You Know You’re Old When…


On the news, Conan Obrian is taking over the Tonight Show from Jay Leno. I remember it was just the other day when Jay Leno took it over from Johnny Carson.


Although I meant to, I never got around to watching the show with Jay Leno. I saw Johnny Carson often enough.

I was working when Leno took over and I’m still working now. It would be nice to make enough to retire someday.¬† Can’t see it happening for me. I’ll probably be working till the day I die. At least I can go to the beach at lunch!


UPDATE! I just found out Jimmy Fallon is taking over, not Conan O’Brian.¬†Sorry for the fuckup. To my knowledge, I never saw Fallon or Conan on TV either.

9 thoughts on “You Know You’re Old When…

  1. Am I your only reader who vaguely remembers Jack Paar? Anybody?? Watched The Tonight Show through the years, except for Conan’s stint. Liked Jay and have high hopes for Jimmy Fallon.

  2. Jimmy Fallon is as close we’re going to get as Johnny..I watch Letterman but will switch it back and forth between should watch him..he’s very talented and very very funny.

  3. Actually happen to think Fallon is very talented and actually funny – think he’s got great timing.
    P.s. Thanks for stopping by on the blog. Your mis-reading (Pidge and Piglet) is quite eerie as Pidge just had the same virus as Piglet died of two years ago!! Yes, we actually had a Piglet – at least that’s what we endearingly called her.
    P.p.s. Really enjoyed the pics of the chicks.

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