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Computer and consumer electronics giant Apple announced fiscal second-quarter sales and profits on Wednesday that beat Wall Street’s expectations thanks to a 51% increase in Macintosh sales.

You wanna know why? ‘Cause Windows Vista SUCKs! It is non-usable and Microsoft knows it, that’s why they quit selling XP. If Vista was any good, Microsoft could offer both, and people would choose Vista. But since Vista SUCKS, Microsoft quit selling XP, trying to force people to use Vista.
But they aren’t, they’re buying Macs.
I put XP on my new computer that had Vista on it. Vista was non-usable, also I was told it is NOT approved for business use.

I don’t know anybody who likes Vista. I’ve been looking at Apple notebooks too. And if I leave PC’s, I’ll never go back.

* Its still a “work in progress” AFTER its released. (Admitted by MS CEO: Steve Ballmer)

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  1. My best friend loves her Mac. I am still scared to get one though, cause I have had a pc since day one. I would be afraid I’d have to learn all over again.

  2. Gotta say, I’m not suprised. Lest we forget the famous blue screen of death that they got in the middle of the presentation to the world of Win2000. Anyone remember that one? it was a hoot from an IT standpoint. Adn being in the audience at the RCA Dome watching it on live cam, the whole placed roared with laughter.

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