’ve been cleaning and I’m not done yet. Almost.
I don’t have any lessons for my class. I already posted that they were mailed September 11th. I’m kind of irritated about that. I can’t finish the course if I don’t have it.
Also I gotta get moving on my house. I need a quote from the builder to take to the bank for a loan. I feel like I’m always stuck waiting on someone else. It’s frustrating. But then again, I’m not perfect either. People have said the same thing about me.

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  1. Waiting for builders, etc. That has been my life for the last 7 months. But I am almost at the end. Now I am waiting for my husband to have a couple of days off from work, so he can help move my furniture back into the house. Always waiting.

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