You saw it here first!

Ok, MAYBE you saw it here first. The WIFE showed me the trailer for the movie CARS 2!
I can’t wait for this movie!!


And the movie has an AMC Gremlin in it!!!I had a 76 Gremlin a long time ago. The pic below isn’t a 76, it’s older, but mine was red.
One of the most unique things about the Gremlin is the rear end! Check out this rear end!

0 thoughts on “You saw it here first!

  1. lol, yeah, I remember the Grimlin! Holy cow, that's been ages ago! Am anxious for the new movie also. Will take the Gran girls to see it! Little Reilly loves cars! Hey! you said you were from Missouri?? Wellll, my new pup is coming from Carthage, Mo!! 3 more weeks. yea! …debbie

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