I just got home from work, I was in the worst traffic I ever was in here on this island. I left work at about 10 after 5 this afternoon and just got home about 6:45. It is raining really hard and traffic was packed. It’s 8 miles home from work.
This morning when I was leaving I saw my raincoat sitting by the door and thought “nah! won’t need it!” Wrong answer!
Let me tell you, it’s raining hard.
When I was ready to head home, I tried to get our receptionist to run out in the parking lot and bring my car around but she wouldn’t do it. Then this guy on crutches (jokingly) started giving me a hard time, saying my car was only 30 feet from the door, just run for it. I dared him to go pull my car up to the door, heck, with those crutches, he wouldn’t even have to get his feet wet. Then he hobbled out to his car and I saw that his car was only 20 feet from the door! It was the only car closer than mine! Jeeez! After the grief he gave me I at least expected to be parked half way across the parking lot! Tomorrow he’s going to get some grief back from me!
So finally I ran out and jumped in my car. I got soaked. Not too bad, I still had a couple dry spots. Then sat in traffic for more than an hour. My big toe was hurting from pressing the brake. I’m telling your, it was brutal.
So now I’m home, glad to be here. tomorrow is my last day at the station for a while, friday I’m off, Saturday I’m working on the Brac. Looking forward to the trip! I’m taking my rebreather and staying a few days too!

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  1. I’m a little surprised to hear that you have traffic problems on the island. What a bummer. I had a horrible morning in traffic. Three accidents on the way to work. One was so bad they had to close the lane. Hope you enjoy your time off. Seems like you’ve been working a lot. Time for some r&r.

  2. Yeah, a lot of the southern towns were wrecked by Ivan, so a lot of people moved to where I live. So the people are more concentrated. Plus everyone tried to replace their cars and we seem to have more than we did before.Sorry it rained everywhere, It’s true what they say, “it can rain in George town and not rein in West Bay, but when it rains in West Bay, it’s raining all over the world.It’s my fault, because I forgot my raincoat. It NEVER rains if I have my raincoat.Too cold for humans if you can see your breath!Thanks

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