Yesterday, Not The Beatles

Yesterday, I had several topics, easily available in my head, thre was no way I could not think of a topic this morning. Alas! but this morning the brain is as .. as… something that is really featurless and blank. Inspiring me to write a poem

Yesterday, all my topics ranged from far to wide 
Now they seem so hard to find.
They've all been erased from my mind.

I wish I had a topic now

Yesterday, I had topics to write about.
somehow they were all thrown out,
Now I can't see any of them about.

I wish I had a topic now.

Yesterday, I had a brain to operate,
now my mind is a blank slate
Can't remember today's date.

I wish I had a topic now.

Yesterday, a blog was such an easy game to play
Now it seems a million miles away
Wish I had topics from yesterday..

Aww screwit.

It was a good weekend, beach Saturday and Sunday, Can’t remember much else. Need more coffee.

Have a grea week!

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